Have you ever heard all kinds of itch during pregnancy? Have you experienced these four kinds of itch?

The long -term pregnancy in October, the pregnant mother’s body will also appear more than usual performance, but it is enough to itch a word. This is also one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy.Pregnant mothers may have itching like eczema because of the skin allergies, or face and wrists.Another is the belly and itchy breasts. In general, it is almost itchy, so what should be good?

The following editor probably learned about 4 common itching for expectant mothers, so that mothers can understand prevention and avoid itching and confused themselves.

1. Redness and itchy face

Due to the pregnancy of expectant mothers, hormones in their own body will change with the month, which will easily cause allergies of various skin on the face.There is also if the expectant mother eats more irritating foods during pregnancy, or with cosmetics with inappropriate stimuli, then it will cause allergies.However, the phenomenon of allergies is extremely itchy. Many Baoma cannot be caught because she can’t help it. This feeling is very uncomfortable.

2. Itchy belly

This is especially during the pregnancy and late pregnancy of pregnant mothers. Because of the baby’s growing up, the stomach of the expectant mother is also opened, which leads to the skin fiber on the stomach.Causes the itching of the belly of pregnant mothers.

3. All -body itching

A special itching situation is prone to expectant mothers after pregnancy. It has such a pregnancy period of pregnancy. This disease will cause itching in the body of the expectant mother’s hands, feet, belly, and other parts.The development of expectant mothers and fetal baby.

This condition is mainly formed by the stasis of the mothers in the capillaries. This is blocked by the blood flow of the placenta. Therefore, once I feel that the body is unwell, it should be medically medical.

4. Private parts itching

The private part is that the quasi -mother is some secrets of itching, like the breast itching because of the hormone changes during the expectant mother’s pregnancy, so that the breasts of the expectant mother will become itchy; and because the mother’s secretions during the entire pregnancy, the mother’s secretions will also be also pregnant.It will increase, which will easily cause itching of the vulva.

How do pregnant mothers stop itching

1. Drug itching

When I feel that the condition is serious and it has completely affected the normal rest, then you should seek medical treatment in time. It is best to choose some external plasters.The influence of baby’s health.Also, the drug is taken under the doctor’s instructions and should not be used alone.

2. Life conditioning

For the whole pregnancy, no matter whether you itch or not, the diet should be light, and it is not advisable to eat some irritating foods.There are also allergies for some other items and foods, and pregnant mothers must avoid it in time.

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