Guo Biting produced a daughter, heated to Zuo Yin: The courage of being a mother comes from the confidence of her father

During the National Day, Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo appeared again on the hot search.

According to Taiwan media reports, on October 1, on the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival, Guo Biting gave birth to a little princess.

After that, there was a group of photos of Guo Biting before giving birth to check, visiting the supermarket, and eating supper. Her husband always accompanied Zuo and his sister. Guo Biting, who was at any time, also smiled happily.

At the time of production, in addition to her husband, the father -in -law and mother -in -law were also photographed to accompany the hospital.

Netizens have presented blessings, but at the same time, some controversial voices still appear in the comment area.

Some people question the hospital conditions that look too simple;

Some people are worried that Guo Biting has to continue to have a daughter because he has a daughter;

Some people have always doubted the direction of the high -profile Weibo. Why is such a big thing so silent?

In short, compared to the blessing of this new mother, everyone seems to be more concerned about whether her marriage is happy.

Just yesterday, Xiang Zuo called the media media, hoping that the media could give them some space, suspected that the media exposed the details of his wife’s production.

Although the stars are public figures, they also have their own privacy.

The media does not have a "peeping" way to cause trouble to others’ private life.

What’s more, postpartum women need more care and rest, not topics.

The media and netizens’ attention to them has not been broken since the relationship between the two has determined. Because they are just being spawned together, netizens once worried that Guo Biting would become a "tool" of giants.

After marriage, he didn’t seem to have anything to do. Xiang Taiyi became the number one fan and a chief spokesman for the two of them.

At the beginning of the year, because the two people who have been declared high -profile officials have been inadvertently exploded, they have not received a marriage certificate, which caused a negative speculation of netizens.

During the pregnancy, Guo Biting’s emotional unstable, sent a few negative energy Weibo, did not see the trace of comforting Zuo Jian.

Xiang Tai looks like a daughter -in -law’s "spokesperson", but when Guo Biting has any wind and grass, the first one who stands out is always the mother -in -law, and as the master of the family, as the arm that Guo Biting should rely onSome response.

So some netizens teased that this relationship was like the love between Guo Biting and her mother -in -law, but the husband to Zuo Zuo became a foil.

And Xiang Zuo’s attitude and low participation are one of the reasons for the frequent speculation of netizens.

Even when I was pregnant, Xiang Zuo was close to Guo Biting’s labor period, and finally rushed to Taiwan to accompany his wife to give birth. Whether it was the reasons for the delay of work or the visa difficulty, Guo Biting was holding more than half of the pregnancy.

In fact, there are always some directions in media reports, and Xiang Zuo has repeatedly responded to the reasons why he has not been accompanied during pregnancy.Due to the difficulty of visas during the epidemic, it is inadequate and insufficient.

Of course, what is the actual marriage is that only the parties have the right to speak, and whether the affairs of the baby are also the private affairs of the artist.

The reason why it is disturbing is because there are too many husbands who really absent from their wives in life.They always feel that "don’t you have a child", as if giving birth to a child like a cold.

It is also the absence of the husband that laid many hidden dangers and chills for the marriage.

After all, marriage and childbearing have never been alone, especially during this special period of breeding and welcome to the newborn baby. The temperature and attitude given by the husband directly affect the happiness of marriage.

In contrast, GAI and Wang Siran in "New Year’s Diary", their love is full of sweetness of overflowing the screen.

Due to work reasons, GAI can’t accompany the pregnant wife all the time, so she insists on video calls every day.

As the delivery period approaches, Wang Soran’s mood is becoming more and more sensitive. After a check -up, the doctor was informed that he needs to be hospitalized immediately. The GAI who was still immersed in the excitement of the baby immediately found that his wife’s mood was wrong, and it was scared to close it immediately.Drop the phone and squatting down carefully.

Wang Siran said that she was reluctant to leave herself for nearly ten months in her stomach, fearing that she would not be liked by the child, and she was afraid that she would no longer be needed by the child.

GAI didn’t think his wife was unreasonable. He could see his wife’s anxiety, gently hugging his wife, wiping tears for her, and comforting his wife warmly.

"He needs you, just like I need you."

"He is not goodbye, he is seeing us for a while."

