Growing posture together | Which is the warmest and the safest and the safest?Use warm baby you must know

Author: Dermatology Department of Guo Jingwei Indicator Jiamusi City Hospital

In the cold and complicated Chinese north and south, we have a trick to resist the severe cold. In addition to heating, there are various warm babies.Baby Nuan has become a must -have in daily life, especially in the winter of cold winds, and the winter of nine cold days. This is simply the "little sun" carried with you.

Since the warm baby is so amazing, how does the baby warm?Where is the warm and the safest to stick the baby?Let me take you to understand the warm baby we often use.

The warm baby can heat, mainly because the heating material contained in the warm baby bag is a polymer synthesized by iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite and inorganic salts. When the plastic packaging bag is opened, the air will pass through the bag on the bagThe small holes penetrated into it, and the chemical reactions of the fever began in the small bag, and the process of heat production was turned on.The more small holes, the faster the heat produces. The fever temperature of the warm baby generally lasted between 60 ° C and 70 ° C. The duration of the fever is 6-8 hours. The decrease in the later period can last for about 12 hours.

Although warm babies are low temperature heat sources, if it is not used properly, or warm baby produced under national quality standards, it will still be dangerous.The warm baby continues to heat at about 65 ° C. It is a long time. The local fit is closely fitted, and it is not breathable. It is easy to form "low temperature burns".

Low -temperature burns are still a common phenomenon in our daily life.The definition of low temperature burns refers to chronic burns caused by low -thermal objects that are more than 45 ° C for a long time. This low temperature burns are like boiled frogs in warm water, which makes people unknowingly burns.Therefore, when using a warm baby, be sure to pay attention to the correct method of use, and pay attention not to directly contact the skin.

1. Cervical spine

The warm baby is posted in the cervical spine to warm the whole body.

2. Back and back

The chills can stick to the back.These locations are relatively thicker, which is not easy to cause low temperature burns. The position is flat, which is conducive to paste, and can warm the whole body. It can also alleviate discomfort such as back pain and back pain.

3. abdomen

This is our most commonly posted position, especially girls in menstrual periods, which will be particularly comfortable to stick to the abdomen.Because the uterus happens to be in the small abdomen, it is attached to this position, which can warm the uterus and let the belly are hot and promote blood circulation. It can alleviate the bleeding caused by the cold of the palace.On the skin.

4. Foot

The warm baby is attached to the soles of the feet, which can drive the cold and keep warm, promote the microcirculation of the human body, and it is suitable for people who often appear frostbite.

5. Other positions

For example, the joint location can be pasted according to personal needs.

Although the warm source of the warm source is low, the temperature is 60 ° C-70 ° C, it has a long period of local skin skin and is not breathable, causing water vapor to not evaporate, which may cause low temperature burns, or tingling, itching, red and other discomfort symptoms, So be cautious when applying.Therefore, pay special attention when using the warm baby: 1. Do not directly stick the warm baby on the skin. It is best to compose layers of clothing, such as underwear and underwear, which will be safer.At the same time, heating, large heat, and poor heat dissipation occur in burns; 3. Do not use when sleeping at night, avoid sleeping too deep, turn over and press it to cause burns for a long time; 4. During the process of warming the babyContinue to apply it again; 5. Pay attention to the skin condition of the bureau at any time, and remove it immediately if there is itching and other discomforts; 6. When not in use, place the warm baby in a place where the child is not enough;Bags to avoid leakage of the heating materials and enter the eyes or mouth; if you accidentally contact your eyes, you should immediately rinse and seek medical treatment with a lot of water; you should vomit and seek medical treatment immediately if you eat it by mistake.

Although Nuanbao is very practical, it is not suitable for everyone.

1. Pregnant and pregnant women: This kind of population does not use to avoid continuous heat production, which leads to the high temperature of the pregnant woman’s abdomen, fetal discomfort, and other dangerous situations.

2. Infants, children, children, etc.: Children are too small, their skin is thin and tender, they cannot express their emotions and are prone to burns.

3. The elderly, diabetes, and vasculitis who feel unsightly peripheral nerves, people who feel dull: It is prone to scald but not perceived, so it is more likely to cause severe burns to be found.

Once low -temperature burns occur, do not use recipes, toothpaste, big sauce, etc., so as not to further aggravate the burns and infection, you need to go to the hospital to burn the department to further see it.(Edit: Zhou Xiaolu)

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Author: Guo Jingwei, attending physician, dermatology department of Jiamusi City Hospital

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