He and his good friend’s daughter secretly associated, the two are 30 years old!(Story around)

"You come out to find me, do your wife know?"

"I know!"

"Ah? What did she say?"

"I didn’t say anything!"

Ye Zi is 30 years older than the old Dong, and their age difference is equivalent to father and daughter.Lao Dong is her father’s friend, come to the company to help.Within two months, Ye Zi fell in love with the old Dong.

What do an old man like?At the head of 1.7 meters, the hairline retreated to one -third of the top of the head. The figure was a bit blessed, and the belly was obviously bulging.

But Ye Zi felt that he was wise, spoken, and courageous, with a man’s mind and atmosphere.

Women are more resistant to dirt. As long as they feel right, their appearance can be ignored.Package the loot, just don’t smell all the smell.Of course, a little bit of tobacco taste can add a bit of charm to men.

"I must have no problem here, my daughter -in -law, you can do it with money! But what do you do here?"

"What do I do? I am a college student and I haven’t got married. Who can manage it?"

"Your dad can control it! What should he do if he knows?"

The old Dong thought of this layer, just like sitting on a needle felt, he came to the company to help.Ye always has his own old friend for many years, and his salary gives is quite generous, more than one million a year.

I do this, is too beast?There are so many girls in the company, and it ’s okay to replace it with others. Why is Ye Zi?

Lao Dong himself also has a daughter. He is two years older than Ye Zi. He deeply knows how to be his father’s mood. He will not oppose his daughter to her boyfriend, but if she finds an old man with a family?He didn’t dare to think about it, a nausea in his stomach.

If so, he would raise a knife to push the old man into a sieve.

"I won’t tell my dad! Dear one! Dear one! Are you scared?"

Ye Ziqing’s face was getting closer and closer, and the will of the old Dong collapsed instantly, and he gave up his resistance again!

"Brother Dong, I like you!" Ye Zi said a word when Ye Zi was about to leave the office.

"Really? I like you too! How many times have I told you? Uncle Dong! I am the same age as your dad."

The old Dong smiled slightly, and he regarded Ye Zi as his own daughter.Ye Zi also graduated from college for two months, and the paper has passed.So stay in the company often, help the files, and do some work.

The daughter of the boss, who dares to instruction, she is very free in the company and runs to the old Dong’s office for a long time. It is a long time to stay.

"I like it, it is the one like, the kind of male and female friends!"

"What are you talking about? Don’t make a joke!" The old Dong looked around. Fortunately, there were only two of them, and the others were off work.

"I don’t have a joke, I am an adult, what I do with myself!"

Ye Zi is very beautiful, with a lot of age, and the whole body has a sense of standing upright. She also made several boyfriends at school.But these boys get along with each other, too immature, and naive thinking like a child.

The old director admitted that Ye Zi was very beautiful, but he never dared to think about it. At most, he secretly glanced at it. He sighed secretly: This beauty and that was like cutting leeks and cutting one stubble.

The stubble that belonged to him had long become a leek.When his wife was young, it was also black hair and white long legs.The years seemed to be a pig knife, and now his wife has become an authentic middle -aged woman.

"Brother Dong, you can think about it again! I don’t force you to agree now!"

"Um -not–" Old Dong didn’t know what he was talking about and what he should say.

"It’s okay to hold it!" Ye Zi stretched her arms and opened her attractive body.

"This-" Before she finished speaking, her soft body was posted, and the light breath shouted on Lao Dong’s face.He was so nervous that he didn’t know where to put his hand, so he had to stay in the air.He was afraid that Ye Zi would have further moves.

A fragrance, drilling into the nostril of Lao Dong, he felt that every pore of his body opened.When Ye Zi was young, he didn’t sit on the body of Lao Dong, but now it is different, it is a lotus that just bloomed.

After a while, Ye Zi turned around and left. Lao Dong’s face was covered with sweat, his heart jumped madly, and he mixed with some regrets.

"Next time, I must kissed you!" Ye Zi was walking while walking, and a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Old Dong has been married for more than thirty years, and has passed for four or seven years itch.Between husband and wife, let alone itching, it feels gone.

At home, Lao Dong went to the toilet, fart, and cut his teeth. He never shy away. Her wife saw it without any feeling.Between the two people, it was like touching the right hand in the left hand, and there was no trace of waves inside.

Old Dong is not honest outside, and a woman who has someone else knows it long ago.I have made a few times when I was young, and now I have no interest in trouble.Every month, just turn 30,000 yuan to your own card every month, what else, why do you love?

But Ye Zi couldn’t do it. She was secretly with the old Dong. For half a year, she finally chased the old Dong step by step according to her own plan.

Lao Dong has his wife, and she knows that the half -old watt mother in the house is no different from the nanny.What Ye Zi didn’t expect was that the old Dong had a woman in addition to her.

"What is this? How do you transfer so much money for her?" Ye Zi found a transfer record in the old Dong’s mobile phone. The amount was 52013.14.

"Customer, business in business!" The old Dong hurriedly grabbed his mobile phone back, deleting the text message, and his eyes were full of panic.

"Do you think I’m stupid, right? There are zero transfer between customers! Can I love you for a lifetime, is there such a coincidence?"

Ye Zi does not lack money, and never let the old Dong spend money for her. She is a perfect and pure relationship.With the old Dong, she has a sense of compensation for fatherly love.

But a woman is afraid of comparison. Why do you have a woman? Turn to 52013.14 for her during the holidays, and she has nothing?

"Before you, before you chased me, I didn’t ask me if I had a lover!"

"Don’t be stinky, you have three women around you? Then you are still with me?"

