Have to endure after pregnancy?Tell you quietly, how to be safe during pregnancy

Last time, a friend asked me: My mother -in -law said that sexual life during pregnancy may lead to abortion, scare me, and keep holding, but it is uncomfortable, and my husband is uncomfortable. Do you tell me that you can have sex?

In fact, there has always been a tangled topic about the same room during pregnancy. Trigling the elderly to say, others say no, but they are uncomfortable.

Then we have been saying that you can live a moderate sex during pregnancy, but there is a premise: both husbands and wives are healthy, and pregnant mothers have no risk factors during the physical examination. It is possible to take good safety measures and moderate sexual life.

As for some people say that it is wrong to worry that sexual life will cause miscarriage or premature birth.

About 31%of natural abortion will naturally stop developing after various reasons, and natural abortion occurs.In examples of natural miscarriage, 80%occurred before 12 weeks of pregnancy, so early pregnancy was a high incidence of natural miscarriage.The reasons are mostly related to the abnormal chromosomal, and the embryonic development cannot continue to be eliminated.But it is also related to the health of the mother.

Generally speaking, natural abortion only occurs once.Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much. This is the problem of the embryo itself. Don’t blame himself too much, adjust your body, and prepare for the next pregnancy.

This also tells us that before pregnancy, we must do a good job during pregnancy and prepare for the birth of healthy babies.

Reasons for late abortion come from various aspects, such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, systemic diseases such as anemia, heart failure, trauma, and incomplete cervical function.

Reasons for premature birth during the third trimester:

(1) Those with advanced abortion or history of premature birth

(2) The risk of premature delivery of uterine development will also increase.

(3) The age of pregnant women ≤ 17 years or> 35 years old

(4) Women with too thin and poor nutritional conditions

(5) Smoking, drinking and drug addiction and other reasons

Therefore, no matter whether it is early or late abortion, premature birth, has nothing to do with sexual life, and no study has shown that sexual life during pregnancy will increase the consequences of bad pregnancy of healthy pregnant women.

However, some people are not recommended for the same room during pregnancy: there are abnormalities such as abortion, premature birth, or bleeding, abnormal secretions, front placenta, low placenta, and cervical relaxation.

How to live safely?

(1) Based on the health of the pregnant mother, if the pregnant mother is uncomfortable or the body is abnormal, it should be terminated immediately

(2) In sexual life, the couple should communicate more, take a safe and suitable position, and try to avoid the abdomen of the pregnant mother.

(3) Safety measures are done well, talk about hygiene, the movements are not easy to move, do not last too long, and the number of times should not be too frequent.

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