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Have you experienced "Chinese pregnancy"?

"One person eats, two people make up, you need to eat more if you are pregnant."

"Pregnant women can eat it, it doesn’t matter if you get fat"

"Not only the pregnant woman is fat, but even her husband also eats fat"

Before pregnancy, the little fairy, the big "abdomen" after pregnancy!Women are pregnant and have a baby, and they are destined to be bloated and thin?This issue of "Health E" answers questions and confuses!

Wake up the awareness of self -health management and establish the concept of scientific health management. The large -scale public welfare health management column "Health E", which is exclusively named by Gu Yitang, is the host of the Changsha Radio and Television News Channel.Coping strategies, at the same time share scientific health knowledge, and teach you to prevent diseases and control and do self -examination.

Focusing on the theme of "gaining weight during pregnancy", Xue Lijun, executive member and associate professor of the Hunan Provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association, invited Xue Lijun, to answer the two major problems of "how to control weight during pregnancy" and "rapid recovery after giving birth".

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The client Xiaxia (pseudonym):

Mother after childbirth, she was fat for 60 pounds during pregnancy, and she has never lost weight. Now she wants to have a second child, but she dare not give birth -fear of gaining weight!

Like Xiaxia’s pregnancy rose dozens of pounds, the program group interviewed other postpartum mothers, all said "very normal"!

In response to this "Chinese pregnancy" phenomenon, Professor Xue answered the following questions:

In fact, there is no reason for pregnancy and gaining weight. There are 3 reasons:

1. After pregnancy, the amount of estrogen secretion in pregnant women suddenly increases, causing "water sodium to stay" in the body, that is, the water discharge can not go out, causing the body to swell and obese.

2. Think that you need to eat more after pregnancy, it is easy to be excessive nutrition and form fat accumulation.

3. Pregnant mothers are afraid of exercise, thinking that the sports will hurt the fetus, and the amount of exercise will be too small to increase weight.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends measured at the "BMI Index during pregnancy", and uses weight to divide it with height (body weight is represented by KG, and height is represented by M).

For example: 50kg before pregnancy, a 1.6m tall woman, calculates the BMI index of 19.53 according to the formula, and in the above figure, the growth of pregnancy should be controlled at 11.5-16 kg!

The weight of pregnant women is low, indicating that insufficient nutrition, it is easy to affect fetal development, and even premature birth. The birth of the fetus may be low weight.If pregnant women are overweight, they are prone to huge children and increase production difficulty.At the same time, pregnant women have higher chances of pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes.

Pregnant women usually do not have a high appetite in the early pregnancy, and generally do not overdose too much, and do not need to control their diet deliberately.From the 13th week of pregnancy, monitoring weight (compared to the above).

If pregnant women are standard weight, the annual growth weight reference range is 0.35-0.5kg.If the weight gain is not 0.35kg a week, pay attention to supplementing protein, lipids and carbohydrates.If you increase weight by more than 0.5kg a week, eat less and exercise more to control it.

Exercise can promote digestion and absorption of pregnant women, make pregnant women feel comfortable, and at the same time enhance resistance, and create conditions for future delivery.

Professor Xue recommends 3 exercise methods: 1. Aerobic exercise, such as fast walking, appropriate 3-5 times a week; 2. Anti-resistance exercise, such as dumbbells, not more than 3 times a week; 3. Flexible exercises, recommended pregnant women to recommend pregnant womenYoga is more soothing and can stretch muscles and prepare for future delivery.

Pregnant women need to follow the doctor’s order. At the same time, if the exercise process occurs, the vaginal discharge of water, blood, or abdominal pain should be stopped immediately and went to the hospital for examination.

The key is to control his mouth and open his legs. Professor Xue shared his postpartum experience -the principle of "eating in the morning, eating at night, eating less at night, and refusing supper"-On a walk for 60 minutes to keep a weekly weight loss of 2 pounds.

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