He brought his grandson for 13 years, and his son -in -law hints to let us go back to our hometown and do not want to go back. What should I do?

It is said that children are the same, regardless of each other.After the husband and wife Cheng helped her daughter take 13 years, the mother -in -law came. The son -in -law hinted at home and asked Aunt Cheng to return to his hometown.When I thought of paying for 13 years but did not return, Aunt Cheng was unwilling to return to his hometown, and things fell into a deadlock.

Aunt Cheng’s self -described

In the early morning of weekend, my wife and I went to the vegetable market to buy food. I came to my daughter’s house for 13 years. This is our habit.When my wife put the vegetables in the refrigerator, the son -in -law suddenly questioned: How much do you eat?If you buy so many dishes, you ca n’t finish it. Is n’t it a waste?

My wife explained: Supermarkets are doing activities, vegetables are cheap, just buy more at one time.

The son -in -law’s voice suddenly raised the shout: It’s not to eat it when you say that you want to eat it. How can you not change this problem for so many years.

After listening to the son -in -law’s words, my wife came up with a temper and shouted: For so many years, if it wasn’t for us, we couldn’t go on this day.

My wife is not good -tempered, and my son -in -law usually doesn’t speak loudly. This day is abnormal and my wife is on the bars. He said: I give you your living expenses every month.Same.

My wife fell into the refrigerator door and said: It will give 2,000 yuan a month. You know how much it costs this home a month, and how much we subsidize you for so many years.

As soon as I entered the door, I heard the grandfather shouting, and quickly pulled my wife into the bedroom.We took our grandson for 13 years and never had a red face with the son -in -law, but recently, we had a row.

I pushed my wife into the bedroom, locked the door of the house, and couldn’t stop flowing down. For 13 years, what did we get so much?

In fact, we have just come to bring their grandson, and the son -in -law has always been good to us.

At that time, the daughter -in -law bought a house after marriage. The two of us were in the countryside. We had no money in our hands, so we returned the gift to the daughter to 20,000, so that they were used as the down payment.

Later, after her daughter was pregnant, her mother -in -law never came. It was not until her daughter did not come a day before her production. After staying in her daughter’s house for four days, she proposed to go home to see the chickens and dogs raised at home. I was afraid that the old man would not eat well.

When the daughter watched her mother -in -law, she would not take care of her children, and she couldn’t do well in the meal, so she asked me affectionately: Mom, my mother -in -law wants to return to my hometown, or you stay to take care of me?

I looked at the grandson in my daughter’s arms, and I really stayed with my daughter, so I stayed.Later, my daughter went to work after maternity leave, and I could only call my wife to help.

Both of us are farmers, and we have 5 acres of fruit trees in our houses.When my wife came, I could only contract the land to others, but it was very difficult to come to the city without income.

My wife was a security guard in the community, 2,300 yuan a month.After my daughter goes on to work, it will give us 2,000 yuan a month.When the grandson was young, it was 2,000 yuan a month. Later, the grandson went to elementary school to eat at home three days a day.

Fortunately, my wife has salary, and I will subsidize 1,000 yuan per month to my daughter’s house.

We stayed for 13 years, and a lot of living habits gradually adapted gradually. The daughter was pretty good to us. Although the son -in -law sometimes had a face, we never shouted.Just this child.

For so many years, the daughter’s in -laws have not come. During the May Day holiday, the daughter took us to the hot springs. We and grandchildren went out for two days. After returning, we found that the mother and the family came.

My daughter was surprised when she saw her in -laws, and I was even more strange.When I was passing by the kitchen, I saw my son -in -law talking to her mother in the kitchen, and my mother was cooking.

There was a strange feeling in my heart. After all, I stayed in my daughter’s house for 13 years. The son -in -law never entered the kitchen. On the first day of my mother -in -law, the son -in -law helped in the kitchen.

That dinner was made by my own home. When I ate with my wife, the atmosphere on the table was strange and depressed.I said with a smile to my mother -in -law: I have lived a few days this time, and I will play and play.

The mother -in -law was eating, and said easily: We are old, and we can’t do it. This time I want to rest in my son’s house, and I want to be closer to my son and grandson.

