He has been serving a 90 -year -old dementia for 6 years. He would rather be scolded as a filial son. He also sent his mother to a nursing home.

As children, we all hope that parents can live healthy and longevity, because as long as their parents have a long life, they will have the opportunity to filial piety to them.It ’s a disaster or a blessing. If you say this, many people may say that their children are“ big ”, but it’ s really without the suffering of others.Bar!

Aunt Hu, 62, began to serve Alzheimer’s mother full -time after retirement. At first she thought that it was easy to serve her mother, but for a long time, Aunt Hu’s body was not as good as one day.Only by taking medicine can support her body. After gritting her teeth and serving the dementia mother for 6 years, Aunt Hu couldn’t support it anymore. She said: I would rather be scolded as a filial son. I also have to send my mother to the nursing home.Let’s listen to what the Aunt Hu has experienced together?

I am 62 years old and my mother is 90 years old. My mother has always wanted to have a son, but she gave birth to 5 daughters. At that time, the family was poor and could not afford so many children.Give others, and then the mother became pregnant again. She was a son. The mother was very happy, but after confinement, the brother died. Since then, the mother has given up. Perhaps she feels that she has missed her son’s life!

The eldest sister is 6 years older than me, the second sister is 3 years older than me, the fourth sister is 2 years younger than me, the five sisters are 3 years younger than me, and the mother’s heart is also very hard. After sending the four sisters and the fifth sister, sheI never contacted. When we asked her later, the mother said that it was sent to send it. If we have more contact, people will be unhappy, so we are almost unprepared in those years. Later, we grew up.I heard that our sisters were going to get married, but we only contacted, but I felt that we would be very young with us.

The mother is relatively strong, and the father has very little words, so the big and small things in the family are basically the mother of the mother. The two sisters are determined by the mother.

The eldest sister can be said to be the most pitiful one among our sisters. In the past, the family was poor, and the parents could not pay for the elder sister to go to school, and there were a lot of farm work at home. The mother did not let the elder sister read.I didn’t know it. Later, the elder sister often complained that her parents would do.

Because the eldest sister had no culture, when the age was 19, the mother married the elder sister, not far from our family, and she was also a rural people. Fortunately, the in -laws and my brother -in -law were okay with the eldest sister.

After graduating from junior high school, the second sister went to work. After getting married, she had a small business in the county with the second brother. The life was good.

When I was in school, my family conditions could be slightly better, and I saw the hard work of my elder sister at home at that time. I followed my parents to go home early and returned late.When I was studying, I wanted to change my destiny through knowledge.

Later, I was admitted to my college. After graduating, I worked in the state -owned enterprise unit in the county seat. The salary was very good at the time. I was looking for my husband. He also worked in a state -owned enterprise unit. After we got married, we got married.The life is more relaxed. Parents think that I have a chance, and my relatives and friends have made envious eyes.

Through our efforts, I bought a house in the county seat and bought a car. The conditions of the in -laws were slightly better. They also had pensions every month, so my husband and I had less heart.

My mother -in -law lived in a cave. In the past few years, it was raining, and some places collapsed. The mother later said that she wanted to clean up the family, but they couldn’t take out so much money.The yard was stacked and did not start.

After discussing with my husband, I took 100,000 yuan for the family, and the parents asked someone to clean up the family. The place was very beautiful. After packing, considering that the situation of the elder sister’s house was almost the same, I had to discuss with the second sister after discussing the second sister., I bought some new furniture at home, and changed it from beginning to end, thinking that my parents would be blessed in the future.

When everything was slowly getting better, God suddenly joked with us. When his father was 68 years old, the cerebral infarction died suddenly, and the mother left at home. At first, our sisters were three.When I have time, I go home to see my mother, and sometimes I will take my mother to live in our house for a while, but then my mother is unwilling to live. I said that we are good to her, but I always feel uncomfortable with us.Live in Shutan.

The mother’s body is still relatively tough. She can eat and drink, and not very sick. She walks faster than us. Everyone says that the mother is very capable. She lives alone in her hometown. Until the age of 80, she is at the age of 80.The mother’s body gradually went downhill.

Some elderly diseases came out, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and cerebral infarction followed. Later, the mother’s hands and heads kept trembling, and they took a examination to the hospital. The doctor said that it was Parkinson’s syndrome.When I went, the doctor also prescribed a lot of medicine for eating, and every day was a lot of medicine.

The three of our sisters were uncomfortable, so they took turns back to visit the mother. The elder sister was close to her. After the busy season, she had more time. Every time she went, she could take care of her mother for a week or two.

In this way, I continued to retire until my 55 -year -old retirement. After retirement, I had more time, and I went home to take care of my mother.

