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Every year on September 26 is World Contradicance Day.The theme of this year’s activity is "High -efficiency contraception, breeding health", and aims to advocate and promote the use of high -efficiency contraception methods to reduce unwilling pregnancy and maintain the reproductive health of the masses.

So what are the ways of contraception?

The following is an expert in Chun’an Family Penalty Guidance Station

Come and give you popular science


Internal Bareer

Safe, effective, simple, economical, and reversible contraceptive tools are not conducive to fertilized eggs in bed and development to achieve the purpose of contraception.It is one of the most effective contraceptive measures at present.

Advantages: According to the different types of breeders, it can be used for 5-20 years at a time, economy, simplicity, and security.Take it out to restore the pregnancy ability.

Disadvantages: It may cause side effects such as increased menstrual blood or irregular menstruation, which is more suitable for women who have produced.


Hormone contraceptive

有 Body hormone contraceptives include oral contraceptives, contraceptives, and subcutaneous buried agents.

Short -acting oral contraceptive pills: If You Siming, the use method is to take the first tablet on the first day of menstruation, take the second cycle of drugs for 21 days, and stop the medicine for 7 days.Her role is to inhibit ovulation, and the correct use of effective use is close to 100%.

Sub -buried implants: It can be placed within 7 days starting the menstrual cycle, placed on the inside of the lower left skin of the left upper arm, and a fan -shaped. After 24 hours of placement, it plays a contraceptive effect.Essence



Safe, simple, and effective contraceptive tools, the role is to prevent sperm from entering the vagina to eliminate the encounter with eggs, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception.

Advantages: the most widely used in contraceptives; the correct use of contraceptives is as high as 93%-95%; it can prevent spreading diseases through sexual intercourse, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, etc.; All on the streets can be bought.

Disadvantages: The selection of models is wrong, and it is easy to slip off the vagina.



Sonalties include vollar ligation and vasters ligation.

Advantages: once and for all, no side effects.Men’s ligation will not affect sexual abilities, and women’s ligation will not enter menopause prematurely.

Disadvantages: You need to move a small surgery, and the wound will have a little pain.If you need to regenerate, it is not easy to restore fertility.

Theme promotional activity

News perspective

Recently, the county family planning guide station and Kangsheng Management, Zhejiang Kuang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and Jinfeng Township Family Planning Station have carried out a series of publicity service activities with the theme of "high -efficiency contraception, breeding health".

At the event, there were more than 200 copies of promotional materials and distributed more than 400 boxes of contraceptive pills.At the same time, a lecture on knowledge with the theme of "Efficient contraception, breeding of health", explaining the basic concepts of contraceptive breeding, commonly used contraception methods, manual termination of pregnancy, and self -choice of contraceptive methods, etc.Select contraceptive measures that are suitable for your own physiological characteristics, safe and effective.

Experts from county family family planning stations pointed out that scientific contraception is a healthy lifestyle in the new century. The correct use of contraceptive methods is a basic skill for modern people.

Tongxun: Yu Chenxi, Chen Cui, Shao Li | Editor in charge: Wu Zhenwei

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