After listening to my mother’s mother, I was in my heart. This was ready to come to the elderly. The house was not big. My mother came, what should I do with my wife and I.

But the son -in -law did not say that my wife and I pretended not to know.There were three rooms in the family. At night, the son -in -law told his mother and his father -in -law that it would be a few days on the sofa.

These days, I still cook with my wife. My mother’s house usually turns downstairs and watched TV when I came back.We rarely speak.

After living for three days, one night, we took the grandson and our daughter to take a walk.When I went back, I saw the son -in -law and my family sitting on the sofa, and the mother’s mother wiped her tears.

When we saw us entering the door, my mother -in -law said to my son -in -law: It ’s useless to help you, and we ca n’t help you. We also want to accompany your grandson. This is not your house.

The words of my dear mother were obviously said to us. My wife and I did not know how to answer it for a while. I urged my grandson to wash. My daughter entered the bedroom with a calm face, and my wife and I also entered the bedroom.

The next day, the two of my pro -family left. My wife and I went downstairs to buy breakfast. When they left, they did not say hello. My wife and I went home to see someone away after buying breakfast. They looked at each other and felt that the son -in -law must be angry, butThis attitude, we really feel a little too much.

After my mother -in -law left, my wife and I didn’t ask much, and the days were still.None of us mentioned, thinking about this.I did not expect that the attitude of the son -in -law was not as good as one day.

The son -in -law changed his attitude first, and he hung his face when he was unhappy, but he would never fall at home.Since returning from her pro -family, the son -in -law was either dropped the door or scolded the child at home.

Especially in the face of me and my wife, once the grandson wrote a little bit, the son -in -law scolded the grandson and said: If you are not able to go out, just like your dad, you have no place to give your parents for the elderly.

After listening to the son -in -law, my wife and I glanced at it. This means that we can hear us. We don’t speak, but the mirror in my heart is the same.

Then the son -in -law started to eat at home, and often went out to go out and did not say hello to us.In fact, the atmosphere at home has been more depressed since the mother’s mother left, but none of us have broken.

Until the weekend, my wife and I went to buy vegetables. When I saw my wife buy so many dishes, my son -in -law said that we wasted, and we said that our picture was cheap. My wife also got up for many days.stand up.

The son -in -law fell out, but my wife and I did not know what to do. Although the son -in -law did not say clearly, it was already in disguise. I asked my wife what to do?We brought our children for 13 years, and we couldn’t need us to call us, and let us go after use.

My wife said that as long as the son -in -law said, we lived. For so many years, we also subsidized a lot of them.

My wife and I began to be careful, trying to avoid the son -in -law at home, but I did not expect that this contradiction was inseparable.

After eating at night, we took my grandson downstairs to play, and when I went home, we heard the quarrel between the son -in -law and daughter.

The son -in -law shouted: I am a son, giving my parents pension, and justice. Besides, the mortgage is still I repaid. Why do my parents come to the elderly, I have to sleep on the sofa.

My daughter responded loudly: My parents brought their children for 13 years to handle the family inside and outside. Your parents can’t come when they can’t use it.

You respect your parents, I do n’t stop. The mortgage of this house has the money given by my parents. If you do it, you ca n’t have no conscience. My parents cannot return.

The son -in -law said angrily: My parents come to live, and do not need your money. This house has my share, and my parents are naturally qualified to live.Your parents have lived for so many years, and they can be returned to their hometown tomorrow.

My wife and I stood in the living room. Every word was very clear. The son -in -law came out of the bedroom to see us. Angry turned his head and turned to his daughter: You have parents, I also have parents.You buy tickets for them and return to my hometown tomorrow.

My son -in -law fell the door, and my wife and I entered the bedroom without saying a word. I couldn’t help crying in the bed.

We took our grandchildren for 13 years, and we were really going to be rushed back to our hometown.I kept tears, my wife sighed, my son -in -law had already said so clearly, but we didn’t know what was good.

Back, I am not reconciled, I paid for 13 years.If you do n’t return, I ’m afraid that my daughter is not good after this day. I really do n’t know what to do?

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