Guiyuan is also known as longan, and once again persuaded you: 5 kinds of people want to "merciless"

Guiyuan is a common fruit in life. It is also known as longan. Guiyuan is widely planted in southern China. Its flesh is very sweet. It can also be used as a drug.Symptoms such as weak qi and blood, forgetfulness, insomnia and other symptoms have improved effects.But not everyone in life can eat longan, and should be understood in detail.

Although the longan is good, but consider the body’s adaptation, it should be far away without eating. Among them, severe diabetes is developing, and it is best to eat less longan.Some people often eat Guiyuan dryness, feel that their nutritional value is high, and can supplement energy. Eating more must be helpful to health, but the longan drying is very sweet, because the sugar content is rich, the diabetes has been severe, the isnut function is reducedThere is no enough insulin secretion to participate in sugar material metabolism, and the intake of many sugars will undoubtedly make the condition worsen. It should be less.

After asthma occurs, patients will have symptoms such as asthma, chest tightness, and unsoplasm. The nature of longan is mild, and it is easier to get angry. It is not friendly for people with asthma. Sometimes the body is not adapted.Moan Yuan will aggravate the illness.In order to avoid risks, there is a diet to regulate the development of asthma in addition to the treatment of treatment.

Although Guiyuan has high nutritional value, people with strong liver fire are best away from.Many people can not maintain good function because the liver is wrong, spicy diet, and emotional disorders. Various factors affect the liver fire in the liver, and the symptoms of bad breath, eye secretions, dry mouth, bitter mouth and other symptoms are obvious.It should be actively lowering liver fire and improvement of liver function. At this time, you can choose dandelion, honeysuckle or chrysanthemums to drink water.The laurel Yuan is mild in nature. When you eat too much, you will get angry. Originally, the liver fire continued to eat a lot of longan. It is undoubtedly fueling on the fire.

Choose food based on your own physique to provide nutrients and ensure safety.However, some people are not suitable for eating longan, because they get some nutrients inside after eating longan, and they will have allergies. People with allergic constitution are best to go to the hospital for allergen to check., Following away from allergies to repeatedly.After eating longan, the skin is rash and itching, which means that there is allergies, and you cannot continue to eat longan.

The gout causes trouble to patients. During the development of the disease, excessive uric acid accumulates, which will cause damage to the joints. After stimulating the joints to cause inflammation, the patient will have pain in multiple parts or bones.With the use of uric acid reduction drugs, you must also adjust your personal diet, far from high purine foods in life.Although longan is not rich in purine, due to its rich sugar content, eating too much will cause blood sugar to affect uric acid excretion, which is not conducive to the improvement of gout disease.

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