Gourd!During the exposure of Ren Jiaxuan, she was cheated by a 7 -year -old boyfriend during pregnancy and would she go to her father?The news is true and false difficult to distinguish

Ren Jiaxuan, a member of the SHE group, is a person who loves to love and hate. Before the filming, he suffered from depression, because the encouragement of a family and boyfriend slowly came out of it. He soon entered the marriage hall with his current boyfriend, but twoHuman marriage announced divorce after long.

Ren Jiaxuan, who is strong and optimistic, has always been on the way to chasing love. After the divorce, she fell in love with her 7 -year -old boyfriend, and she was pregnant soon, but she never received a marriage certificate. Ren Jiaxuan publicly stated that the child would be born.Essence

Gourd!During the exposure of Ren Jiaxuan, she was cheated by a 7 -year -old boyfriend during pregnancy and would she go to her father?

Recently, some media broke the news of big melon. When Ren Jiaxuan was about to usher in production during pregnancy, he found that his 7 -year -old boyfriend Xiaoxu was derailed. Ren Jiaxuan, who was cheated by her boyfriend, was depressed and very sad.This news revealed that it was also a heated discussion among netizens.

The media claimed that Ren Jiaxuan had discovered that Xiao Xu had many unfaithful behaviors during pregnancy, which disappointed her completely. The previous marriage had caused Ren Jiaxuan to be deeply injured, so she did not dare to enter the marriage hall again.

Now that it is about to give birth, there is a rumor that Xiaoxu derails. Ren Jiaxuan, who was caught again into the dark, decided to break up with Xiao Xu under the persuasion of his family and friends.Be a single mother.

The news is true and false difficult to distinguish

However, such news did not be confirmed by Ren Jiaxuan himself. It just used the words "I heard" and seemed very unprofessional and irresponsible. Many netizens expressed doubts and distrust, thinking that this was a hearing theory.

The news that her boyfriend had confirmed is difficult to distinguish from the news of the cheating of the legs. Netizens expressed their surprise, and at the same time distressed Ren Jiaxuan. Originally, her love was already very bumpy. At this stage of delivery, Xiao Xu derailed.

If Ren Jiaxuan chose to break up with Xiao Xu and only leave the child to raise it alone, then life will be difficult in the future. After all, the child is innocent.I hope she can make a decision carefully.

As we all know, Ren Jiaxuan, 41, is a member of the SHE group this year. He has debuted for 23 years. With his sweet appearance and good singing skills, he has obtained the sought after by many fans.

When filming in 2010, an accident appeared, which caused Ren Jiaxuan’s body to be injured in a large area. At this time, Ren Jiaxuan was also in a rising career. Suddenly such an accident caused her to fall into deep darkness.

However, her family and boyfriend always encouraged her. During the injury, her boyfriend was successfully proposed to Ren Jiaxuan. The strong Ren Jiaxuan also officially entered the palace of marriage.But this beauty did not last long, and the news of her marriage was revealed.

After the divorce, Ren Jiaxuan disappeared, and his career began to go downhill. The physical condition became poor for a while, and he could not recognize it.Because the burn body often makes her inferior, she often wash her face with tears when she is quiet, and feels that fate is unfair to herself.

However, family and friends have always encouraged and accompanied Ren Jiaxuan. Last year, the news of Ren Jiaxuan’s love again last year, and she was not married.The two often held hands with each other with each other.

However, Ren Jiaxuan, who had disappointed in marriage, never dared to enter the siege again. He declared that the two would raise their children together, but they did not have to get married.

Ren Jiaxuan, who often takes pregnant photos on social platforms, can see that the mood becomes better and better after pregnancy, and the physical condition has returned to confidence before.

Anyway, Ren Jiaxuan has come out of the darkness before, and now he can face everything bravely.She has become stronger and stronger from the Ghost Gate. I believe that "going to the father and staying" is just a rumor. Ren Jiaxuan will eventually get her happiness, hoping that she is healthy and happy.

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