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It’s summer vacation. I want to wait for the child to let the summer vacation and take two children home to see my mother and accompany her.Everything is ready, just wait for my eldest daughter to take a holiday.

Suddenly one day, I received a call from my mother.He said that Ayan (our neighbors) came to cut the road in front of my house, and she stopped it, and Angyi pushed her down to the ground.If you don’t care about everything, I only worry about my mother’s safety, and I report to the police officer.At the same time, I hurriedly bought a ticket and hurried back. I couldn’t wait to return to my mother. I was worried about her and was particularly worried.In fact, the Ayan needle is not once or twice for our family, because the three daughters of our family have no sons, and they are criticized in the village and look down on.Over the years, our family has often been patronized by Angguang. He will appear from time to time to embrace my mother and make my mother’s rumors.

The reason is that my family has never had a courtyard wall. Several of our sisters want to make her mother circle the yard. She is old and always feels that it will be safer.The surrounding courtyard walls were covered. The remaining materials, the workers who built the house suggested that my mother repaired a foreign gray road at the door. It would not slip down like that, and it was convenient to travel.The process of repairing this road is relatively smooth. After a week after the concrete solidifies, A Leng suddenly came to hold the cutting machine. My mother heard a small movement in the hutong.The door of the door is high, which affects his life.After that, he pulled his cutter and left the door of my home with an electric three -wheeled. If he couldn’t pass the conference, he took the big hammer to the door of my house and wanted to smash the road in front of my house. Of course, my mother would not.Agree, he stepped forward to stop it, but he was pushed down by the old man of A Leng.

I called the police and the police arrived soon. At first, the police adopted two negotiations and wanted to mediate about it.Later, the village brigade also went out, and when the brigade came, I arrived at home.The solution was to cut Ayan to cut the wall next to his wall, and then let him brush the wall with cement powder.He said that the cement road was next to his wall, and his home would be tide.I agreed with my mother to agree with this solution, because I don’t want to be deadlocked with the Ayan family for too long. I am afraid that I will be more embarrassing to embarrass my mother at home.In the end, the cadres of the brigade announced that Ayan cut the road on the road and wiped his wall for three days. After the wall was brushed, my family filled the road.

Ang cut on the road, but after three days, he still did not come to paint his wall.The door of our house has always been a ditch, and my mother is not very happy.I ca n’t eat it, I ca n’t sleep well at night.I called the village, and the village told me that they would come over to build the road uniformly. At that time, they would fill up the ditch without affecting normal road repair.I no longer care about this.Thinking that this is the end, just wait for the village to solve it.But Ayen was restless again. On the way, he threatened to say that there was no one in my house, and went to the roof of his house to break the house of my house and pounded the water out of my eaves.Although he hadn’t done it yet, these remarks made my heart very uncomfortable, and my mother began to be anxious again.

The next day, the village came to the road. I went to pay the money, paid the money, and the excavator went into the hutong to dig the soil road.A Leng came again. He blocked his body in his mouth with his body and shouted loudly.Repair.Obviously the reason is not to speak.I stepped forward to talk to him, "Didn’t you talk about it yesterday, all the negotiation, what do you want to do now?" He said he didn’t agree yesterday, he just didn’t allow my family to build the road.I was so angry for a moment I didn’t know what to say. For a long time, I couldn’t say a word.For a moment I wanted to change my life with him.

A Leng could not accept the good improvement of our life, and he would come to find some of his family in a few days.Pack the garbage into the door of our house, and break the road of our house. Dig the soil in my house on the side of their walls. I still say that my house is not good at the street … I consulted the Public Security BureauThe police, the police said that his current behavior is the most of the neighborhood disputes. The best solution is to negotiate. There is no good way. It is recommended that we put on monitoring.Essence

I have been going home for more than a week. I understand a lot of things this week: you ca n’t let an ignorant person talk about the truth, and you ca n’t force a obscure person to tell you civilization.There is a psychological psychology in the village. It does not disappear with the advancement of the times. On the contrary, this psychology is more leafy and more ingrained.

The problem has not been solved yet. I don’t know how long I have to stay at home. This time I went home to make me more helpless, but more of fear.The human heart is terrible. He feels that he will force you to make you feel bad.He will never make you comfortable than him.He regards bullying weakness as his ability.

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