Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be seriously caused?

Xiao Liu had a more embarrassing thing during pregnancy. He was constipated during more than 5 months of pregnancy. After a month or two, not only did it not be good, but the situation was more serious.It will be accompanied by slight itching. In severe cases, there will be blood dripping out. When you go to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that it is hemorrhoids during pregnancy. This is a very common phenomenon.Xiao Liu was very distressed for this, so what should I do when I encounter hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Hemorrhoids are one of the more common symptoms during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers have been in a state with high abdominal pressure for a long time. The uterus slowly becomes larger, gastrointestinal peristalsis, and constipation.Hemorrhoids appear.How should I deal with hemorrhoids?

Eat more digestible foods in diet, such as cabbage, bitter gourd, radish, celery, etc., avoid spicy and irritating food, and drink plenty of water.

Do not bring your mobile phone, magazine, etc. when you go to the toilet.It is best not to exceed ten minutes to the bowel movement, but the squatting time is too long and it will increase hemorrhoids.Do not work too much during bowel movements, too hard will cause small blood vessels to rupture.

Moderate exercise.Because hemorrhoids in the middle and late pregnancy will be more serious, and the stomach is relatively large at that time, and it is inconvenient to move. It is necessary to move around after meals. Persist in anal exercise every day: legs together, inhalation of anus, exhaling breath, exhalationRelax the anus and make one or twenty times.

Good hygiene habits.Take a shower when taking a bath, change the underwear frequently, keep the surroundings clean, and have a good way to prevent hemorrhoids.Clean up with warm water after defecation.

When pregnant women, the high incidence of hemorrhoids, if there is a pregnant woman with moles, must pay attention.Severe hemorrhoids may lead to abortion, do not stand when stool.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are problems that many pregnant mothers can encounter. It is not a serious illness but it is troublesome. Therefore, pregnant mothers should hold their mouths, open their legs, and SAY NO during pregnancy.

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