But the year of my mother also checked the elderly disease in the year of my retirement. The first year was not very obvious. In the second year, it was not possible. Sometimes I did n’t know people.Sometimes I have a strong temper and sometimes sad.

That is, when I was 56 years old, I decided to serve dementia full -time, because the elder sister was 62 years old and older. In addition, her daughter -in -law had a second child, and she was busy to bring children.The same is the same case. I bring my son to my son in the city, and I have only one daughter. I have not worried.

At the beginning, I planned to return to my hometown to serve my mother, but considering that it was not very good to separate with my husband for a long time. After discussing with my husband, I still received my mother’s service.

At the beginning, I felt that my mother felt that it was okay, because my mother could still take care of it. I just need to buy food and cook, wash clothes for my mother, and take my mother to take a walk. It is not too tedious.

But slowly, I felt that my mother’s condition was worse. The mother’s temper was getting bigger and bigger. As anomalous and irritable, sometimes I couldn’t find the room door at home. After taking the medicine, I said that I haven’t taken it.I recognized someone else, and I had to look at my mother every day. I didn’t pay attention a little. I couldn’t find it when she went out, and she couldn’t remember the way home.

Especially in the evening, she didn’t sleep, so she got up. One time she didn’t light up at five in the morning. She opened the door and went out by herself. She almost scared me.The clothes, I ran out of a coat and ran out. After looking for two hours before I found my mother in a park.

Later, my husband said that he would ask a nanny to help take care of it together. It may be better. As a result, the nanny did not do it for a month, so he couldn’t stand it.It is difficult to serve. She did n’t sleep at night, and she often insomnia. In this way, I made some money.

I invited another one later, but the result was the same. I ran away after half a month. I said that my mother was too difficult to serve, and I did n’t do much money.

In desperation, I had to wait for myself. Later, I had to lock the door every day or at night, and I was unhappy at night. I lived a house with my mother. After I lived in, I knew why the nanny did not do it. My mother was really.It will make people crazy. She doesn’t sleep well every night. As soon as I fell asleep, she got up and stared at me in front of me, and sometimes she really scared people to death.

Later, I didn’t even know it, saying that I was a thief, I wanted to steal her, and caught me with a meal, and I still stinky in the house.

Even the common items, the mother does not know anymore, I do n’t wash my face, I do n’t brush my teeth. Sometimes I still go to the kitchen and hold a knife to play. I really can scare the soul.Pack up.

After taking care of for three years, I was physically and mentally exhausted, and my body was not as good as one day. His blood pressure was high, and my heart was not good. Like my mother every day, I held a lot of medicine with medicine bottle to support my body.

When my friends met, I said that I was a lot old. Sometimes they asked me to visit the street. I didn’t have time to go. I thought I would take care of my mother very well. Later, I found that it was more difficult to take care of the elderly than taking care of the child.You can’t scold, sometimes you can really live alive.

My husband hadn’t retired at that time, so I was really tired and tired to take care of my mother alone. When my mother arrived in the later period, her condition developed rapidly. Memory began to be severely reduced, impermanence and laughter, the language ability was gradually lost, the stool incontinence was incontinence.Restriction of the limbs, almost in a state that cannot be taken care of, and the mother began to bed.

I am even more busy every day. Not only do I have to buy food and cook, wash clothes, but also help my mother to deal with urination. I am afraid that my mother will lie on the bed with pressure ulcers. I have to scrub the body all day long and turn over several times.Her mother is relatively high. Although she is sick, her weight is around 120 pounds. She is very hard to serve. After serving my mother every day, I have to sweat.

The diapers I put for my mother, but my mother was very disobedient. When I was not there, I started to tear up.Everywhere, the house is stinky and dirty, it is really too tossing.

Mother this day also affects her husband’s rest. I think he is a good temper. Although the mother did this, her husband did not get a fire for his mother. Once the husband couldn’t stand his mother, he rushed to the mother. As a result, sheJust began to hit her husband, and vomited him, smirked, really didn’t have any way to take her.

Now I really realize that the elderly who are sick and longevity sometimes are really not blessed to my children.I waited day and night, and I felt that I would be sick again, and I was about to fall ill.

After gritting my teeth for 6 years, I really couldn’t carry it anymore. In desperation, I made a ruthless decision. Even if I was scolded as a filial son, I would send my mother to the nursing home, and the second sister second.After the sister discussed it, they also agreed to do this. Some people said that I was unhappy and said that I had no conscience and ruthlessly, but I felt that I did not persuade others to be good.I am worthy of my heart. If I continue like this, I may take one step than my mother someday.

Sometimes it ’s really difficult to think about people in my life. When I see my mother, I am thinking about my old age. If I really reach my mother, I hope I can be a minor illness.Death, not involving anyone.

If it is you, what do you choose?

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