For the first time, the two broke out of a serious conflict and noisy.

The old Dong feels very incomprehensible. Why do you care about the wife’s business at home? There is a lover outside, are you so hot?

"Let’s break up! We are not suitable together!" Old Dong chose to give up. It was not that he didn’t like Ye Zi, but was with Ye Zi. The risk was higher.

"If you want to break up, break up, it is too easy to break up, you can break up, you also send me a red envelope, take the decimal point, give me 5201314!"

Lao Dong was so angry, "Don’t say five million, there are no five points, you stick to me by yourself, and now you want to ask me for money? You make my chickens and dogs restless, I don’t say anything!"

Although Ye Zi is more emotionally naive, people are not stupid. "I have a video where we are together. You dare to say something to break up, I will send my dad now!"

"You -dare you! Are you not shameful?" The old Dong’s tone was tough. In fact, his heart suddenly softened for seven or eight points. This was his life door.

"Then I post it?" Ye Zi fiddled with his mobile phone and pretended to go.

"Walking! I was wrong, I broke up with her! This is the head office!" The old Dong didn’t expect that the girls now do not care about it, and it doesn’t matter what face is faceless.

Ye Zi thought that the old Dong said that she was too naive, and the old Dong was reluctant.Not to mention two, two more, as long as he has energy and money, he will not refuse.

"I am pregnant, what do you say? You divorce your wife, I don’t want my child, there is no dad to be born!"

Lao Dong’s mobile phone was on, and the lover sent him a message.The old Dong didn’t hear the phone ring, he drank a little bit, and he was sleeping.

This is the first time he and Ye Zi are together. The two went on a business trip alone, and they opened a room.In fact, they know each other’s hearts that they will happen.

"I’m here! Unfortunately?"

"It’s a bit!" The old Dong said in his heart. He rose up in his heart, and he was reminding him that he wouldn’t touch her. The girl couldn’t touch it.

On the third day, when he returned to the hotel by taxi, Ye Zi secretly lay in the ear of the old Dong and said, "I’m fine, that’s gone!"

"What are you gone?"

"That!" When Ye Zi spoke, his head was low.

Lao Dong’s heart jumped up.

At this moment, it is still at this hotel, sleeping around, or this man.

Ye Zi picked up his mobile phone and slipped the screen. The screen was not turned on. The old Dong set the fingerprint lock.Ye Zi raised his mobile phone, gently pressing on the fingers of Lao Dong, and the screen opened.

She saw a series of information, there were more than 50 pieces, and more than a dozen without answering the phone.This information and phone calls come from the same person.In an instant, I understand everything.

She raised her hand and wanted to give him a few slap.After thinking about it, I still stopped. In the chat window, I returned the information to the other party.

"Okay, I will go back tomorrow and divorce my wife! Then get a certificate with you! You will come to my house tomorrow night!"

I don’t know how long, a moment of rapid smashing the door came, "Open the door, Dong Qiang! You open the door for me!"

Old Dong woke up from his sleep, "Who? Who is knocking on the door?" He heard that the voice was Ye Zi’s father, his good friend for many years.His voice was too clear.

Two people were together, drinking countless times, and after drinking the wine, the two of them looked at each other and didn’t declare each other, "What are you going to play today? Do you pinch your feet or go? Hey …"

Lao Dong panicked, in a hurry, he couldn’t find underwear and vests, so he had to grab a bath towel around the lower body.The knock on the door is even louder.

"What do you do? What to do?" The old Dong said that he didn’t dare to open the door. He swept around the house. There was no place to hide. He turned to climb up the window sill and glanced down. Damn!This is the sixth floor!

Behind the door, Ye Zi got up and opened the door. She sent a message to her dad. "Dad! Come to the Case Hotel, I was bullied by your good friend Dong Hai!"

The old Dong dreamed that women got ruthless, the fish was dead, and even her face was not needed.He saw a drainage pipe outside the building, gritted his teeth, stretched out his arms, hugged the pipeline, and slid down.

The sky is already bright, and the pedestrians who come and go notice the old Dong, "Well, look at it, there is someone!"

"Look at the towel, hahaha …"

Lao Dong fell from the position of the second floor to the ground, and he fell his thighs. He couldn’t move.During the decline, the bath towels accidentally fell off, and the old Dong was bare but his ass under the light of light.The old director should not hurt, and stretched out his hand and covered his legs.

Ye Zi’s father rushed out, holding a stick in his hand, and stunned the old Dong, "Tell you to touch my daughter, kill you!"

A burst of pig -like howling has attracted countless eyes.Another good person, raised his phone and pressed the video key.

The old Dong was miserable. He was pulled up with an ambulance with his buttocks. When he went to the hospital, he had a fracture.

At the same time, her lover was holding a big belly and sitting in his living room.In fact, her bulging belly was just a pillow.She came to show a showdown, and she was in a good mood of making the main room.

"Divorce? Okay! Of course I have to divorce, but I’m sorry, all his property has nothing to do with you!"

In the past two years, Lao Dong’s daughter -in -law has already transferred all the assets to his own name, and has lent to his sister.The two have long agreed. If you ask where the money goes, it means that business has lost his business and is not yet on.

The old Dong lying on the bed was holding his eyes, but none of the three women around him came to see him alone.In despair, he remembered his daughter. He trembled and dialed his daughter’s phone. "Girl, I was injured, in the hospital, let’s take a look at me!"

"Don’t say, I don’t go, it’s all you made it yourself, please reflect on it!"


(I am the author of Qingcheng, see the world of thousands of worlds, taste five tastes of life, and wish you a happy life and happiness!)

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