Girlfriend’s pregnancy programmer lamented: I don’t want children to work, and my girlfriend will cover him.

In today’s society, many couples have begun to live together before they determine the relationship. In their opinion, this is not a serious issue.But if you are not ready to get married, it is likely to have an accidental accident.Everyone often heard that a couple had to prepare for marriage because of unexpected pregnancy. I felt that the family was ugly. Even without preparing, I did not even apply for a marriage.The cost of raising children is enough to overcome the entire family.Recently, a netizen talked about related issues.

Girlfriend’s pregnancy programmer lamented: If you want to work or do you want children, your girlfriend will make him blindfold.A programmer published on the professional forum that his girlfriend was pregnant, but he didn’t want it, but his girlfriend wanted to give birth, and he said that even if he broke up alone, he had to give birth to the child.If his girlfriend really wants to give birth, he recognizes that you should get married and raise your baby.It is just that from the current situation, I really do n’t want to get married and have children. The first is to live a few more relaxed days. The second is that there is no money on hand now. I can barely pay for a down payment in the provincial capital of my hometown.What should I do in the year?

In the absence of financial ability, there is no need to give birth to children and not be responsible for themselves to their children.Not ready to be a qualified father, and the child will only be suffered after being born.The woman lost not only time and youth, but also pointed out by the outside world.If you are ready to get married, you must be responsible for the end, and you should not have other thoughts that want to easily and chic for a few years.

Netizens also give different opinions and opinions.Some netizens think that if you look at your age, if you are almost 30 years old, leave your child to prepare for marriage. Nothing can wait for you to prepare. Money does not make money.Some netizens think, shouldn’t you think about it?Is her girlfriend pregnant?Why do you tell yourself the same as the victim.Who is not suffering from the same pressure, and there are more girls who have to bear than you.

It can only be said that the idea of this netizen is indeed a bit problematic, and the responsibility of having a child is related to him.Sure enough, a person’s character can be seen in the face of such things.What do you think about this?

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