Under his careful comfort, his wife’s emotions gradually became better, and they laughed.

After the child was born, when everyone turned around the newborn, GAI walked to his wife’s bed alone to accompany her, helping her to care about the hat, and comforted: I only have one child, my sister is here.

He said to the camera that he would not love the baby very much, because his favorite was always his wife, and his son wanted to protect his mother with him.

At present, he doesn’t want to ask for a second child anymore, because his wife is too painful in the process, he feels distressed and reluctant to suffer again.

Wang Siran, who was still very fragile, was still distressed, but GAI, who was the father, always accompanied his wife to comfort, and his eyes were full of tears in his eyes, which was moving and enviable.

He could see his wife’s emotions and scruples get the feelings of his wife. He understood that when he was a mother, his wife would be disturbed and gap.Leave a sense of weight loss.

In his heart, his wife is always the first. He has always participated in every link to welcome the new life, and also gives his wife peace and solidity in the details of daily life.

It is this meticulous warmth and solidity that made netizens sincerely feel that Wang Siran married the right person and was full of envy about their marriage.

In fact, many loves are strenuous at the beginning, but some love cannot be against the "birth baby" level, either stop at the pregnancy, or after the birth baby.

Don’t get wrong, have nothing to do with derailment, but a new life from breeding to freshmen. This period is actually the most vulnerable and most needed for women.Patiently, feelings are the most likely to have gaps.

Martin once told his story in "I am a speaker".

When his wife first was a mother, he didn’t know why, the once gentle and virtuous man became an unreasonable vixen.

His wife often can’t control her emotions and becomes hysterical.

And Martin?Faced with his wife who was out of control, he chose to mess with, so he dodged a little.

Finally, one day, his wife broke out again when he hid in the study room, and poured a bowl of hot catfish soup on the keyboard of Martin’s game.

Martin shouted to his wife: Are you sick?So many mothers have done confinement. Why are you like this?Do you don’t want to have ever?

He said halfway through, his wife was really sick, postpartum depression, but as a husband, he did not know, and he did not help bring his child. He just felt that he was tired at work.Stay in the study.

It was also his wife’s understanding that he didn’t care about his wife.

In fact, before having children, Martin and his wife never blushed, and the two were very loving.

But at that time, it seemed to be really going to break up.

Later, his wife sent him a WeChat, asking her to sit with herself for a day, what Martin follows what she does.

At first, his thoughts were also: Isn’t it just a child?How tired can you be?

However, in less than a day, I slammed their faces: 2 hours of breastfeeding, kept changing diapers, repeatedly sleeping, and unable to sleep for a complete and solid one hour …

Martin collapsed and finally understood that his wife was not easy.

In fact, compared with tiredness, the most unbearable thing is that the hard work is not seen or understood.

Women do not become mothers because they have a child, and the change of the character’s change also requires a learning process. For the first time to be a mother, there will be uneasy and embarrassing heart. When the heart is fragile,It also needs the care, support and understanding of the husband most.

After all, whether it is having a child or bringing a child, it should not be a mother alone.

Marriage is from a person to a family. In a good marriage relationship, there is indispensable you with me and you have your sense of participation. Just like a comrade in a trenches, we will take responsibility, pay together, and fight side by

Some people say that the love of many people cannot reach the "birth baby", either stop at the pregnancy, or after the birth baby.

how to say?

The arrival of a new life will inevitably bring new changes to a family. However, the relationship between the husband and wife will be better or worse, and the marriage will cool down or heating up. In fact, it depends on the attitude of the husband.

Whether it is a physiological change or a psychological change, the child is the most vulnerable to a woman after giving birth. The indifference of her husband will make his wife remembered for a lifetime. Similarly, the care and dedication of the husband will make his wife remember for a lifetime.

It is true that it is a woman who bred a child to produce children. This is a physiological fact that it cannot be changed, but this does not mean that the husband does not need to participate.

On the contrary, many times, compared to practical analysis and solving problems, the companionship from the other half, and emotional and psychological appeasement, encouragement, and support are the most powerful forces in all difficulties.

Even after being a mother, I can still be seen, understood, and comforted by the other party by the other party and their feelings. The other half is always standing with myself, which is more important than anything.

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