Guiyuan, egg yolk faction … Will you "drink" if you eat it?Traffic radio measurement

There is a saying on the Internet, "Litchi eats one drunk driving and three drunk driving".Some netizens said that eating egg yolk, jackfruit, drinking Huoxiangzhengqi water, and fresh spray with oral cavity can also cause drunk driving or even this real?

On the afternoon of February 28, in the second stop of the "Good Civilization Driver, Spring Safety" series jointly organized by Tianjin Traffic Broadcasting and Tianjin Public Security and Transportation Administration, the host of the traffic broadcast and the police officer of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, takeaway takeawayThe younger brother and the driver drivers conducted a live test.

What is the standard for drunk driving?

Let ’s take a look at the standard of drinking driving for everyone: The alcohol content of the driver’s blood is greater than or equal to 20 mg per 100 ml of alcohol, and it is less than 80 mg. It is driving after alcohol;drive."Driving" refers to the "drunk driving" that has not been found without drinking alcohol, only eating some foods containing alcohol.

Will eating these foods be measured?

This test we have prepared "drunk driving" foods that are often exposed to in life and more online discussions: egg yolk school, longan, and Huoxiang Zhengqi water.


First of all, the driver’s driver master ate three longan, and then during the first screen, he detected alcohol

Egg yolk

Some driver driver masters ate an egg yolk at the scene. After a few minutes, after a quantitative test, the alcohol content value was 12mg/100ml

Huoxiang Zhengqi

At the scene, the takeaway brother who participated in the test took a bottle of Huoxiang Zhengqi water. Subsequently, the initial screen results of alcohol detection showed that the alcohol content in the body had exceeded 100mg/100ml.

What should I do if the "drunk driving" that is misunderstood?

If you encounter the situation of "drunk driving", don’t worry first, take a little rest to the traffic police in time, you can also use clean water to rinse your mouth before testing.If the driver has objections to the results of the alfalfa test, it can also be identified through blood drawing.

At the scene, after about 5 minutes, after drinking a glass of water, the alcohol detection results showed normal:

It is not difficult to find through testing that because individual differences, foods that are easy to "drunk" can not be detected and not detected.This has a lot to do with the number of eating, the interval time of driving, the metabolic speed of alcohol, and the body’s physique.

As long as you do n’t drink, you do n’t have to panic, but you should eat as little food as possible before you drive to avoid “oolong” to delay your travel.

What is the process of traffic police testing for drunk driving?

Police from the Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau and Peace Division of the Peace Division of the Municipal Communications Bureau described the serious harm of drunk driving through lively cases at the scene, demonstrated various alcohol detectors used in the daily law enforcement of the police.Essence

During the event, Zhang Hongjun, the deputy team of the Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau Peace Division Security Supervision Brigade, introduced the process of traffic testing for traffic police alcohol:

The "Civilization Good Driver, Spring Safety" activity is one of the fourth "Fighting for Civilization and Good Drivers" public welfare series.Next, the "Civilization and Good Driver-Spring Safety Route" event will also enter the online car rental, insurance and other industries for traffic safety preaching to escort the city’s safety production and guarantee.

The "Fight for Civilization and Good Driver" activity was hosted by the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, and the Tianjin Haihe Media Center.

Source: Tianjin Traffic Broadcast

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