Gynecologists: There are two types of dysmenorrhea. One is easy to affect pregnancy.

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The cousin has been dysmenorrhea at the age of fourteen, and it has been ten years now.Recently, my cousin got married and wanted a child.But my aunt was very worried about this, thinking that my daughter dysmenorrhea for so long, I don’t know if it would affect pregnancy.When I went to the hospital for consultation, the gynecologist told her that her worries were not unreasonable, but there were two types of dysmenorrhea. There was two types of dysmenorrhea. There were two types of dysmenorrhea.

Doctors said that dysmenorrhea is divided into two types, primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.Primary dysmenorrhea refers to dysmenorrhea from the beginning of the holiday. This is related to the prostaglandin secreted by the endometrium and does not affect pregnancy.The prostaglandin in the body after pregnancy decreases, and it doesn’t hurt much after giving birth.

It is worthwhile that another kind of dysmenorrhea, that is, successive dysmenorrhea, refers to the pain when it first starts the holiday, and it starts to hurt after a while.Such dysmenorrhea is generally caused by organic lesions in the pelvic cavity, which will affect pregnancy.In general, there are several causes of secondary dysmenorrhea.


In high school, a roommate was so painful when he came on vacation. The first day, the fake face was pale, and his head was sweaty. He had to take a leave to lie on the bed to rest.According to her, she has taken everything, Wuji Baifeng Pills, Yueyueshu granules, angelica films, etc., but always ignore it.Later, her mother took her to the hospital for examination and found that it was endometriosis.Doctors said that they must be treated because the chance of infertility of this disease accounted for almost half.

Uterine adenomia

Uterine adenoisotrophe is one of the ectopic endometrium. It refers to the endometriosis in the uterine muscle layer. The blood clots are wrapped into a mass, causing the elasticity of the uterine glandsWomen over 30 years old.Married women are more ill than that of unprecedented women.When coming to the holiday, there will be a feeling of gradual pain, that is, it will feel more and more painful.

Specific manifestations, in addition to dysmenorrhea, there are symptoms such as increased menstrual flow and extension of menstruation.

Ovarian endometrial -like cyst

Ovarian endometrial -like cysts prefer young women with fat body. If women find that menstruation, reduced menstruation, or even abdominal pain, they must seek medical treatment in time.Such a disease will undoubtedly affect ovulation and cause pregnancy difficulties.

Palace cold

There is another factor that leads to secondary dysmenorrhea.Some women like to eat cold drinks and do not pay attention to the warmth of the lower abdomen. After a long time, dysmenorrhea may be caused due to palace cold.Gong Han’s women’s holiday at the beginning of the menstrual blood was darker, and at the same time, there were blood clots, often because of poor blood flow.The fetus needs a warm environment. If the uterus is too cold, even if the fertilized eggs are successful, it may cause the fetal dysplasia and cause a sign of stems to be adjusted in advance.


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