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Didn’t deliberate contraception after getting married, but did not move for several years?I used to be pregnant, but I have been two years after the last miscarriage, and I still haven’t conceived again?Have you ever had such an idea: "Am I infertile?" Actually, your idea is really possible.

"The work is too tired, order a cup of milk tea to do yourself."

"Don’t want to cook, order a takeaway."

"It’s time for my own time, I want to stay up late to chase the drama."

"I have worked for a day, I just want to paralyze on the sofa to brush my phone, I don’t want to exercise."

Are these of your daily life?

You may not be aware that with the increase in life rhythm and work pressure, our living habits and eating habits have changed. At the same time, it is affected by environmental pollution, air pollution, and the current status of the social status that delay the age of fertility. Our fertilityPower is declining.

At present, the infertility rate of couples in my country has reached about 12%-18%, which means that one of the couples may be infertile every 6-8 couples, and this ratio is still rising year by year.Among the infertility couples, the causes of infertility are men’s factors and women’s factors, and both sides. Therefore, the man should not always feel that infertility is a woman’s business.

At present, if there is a normal and regular life, the criteria for judging uncompromising and one year or above are not pregnant as infertility. Let’s take an example to explain it.What is a normal and regular sex life?Although some husbands and wives have more than one year of pregnancy for more than 1 year, they may be separated from the two places or for other reasons. It may only be once in the same room for a month or two or even more, or only once a month in the same room during ovulation.Essence

If you want to get pregnant, it is best to have the same room every two or three days except the menstrual period, which helps to get pregnant.In addition, some husbands and wives have been married for a long time, but they have been adopted for contraceptive measures. Recently, they want their children to prepare for the pregnancy for 2 months and do not want to come to the hospital because they are begging.disease.

It is clear that the above situations, if you meet the criteria of infertility, you should go to a regular hospital to judge whether there are problems with scientific consultation.

In addition, if there are sexual dysfunction, sexual intercourse, or sexual intercourse caused by psychological, physiological, or other factors, or men do not ejaculate, retrograde ejaculation, etc., if there are fertility requirements, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Wang Xinxin, Deputy Chief Physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of Shenyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Member of the Reproductive Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medicine Society, a member of the Liaoning Provincial Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society, a member of the Northeast Medicine and Maternal Penal Medicine Branch of the Provincial Society of Life Sciences, a member of the Provincial Cell Biology Society Maternal and Child Health Cell Committee, member ofExperts from the provincial "big hand -pulling hand" popular science report group.Good at female infertility diagnosis and treatment and auxiliary reproductive technologies, including infertility caused by unknown causes, reproductive endocrine diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, ovulation disorders and other infertility.

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