He claims that he is a virgin, but the marriage examination is two months pregnant!Husband: Divorce, I am not taking over Pan Xia

Few people do not pay attention to this kind of life events, especially in recent years, everyone’s awareness of self -protection is getting stronger and stronger. When couples get a marriage certificate, many people will choose to accept free pre -marital testing to avoid couples from couples.After marriage, it has a significant burden on life and emotions due to the disease of a certain party.

Pre -marital inspection is a responsible thing for both parties, and a recent couple who is about to enter the marriage hall recently has a serious contradiction due to a marriage check report. It even led them to the marriage certificate for a few days.Essence

Xiaoxue, who was 28 -year -old this year, had just received a marriage certificate with her boyfriend, but was unilaterally divorced by her boyfriend.This makes Xiaoxue sad and wronged. One is that her husband does not believe herself, and the other is that he is not clear why he is still a virgin, but he is two months pregnant!

It turned out that Xiaoxue and her husband were very traditional people, and both of them were their first love.Through friends, the two have been in love for more than a year, but they have always maintained the traditional concept that will not have a relationship before marriage.

Over time, Xiaoxue’s relationship with her boyfriend has also been stable, and they all feel that each other is worthy of entrustment. Therefore, in July this year, she went to a marriage inspection and received a marriage certificate.

When the family of both sides thought that the happy days of the young couple were about to begin. The previous marriage report made by the two people had given the newlyweds.

It turned out that Xiaoxue had been pregnant for more than two months in the marriage report. Xiaoxue was stunned, because this report was really ridiculous, it was impossible. Xiaoxue was sure she was still a virgin and did not happen to anyone with anyone.Why did you get pregnant?

Xiaoxue was angry and helpless, but the marriage report clearly showed that she had been pregnant for more than two months, which also made Xiaoxue’s very traditional husband completely unacceptable.Xiaoxue explained countless times with her newlywed husband that she had not had a relationship with any male before receiving the certificate, which was absolutely hidden.

But Xiaoxue’s husband felt that Xiaoxue was deceiving herself and deceived his entire family. More importantly, this was his first love. He couldn’t accept that he had encountered such a sad thing for the first time.Xiaoxue said that she would ask for a marriage inspection, but Xiaoxue’s husband was no longer willing to believe Xiaoxue anymore.

Xiaoxue’s husband even used a lot of dirty words to abuse Xiaoxue. He felt that he chose Xiaoxue at the time because Xiaoxue was as simple and conservative as herself, but now that Xiaoxue has been pregnant for more than two months in the marriage report, he thinks Xiaoxue deceived himThe feelings deeply hurt the trust of his family.So he told Xiaoxue: He must divorce, and he is not taking over the man!

Xiaoxue’s relatives and friends have also asked Xiaoxue’s husband to talk about, and they have guaranteed that Xiaoxue had not had a relationship with anyone before.But in the face of a very authoritative marriage report, this made Xiaoxue’s husband irritable, irritating, and swearing for relatives and friends who persuaded. He insisted that Xiaoxue was simply pretending before.I did n’t know that I did n’t know if I did n’t know if I did n’t know it for two months of pregnancy.

The persuasion relatives and friends were also silent. After all, the marriage report was in front of him, and even many Xiaoxue’s relatives and friends began to doubt Xiaoxue.Xiaoxue also wanted to continue to explain, but in the face of her husband’s abuse and doubts about her relatives and friends, she couldn’t say a word tiredly, and she was full of grievances.

It has happened for about three days, and the wedding is absolutely impossible to hold. How can Xiaoxue think about it? Today’s husband is his first love. The two people have been together for more than a year.It is absolutely impossible to get pregnant.

Xiaoxue thinks more and more sad, but the reason is more about her husband’s distrust of herself.After Xiaoxue was cold, she wiped the tears on her face. She felt that she was not afraid of the shadow. She was going to the hospital again. She felt that there was a problem with the hospital’s marriage inspection report.

