Hemorrhoids are easy to stare at pregnant women. How to care for long hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers need to know

Generally, hemorrhoids are prone to occur in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, because the luteal hormone is elevated, which extends the time of the food passed in the stomach, which causes constipation to form hemorrhoids over time.In addition, the fetal growth rate in the late pregnancy is relatively fast. The uterus will compress the veins in the pelvic cavity, causing the blood circulation near the anus to become unreasonable, and hemorrhoids follow.

The patient will have obvious blood wire during defecation. When touching the edge of the anus with his hands, he will touch the small hard block and accompanied by pain. The weather is hot and wet. The anus itching is unbearable. The underwear is always wet and there will be a foreign body. There is always a kind of one. There is always a kind of species.Endless feeling.Patients with severe hemorrhoids will have prolapse of the anus. Patients with slight anal prolapse will be blocked at the anus when defecation, and there will be hard blocks when they touch the anus.Internal hemorrhoids will run outside the anus when defecation in the middle of the pole, but it can be pushed to the original part with hand.In patients with severe analing, the entire hemorrhoids will be prolapsed outside the anus, and even if they are force, the hemorrhoids cannot be stuffed back to the anus.

1. Choose cotton -breathable underwear

Because in the summer humidity and sultry, the continuous friction of fabrics and hemorrhoids will cause recurrence or aggravation of hemorrhoids.Try to choose pure cotton loose panties with better breathability, and do not wear tight jeans or underwear.In addition, you can’t sit for a long time, otherwise it will affect the local blood circulation, which will increase the symptoms of hemorrhoids or compress the hemorrhoids. After a long time of sitting for an hour, you can stand up for 10 minutes. You can also put a soft cushion on the chair.Reduce the sense of oppression caused by the anus.

2. Diet is mainly light

During pregnancy, pay attention to diet and avoid eating some spicy and irritating foods. Although it can appetite, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa and increase the symptoms of hemorrhoids.Make enough water every day, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat as little spicy and irritating food as possible.You can use warm water bathing before going to bed every night to promote local circulation and prevent hemorrhoid attacks.

3. Do not have three hearts and two minds

In order to pass the boring time, some people will read newspapers or play mobile phones when they have a stool. In this way, the time to extend the stool unknowingly, the anal sphincter will always be in stress, thereby forming hemorrhoids.Persist in using warm water to rinse the anus every day, and at the same time massage the veins near the anus to reduce the attack of hemorrhoids.

Kind tips

During the pregnancy, hemorrhoids can choose the ointment of the outer coating under the guidance of the doctor to treat it. At the same time, adjust the diet structure and lifestyle. Do not have too much psychological burden. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to maintain the smooth stool.

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