Have you ever seen birds who like to eat peppercorns?

Birds are another kind of star shining above our heads.

In this world, if there are no wings or birds, the sky is dead, and birds are the notes of the sky.

Today’s protagonist, as early as 2700 years ago, "The Book of Songs · Xiaoya Sang", has been praised by the ancients:

Saying mulberry (hù), there are Ying Qiyu.

A gentleman music (xū), the heaven’s 祜 (hù).

Delivery mulberry, there is Yingqi lead.

A gentleman, the screen of Wanbang.

The "mulberry" in the poem refers to the black tail waist.

Black -tailed wax, bird Chinese painting

Black -tailed wax town is a traditional Chinese cage breed.Whether the male and female are awkward, they are very attractive and very attractive.

Its beak is short and thick, the surface is smooth, bright yellow, exuding oil luster, as if applying a layer of wax.

Also known as wax mouth, small mulberry, soap (male), gray (female).The sound is loud, and the male and female are different.Planting birds is a proper nut food.

"Mulberry" is also called fattening, green birds, 鹢, etc.

"Shan Hai Jing · Zhongshan Jing" has a way-

One hundred and fifty miles of east, saying that the mountains … There are birds, and they are red -headed as they are, their names are stolen, and they can be royal.

"Chu Ci · Jiu Chapter · Xinjiang" has a phrase sigh: "Pick up the head of the public, the mulberry is naked."

"Huainanzi" also said that "mulberry does not peck the millet".

"Xiao Wan" in the Book of Songs said, "Drives mulberry, led the field to pecks the millet."

Li Shangyin’s "Han Palace Ci" said: "Qingsheng Xifei has not returned, and the king is in Ji Lingtai."

Wang Yan’s "Blue Spring Song" in the Tang Dynasty means mulberry:

The green birds in the forest, walking around.

Another poet Lu Yan said:

Mulberry was busy, and Zuting Wenle was hometown.

The character of mulberry in each poem is very happy.

The "mulberry" of Chen Dazhang’s "Poetry and Famous Collection" said:

"This bird is the wax mouth. Sex is very wise and teach. The color is slightly green, the mouth is like wax, and the words are light and fat."

As it is said, the black -tailed wax mouth is very intelligent, you can learn various acrobatics, coupled with the stubbornness and singing, it is a common pet cage raising birds.

Chen Zizhan also said in the "Direct Solution of the Book of Songs":

"Although the mulberry can eat the tender leaves seeds of the grain, the meat is the main purpose of the meat, so it must be regarded as a puppet."

This kind of pipette has the meaning of auspiciousness and is used to metaphorize people with intelligence.

There are no two same leaves in the world, and there are no two exactly the same bird ~

Today, we can no longer raise black tail waxes, because it is already a second -level protection animal in my country.

In fact, it is better to keep it better, and the birds are eager to fly freely, because the bird has a heart that yearns for the blue sky.The birds are happy to fly.

It is not unusual to eat nuts. Our black tail waist can also treat peppercorns as a staple food!


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