At this point, the biggest problem is that it has just received a certificate, because the wedding check report has caused an emotional crisis, and the unscrupulous, irrational, and irritability of the newlywed husband are exposed.serious problem.

Xiaoxue went to the hospital who issued a marriage inspection report alone. She described her situation with the hospital and submitted the previous report form.However, the hospital stated that the report could not make an error. If you don’t believe it, you can check for Xiaoxue again.Xiaoxue certainly does not refuse this proposal.

After Xiaoxue waited anxiously, the new report finally came out. As a result, Xiaoxue was not pregnant, which made Xiaoxue finally relieved.She also proved herself with everyone, but what’s going on?

Xiaoxue and her newly -married husband who had been separated came to the hospital again to ask. After investigation by the hospital, it turned out that the computer system had an error.Xiaoxue’s previous marriage report was from a person with the same name as Xiaoxue, and the age of the two was the same age and the place, and even the last four of the phone number were the same.This terrible "fate" is estimated to be difficult to encounter in a century. Fortunately, it was misunderstood, but I estimate that Xiaoxue’s feelings for her husband have also been lifted.

The incident proves clearly, the hospital also acknowledged his mistakes and criticized the doctors who had lost.The husband who knew the truth regretted that he kept apologizing to Xiaoxue, saying that he was too impulsive, he should not believe his wife, but also guaranteed that he would be rational and trusted Xiaoxue forever in the future.

And Xiaoxue has experienced too many days in just a few days. Her husband’s distrust, relatives and friends pointed at her, especially her first love husband’s unpleasant abuse of herself. This has made her physically and mentally exhausted. Xiaoxue decided to decideTo divorce her husband, she thinks that her husband’s performance during this time is likely to be intensified in the future life, because although the misunderstanding can be lifted, a person’s temper and nature may not be.Husbands will have domestic violence on their fists, not to mention that when the matter has not been investigated clearly, he slandered himself with all relatives and friends, and even insulted his husbands and wives who persuaded them and his wife.You should think about it!

After Xiaoxue divorced, she felt that the fault of the marriage hospital not only ruined her reputation, but also made her feelings irreversible cracks.She asked the hospital to compensate her mental loss of 60,000 yuan.However, the hospital’s attitude was also very tough. The hospital felt that she had discharged misunderstandings and apologized. Xiaoxue’s divorce was her personal will, so she refused to compensate.

Xiaoxue experienced this attitude afterwards. She must not be fair to herself. She found a very good lawyer in the local area. A paper lawsuit brought the hospital to court.

In the end, the court judged that the hospital’s fault caused various losses of Xiaoxue. The hospital must publicly acknowledge his mistakes on the large platform and compensate Xiaoxue’s various costs of more than 47,000 yuan.

It’s been almost a month since the matter has passed. Xiaoxue’s ex -husband and ex -husband’s parents and relatives and friends are begging Xiaoxue forgiveness. I hope that the two will continue to marry and promise to give Xiaoxue more colorful gifts and hold a more luxurious wedding.

But Xiaoxue insisted that she was unwilling to give her ex -husband any more, because Xiaoxue knew in her heart that the reason why her ex -husband was looking for his remarriage was in addition to guilt.But at most, it will not have a close relationship with anyone before marriage, and the ex -husband’s current performance is that he is worried that his divorced identity will affect his future marriage after calmness.Xiaoxue is firmly convinced that this is the reason, and her ex -husband does confirm her thoughts.

Because yesterday, the ex -husband went to Xiaoxue’s house after being drunk, and broke the home appliances of Xiaoxue’s house. He also said that Xiaoxue and his divorce destroyed him.wrong.In the end, Xiaoxue had to choose to call the police!

I don’t know if this hospital helped Xiaoxue or Xiaoxue, but I think Xiaoxue should grow up a lot in emotion and thought after experiencing this?

If you have encountered such a strange thing in front of the screen, how do you choose in the face of the other half of the distrust and irrationality of the other half?

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