Have you ever had a baby dream?What to indicate?Dreaming of these to go to the hospital for examination

Miumiu’s good friend Mei Mei was happy yesterday (eight pounds, wanting male babies, fast connection), which reminds me of the a few days ago, we were still talking about the birth dream. She said that she dreamed of oneLong, her mother dreamed of a tiger. Maybe her child was a boy. I did not expect that there was a baby baby, so I was curious, gossip, and entertainment.

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy.Since ancient times, it has paid attention to fetal dreams regardless of oriental countries or western countries.Parents who are looking forward to and looking forward to their children are of great significance.Fetal dreams are generally done during pregnancy.Occasionally happen before pregnancy.After delivery, there is almost no such dream.

How to distinguish the dream of tires, the dream is real and clear.The baby dream is made naturally.But it is a bit different from ordinary dreams, so it can be clearly distinguished.Remember after the baby dream.The characteristic is that after a few years or decades, it seems that I have just done dreams and remember it.

How to solve the dream?Please see the figure below:


Dreaming of the dragon, the faucet hinted that the boy could become a big man.

Dreaming of a tiger is a sign of the upright and brave boy who will give birth to a dignified and brave boy.

Dreaming of pythons or big snakes, cocks, implying sons.

Dreaming of being driven by a wild boar drive, heralding the boy who is about to give birth will be noisy.

The dream of riding horses suggest that his son has his mind.

Dreaming of cows, son filial piety.

Dreaming of pigs, implying wealth and blessing.

Dreaming of turtles hints that the boy’s future power is great.

Dreaming of eggplant, chrysanthemum, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and pepper will have sons.

Dreaming of bamboo indicates that the boy born will become power in the future.

Dreaming that there is a fruit tree growing in the fence of the house and will have a son.

Dreaming of the scenes of mature rice ears or autumn harvests in the field implies that the born boys can lead the people in the future.

Dreaming of eating melon or getting melon will have a boy.

Dreaming of fresh fruits full of flesh, the chance of having a boy is very high.If the number of fruits is a strange number, it is even more illustrated.


Dreaming of Ao Shrimp, pigeons, cows, butterflies implied to have a daughter.

Dreaming of 将 hints that she will have a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming that the sparrow enters the house or falls into the arms, hints

Dreaming of the dragon tail or touching the dragon tail is a sign of the beautiful daughter.

The dream of hugging the dragon body is the sign of the beautiful daughter, which is a very auspicious dream.

Dreaming of a tiger into the house or hugging her dream, implying that her daughter would be smart.

After dreaming of the calf to follow, he indicates that the daughter who will have a clever and pleasant daughter will be given.

Dreaming of strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage, ginseng daughter.

Dreaming of apples, cherries, and daughters who are born will be beautiful.

Dreaming of accepting flowers’ dreams implied that they would have a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of touching the willow tree will have a daughter.

Fetal dreams are not scientific!The fetal dream is the continuation of some psychological activities in the state of sleep in the state of sleep. It can be said that it is thoughtful and dreaming. In fact, the baby is an angel, and the men and women are as good!I have a variety of fetal dreams when I am pregnant with MIUMIU, from Buddha to Guanyin, flying from the sky to the ground, and finally gave birth to a female man Miumiu.Have you ever made a baby dream? Come and entertain!

Finally, important reminders, there are some dreams that may indicate that there are some diseases in the body of the pregnant mother, and do not take it lightly.For example, dreaming of people or monsters knocking on his head, dreaming of the trachea card, chasing, fear, unable to call, and running in the dream.Walking in the dream is unstable, the body is distorted, the limbs are heavy, and they are accompanied by suffocation.Dreaming of water, such as floods, swamps, drowning, etc., there may be health problems. Expectant mothers can go to the hospital for a professional examination.

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