Haven’t you pregnant for so long?This factor has a lot to do with pregnancy, and many people ignore

Less than a month before the 2020 Spring Festival, 2020 Many people want to receive New Year gifts. For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, the best New Year gifts are news of good pregnancy ~

In fact, it is not difficult to receive this gift. In addition to balancing diet, supplement folic acid, maintaining sufficient sleep, strengthening exercise, and calculating the ovulation period, one thing you need to do is to maintain a good mood. However, many people ignore this factor.Intersection

Scientists have found that women with anxiety among infertility patients account for 25.3%-32%, and 11%-25%of depression tendencies.question.The impact of emotions on breeding is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Cause endocrine disorders

Instead of mood and tension, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders.When mental tension, the body has a stress reaction, leading to endocrine disorders, prone to menstrual disorders, ovarian ovulation disorders, and affecting the secretion of sex hormones, leading to infertility.

2. Affects the function of reproductive organs

Tension can also cause spasm contraction of uterus and fallopian tubes, and abnormal cervical secretion. These changes are not conducive to sperm affect fertilization through the cervix and fallopian tube, which can also cause infertility.

3. It affects normal conception

A pleasant and harmonious sex life can increase the vaginal endocrine of the woman, which is conducive to sperm activity, and is more likely to conceive.Conversely, bad emotions will affect the normal conception process.In addition, men may also cause impotence, premature ejaculation or sexual desire.

In addition, the National Equipment and Equipment Group had carried out a survey. The data on the survey showed that the sales of pregnant products after the festival were 1 times as much as possible, and the number of pregnancy was 1.5 times.31%of the respondents admitted that they were pregnant during the end of the year.

Why is there a higher chance of conception at the end of the year?This is mainly due to the physical and mental joy brought by the joyful festive atmosphere, the mood is happy and relaxed, and the chance of conception will increase greatly.It can be seen that emotion has a huge impact on women’s conception.

Therefore, you must maintain a good mood if you prepare for pregnancy to have good pregnancy as soon as possible ~

However, for infertility patients, if you want to be pregnant, you can’t wait. After all, women’s fertility has continued to decline with age, especially after the age of 35, women’s ovarian function has begun to accelerate, estrogen hormones have been accelerated, and estrogen hormones have begun to decline.The level has begun to become lower and lower, which means that the quality and quantity of the eggs gradually decrease.

Therefore, the couple who prepare for more than one year have a normal sex life, without contraception but not pregnant, and need infertility examination. Only symptomatically treats the symptomatic treatment according to infertility can we get a good pregnancy as soon as possible!

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