Give a baby three years old?Experts have found the five benefits of women who are pregnant and given birth to babies, making moms younger

Introduction: I heard that Shengwa will make women grow old. In fact, from a scientific perspective, giving birth to women will make women younger.

After the state liberalized the second child, many mothers were unwilling to give birth. One was because of economic reasons. The other was because no one brought the reasons to give birth to the second child. Many netizens on the Internet will comment.After a few years old, regenerating a second child really became aunt.Netizens have felt that having children will make themselves look like they will make themselves older.

Then medical experts told mothers from a scientific perspective that having children will not make their mothers grow old, but will make the mother younger.The child is the angel of the mother. The child just came to this world through us, and the sufferings in the future were all the children’s own.

1. The reproductive system is healthier

Each organs of the body have its role, and women’s uterus is prepared for giving birth to children.If you have never had children, the house of the uterus is always empty.Just like no one in our house has been covered with weeds and spider webs.

The uterus does not have children’s stay, and it is easy to have a long fibroids and long cysts.

The main role of women’s ovaries promotes ovulation, and it will be tired after day after day. It also wants to rest. Only the eggs that are lined up encounters sperm and combine into fertilized eggs. Women can rest after pregnancy.

Studies have found that fertility is conducive to reducing the incidence of ovarian diseases.

You must know that the generation of our organs is to have children. It is always normal without these functions.

2. The breast is healthier

Yao Beina, who has a good voice in China, made everyone remember her good voice in China, but in 16 years, she left us because of the recurrence of breast cancer. She was only 33 years old or even too late to have children.

In the "2017 China Tumor Status and Trends" report released by the incidence of breast cancer in my country every year, the incidence of breast cancer ranks first among female malignant tumors.The British "Independence" also pointed out that from 2000 to 2013, the average annual growth rate of Chinese breast cancer was about 3.5%.

Breasts are not born to look good, they are granary born as children.The main function of breasts is feeding children. Studies have found that breastfeeding can greatly reduce the incidence of mothers’ breast disease and reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

3. Make menopausals slower

I found that my mother has more and more liked to be nagging recently. I really bother her. One day I couldn’t bear it and returned loudly: Don’t say it, you are really annoying!My mother was startled and looked at me: I glanced at my mother only to find that my mother’s skin had no meticulousness before, and her wrinkles climbed her face without politely, and her hair was much white.I think that the sanitary napkins at home are only used by me again … I only know that my mother is menopause, it is really old.

It was found that the mother became a lot older, just like Tianshan Tongyu suddenly became old.

Women will get more than 400 eggs in their lives, and they will enter menopause when they are discharged.And the birth of a child and breastfeeding do not need to discharge the eggs for a year and a half, which is equivalent to letting us postpone one and a half years to enter the menopause.

4. Make the femur stronger

By the age of menopause, bone quality will accelerate. Studies have found that women who have never had children have never had children. The incidence of femoral fractures is higher than those who have had children.

Mainly, when the mother was pregnant, the strength point of our body changed, and then when we were pregnant, in order to support the big belly, the position will change.The femoral bone of pregnant women.

Mom Jing still remembers that she would often hurt a part of the waist before pregnancy, and she often went to massage at the time.At that time, I was worried that I would cause the waist more pain when I was pregnant, but when I was pregnant, I was fine. After giving birth to a baby, I would never hurt this place.

5. Dysmenorrhea is gone

In the past, a colleague knew that everyone who came to the full menstrual company at the time of the company knew that because it was really obvious, the whole body was weak, and it felt like a serious illness.

The doctor said that there is no way, there should be a little better if you have a child.Later, in order to reduce such pain, she quickly became pregnant and gave birth to a child. After giving birth to a child, when did she know that no one knew it again except for her herself.

Therefore, many women’s organs and functions exist for breeding offspring. There is not only pain and suffering for giving birth to children. It can also help their physical repair and slowing aging.

We did find that some women became more beautiful after giving birth to baby. For example, this is the mother of Jing. Many friends say that I feel younger when I have a baby.But at the same time, I also found that some female friends gave birth to their baby for a long time. Why?Pay attention to the following five points after becoming younger:

1. The best 30 -year -old baby, at least before 34 years old

Young is really a capital. Our reproductive system also has a peak period. After the peak period, the regeneration baby is overloaded to the reproductive system.

2. Pay attention to control weight

So the mother who has a pregnancy for himself to grow fifty, sixty or even seventy or eighty pounds, not only has high blood sugar, but also has more postpartum complications.Many old.

It is recommended that the mother’s weight control at about 25 pounds during pregnancy, and the postpartum body can be recovered quickly.

3. Balanced nutrition

Pay attention to eating coarse food, drinking milk, and prevent iron deficiency during pregnancy. Pay attention to calcium supplementation and high -quality protein.

Do not drink too oily soup after giving birth, milk still has to drink.Eat more vegetable.

4. Postpartum exercise

Go to bed as soon as possible to prevent thrombosis. Do not sit every day in the confinement.After confinement, you can choose to swim or yoga to restore your figure as soon as possible to make you younger.

5. Adjust your mood

Postpartum depression is a young enemy of postpartum, so learn to adjust the mood, do not need a hundred cents to communicate with parents, and seek help.

I wish mothers all beautiful moms.

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