Haikou Confinement Center: What is going on with breast tenderness in the middle of pregnancy?

For many pregnant women and mothers, they may often encounter various problems during pregnancy. So what is going on with breast tenderness in the middle of pregnancy?How to relieve the symptoms of breast pain in pregnant women?

The changes in hormones during pregnancy will increase the blood flow, the breast tissue changes, and the pregnant mother may feel the swelling of the breast, soreness, and stabbing.In addition, after women are pregnant, the glands of the breast will gradually mature and perfect, and the breast ducts will gradually open, bringing pain.The care of breasts during pregnancy is very important for pregnant mothers. On the one hand, it can prevent mastitis, and on the other hand, breast relaxation and sagging can be avoided after childbirth.

01: Select the right underwear.The impact of pregnant mothers’ breast conception hormones will be plump than before pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers will feel the pain of pain.You need to replace the appropriate underwear in a timely manner according to the changes. The purchased underwear should not be too loose. It is best to wear half a cup of corset that can be wrapped and supporting the breasts. Whether it is pregnancy or breastfeeding, we must wear it every day.

02: Do daily cleaning.Breast cleaning has a great effect on maintaining the occurrence of breast ducts, increasing the toughness of the nipple, and reducing complications such as lactating nipple cracking.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to scrub with warm water when cleaning the breasts, especially the scrubbing and cleaning of the skin folds of the areola and nipples.Do not use soap, soap, or alcohol to clean the breasts. These cleaning products are not conducive to breast health and breastfeeding.

03: Avoid dryness and cracking.If there are scabs on the nipple, you can apply essential oils or tea oil on the nipple. Wait until the hard scab or dirt on it will be rinsed with warm water, then wipe it with a soft and clean towel, then wipe it with a soft and clean towel, and then wipe it with a soft and clean towel.Apply some moisturizes on the nipples to avoid dryness and cracking.

If the pregnant mother has a nipples, during pregnancy, you can slowly pull the nipples with your fingers under the guidance of the professionals during pregnancy. If the situation is more serious, you can use the nipple attractor and correction underwear to correct it.When correction, if the lower abdomen pain occurs immediately, it stops immediately.

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