Hangzhou husband and wife are anxious!"1 million yuan, I want to stay for you …"

Aunt Wang in Hangzhou hopes to find a daughter who has been lost for many years.Aunt Wang’s daughter was adopted when she was two years old. Now more than 40 years have passed. She does not want to affect her child’s life, she only wants to see the child.In addition, she and her husband worked hard for half a lifetime, saved 1 million yuan, and wanted to hand it in the hands of her daughter.

At the end of last year, Aunt Wang’s husband died of a sudden heart attack and left a legacy: "I thought but my husband and my husband, now there are more than 1 million yuan, I want to give me all my daughter."

Aunt Wang told reporters that she has always saved her money with her husband, and has saved these more than 1 million yuan in her life: "He wants to save money for his daughter because he is sorry for his daughter."

What happened, let the couple insist on sending all savings to their daughters, why do they feel sorry for children?

During the interview, Aunt Wang’s hand was holding a photo tightly. The photo was taken in March 1983. Aunt Wang wore a Tang suit and held her 10 -month -old daughter with a smile very happy.This photo was the only photo with her daughter in her life: "Daughter was born in 1982. At that time, my father was serving his sentence. I took the child to the place where he was serving his sentence.

Aunt Wang told reporters that in 1981, during her pregnancy, her husband was sentenced to life imprisonment for serious consequences because of fighting.On May 12, 1982, after her daughter was born, the father and daughter met across the iron window, which turned out to be the only side of her life.Aunt Wang said that in 1983, the elders in the family took advantage of Aunt Wang to go out and gave her children: "After the husband’s sentence, his aunt and grandma sent the child to Beijing. At that time, the situation was not good."

In 1998, Aunt Wang’s husband eventually was released to release.After that, the husband and wife did not want a child anymore, and have been looking for the whereabouts of her daughter: "The husband told me, you must find a daughter and save a little money for the daughter. His sister told him that the child lives there well there.Go to find it. "

The couple finally decided not to disturb her daughter’s life.But as the two get old, their thoughts on their daughters are becoming stronger.Since the previous year, the couple have been planning to go to Beijing to see their daughters. I did not expect that the accident came first. Aunt Wang’s husband died unfortunately, only 69 years old.

Now, Aunt Wang is determined. She must see her daughter and complete her husband’s last wish.It was the elder of the husband Wang’s husband, but over the years, the two sides have not been in and going.

Now all the clues in Aunt Wang’s hands, in 1991, were told that the children had good family conditions in the Haidian District of Beijing.Thirty years have passed now, and her daughter is 41 years old. Where is she now?

The reporter accompanied Aunt Wang and rushed to the West Lake District Bureau of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau to find the Yonghui Finding Office.

At the scene, the police collected DNAs of Aunt Wang and her husband’s hair, and then they would search for big data through technical means.

Aunt Wang is named Wang Yunjuan, 64 years old.At that time, the name they gave for her daughter was Jiang Ling. There was a red birthmark on her left arm. This year was 41 years old. He lived in Haidian District, Beijing around 1991.Let’s work hard together to help Aunt Wang fulfill her wish.

Source: FM93 Voice of Transportation

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