Go to the birth checkup at 9 months of pregnancy, get up in the fans, and run out of the inspection room and cry, because of what?

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Xiao Wang (pseudonym) is a young expectant mother. She is 22 years old. She cherishes the health of herself and her children, so she is very serious every pregnancy test.The nine months of pregnancy was here. Because the family was busy, she went to the hospital alone, hoping that she was a smooth delivery process as usual.However, she never expected that she would encounter a situation that made her very embarrassing.

During the B -ultrasound, Xiao Wang was arranged to a young male doctor to receive.She was very embarrassed all at once and was a bit difficult to accept.So Xiao Wang expressed his opinion to the doctor, hoping to replace a female doctor for examination.However, the male doctor told her that the female doctor was busy and needed to wait for too long. It was better to replace him.

Xiao Wang understands that since the male doctor is sitting here, it means that he can also complete the task well, but she is still very embarrassed.He hesitated Xiao Wang for a while and asked the doctor to help her complete the inspection faster.But when the inspection was in progress, she blushed instantly. The male doctor asked her to take off her lower clothes and checked in her lower body with both hands.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Wang to completely restrain the uneasy mood. Before the inspection was completed, he slammed directly and slapped the doctor, yelled, and then rushed out of the examination room and cried.She was very confused, and she didn’t understand why there were male doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology department. This is really embarrassing …

Through this story, Mother Xiao Peng has something to say that pregnant mothers have to do a series of production inspections during pregnancy. Most of the medical examination doctors will be women, but some people have encountered men.So how much is the chance of encountering a male doctor during the pregnancy test during pregnancy, and how to protect privacy?

During pregnancy, checkup is very important.This can ensure that the fetus in pregnant women can grow and develop healthy.During pregnancy, women may encounter male doctors, which makes them feel disturbed.These concerns are related to the issue of privacy protection.

First of all, the chance of encountering male doctors during pregnancy tests is not too high.This is because many obstetricians are women.According to a survey, about 70%of obstetricians are women.However, in some cases, pregnant women may still encounter male doctors.In some areas, due to the shortage of doctors, the number of female obstetricians is relatively small.In addition, if women claim that they only accept the female doctors, they may limit their choices for treatment.

Some women are afraid that when they meet male doctors, they may expose their privacy parts.Although this is completely understandable, doctors have the right to privacy of patients moral and legal obligations.Doctors should ensure that patients’ privacy is properly protected, especially the medical process involving sensitive properties.

Some hospitals take special measures to ensure that the privacy of patients is protected.For example, the establishment of a separate clinic and operating room for men and women to ensure that the gender of doctors does not affect the privacy of patients.In addition, during any sensitive care, doctors and other medical personnel will communicate with patients and minimize any unnecessary exposure.

Finally, if a woman encounters her own uncomfortable situation, she should communicate with the doctor and ask for a female doctor.If you can’t change your doctor, you can ask family members or same -sex nurses during the examination.Especially during sensitive examinations, such as internal examinations, doctors let patients know the care procedures for each step and create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

In short, the pregnancy test during pregnancy is very important, and each pregnant woman should accept it.Although sometimes male doctors may be encountered, this is not very common. At the same time, doctors must also ensure that privacy in the medical process is properly protected.If women are uncomfortable, they can be requested, and women doctors or women are accompanied.

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