Going out in summer can eat nine kinds of bakers with confidence. The boss can’t make fake.

Eat the nine kinds of dishes for barbecue smart people. They are not afraid of falsification and rest assured. The boss is dripping blood at first glance. Today, I will take everyone to take a look at the nine kinds of meat that will not be faked in the barbecue.

Ninth, grilled eggs.Mao eggs are very special in appearance, so it is very difficult if merchants want to counterfeit, and the supply of Mao eggs in the market is still very sufficient, so if you eat barbecue, everyone can still rest assured.

Eight types, grilled squid.Squid not only has a strange shape, but also has a dozen tentacles. The main thing is that he also has a gun body. If it is fake, you can imagine how high the cost should be.For those bosses, fraud increased their costs, so they naturally would not do such a loss -making buying and selling.

And the grilled squid meat is slippery and crispy, and it cannot be impersonated with other meat products.

In addition, even squid must be eaten with confidence, because if the suction cups above are fake, one may be dozens of times or even higher than the real squid.We naturally divide it lightly.

The seventh type of crispy bone.As a soft tissue on animals, because of its special structure, it is difficult for vendors to fake it, so the crispy bones on the market are basically true.

Furthermore, because its ingredients are relatively small, if you want to impersonate it through other meat foods, people know it.

The sixth type, baked brain flowers.Although the meat quality of the pig’s brain flowers is very tender, it will not be broken when it is clip, especially when eating in the mouth, the taste is extremely smooth and tender, so many merchants cannot fake it.It is difficult to make the texture exactly the same as true, so merchants will not lose their customers because of a kind of ingredients.

But don’t look at the price of brain flowers is very cheap, but the cost is still very high for barbecue restaurants. If you eat barbecue, you can still consider brain flowers.

Fifth, baked shellfish.Because shellfish ingredients are also a kind of seafood, and their meat quality is also very special. Generally, it is difficult to falsify, and different types of shellfish meat are different. The taste of oysters is very tender.

The abalone is bombed by QQ, so it is very difficult to replace it with other meat foods.

However, you must pay attention to before eating. When many vendors are baking shellfish ingredients, they usually use shells and frozen meat, so when buying, you must distinguish whether it is baked or frozen.

The fourth type is grilled chicken feet.Because the shape of the chicken feet is relatively unique and the taste is very unique, there is also a palm in the middle. If it is artificially fraud, the difficulty is still very large.People are suspicious.

Furthermore, its own cost is not high, so the merchant does not need to falsify. After all, the cost is still very high, and most of the chicken feet on the market are also frozen.Essence

The third is roasted pork waist.If you know that compared with the pork waist and beef waist, the head of the sheep waist is still very small. If you use them to impersonate, it can be easily seen.And it is also very different in taste. The flavor of the sheep waist is particularly heavy, and there is no pork waist. You can know it when you eat it.

Secondly, in terms of price, it is not cheap to bake your waist. If you lose your reputation in the store because of fraud, it is obviously worthless.

Therefore, the barbecue stalls are usually not done for such difficult things. After all, people earn money from returning.

The second kind of grilled fish.The fish roasted on the spot is not only crispy and tender, but also delicious and juicy. On the other hand, if you use dead fish or frozen fish, the meat quality will not only be wood, but also a large fishy smell.Want to know that customers will become less and less.

Secondly, the fish is the same as poultry. The cost of its own is not very high, and the grilled fish is generally grilled, and the merchants cannot start, so they do not need to fake them.

Furthermore, the taste of fish is very delicate, and it is easy to be seen if it is fake.Therefore, when the insiders eat barbecue, they often order a grilled fish to eat. After all, this is all real materials. The meat is still very fresh. Why not eat it?

The first roast chicken wings.It is also difficult to fake ingredients like chicken wings, because its own cost is not high. Most of them are frozen chicken wings, and the barbecue stalls are usually wholesale prices, so the price may be cheaper.

If it is analyzed in this regard, it is still very profitable to sell roast chicken wings, so they do not need to cost.

Moreover, the shape of the chicken wings and its structure are not easy to imitate, so you can still rest assured that the foods such as chicken wings can still be eaten. Although the price of the selling is relatively expensive, it is still very assured of eating.

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