Gingivitis during pregnancy: Gingivitis has 4 points of harm to the fetus, and expectant mothers must know

The gums are one of the parts of the periodontal tissue.Its position is directly exposed to the mouth, and it can be seen directly when opening its mouth.The gums are also covered with alveolar bone and roots.If the gums occur or inflammation, it will endanger the alveolar bone and the root of the tooth, which will affect the health of the teeth.If gingivitis is a long period of lesions, it will cause a symptom of relaxation and bleeding in the gums.Then after these symptoms, the alveolar bone and toothpaste are also affected, then the dangerous situation such as continuous toothache and teeth will cause prospective mothers.If the expectant mothers occur during pregnancy or gingivitis during pregnancy, it will easily cause this kind of appetite to consume other substances and cause their own nutrients to lack, then it will cause the possibility of malnutrition of themselves and the gingivitis and teeth pain occur, then the expectant mother will have pain when eating, and naturally do not want to eat when there is pain.If gingivitis occurs during pregnancy, the society affects expectant mothers and fetuses.Therefore, we must avoid gingivitis and tooth pain.Then let’s take a look at the influence of gingivitis on the fetus and expectant mothers during pregnancy, and how to prevent it.

(1) Cause

Circinitis during pregnancy is generally more common.Because the physical changes of expectant mothers and the hormone levels in the body will cause gingivitis to easily occur.The reason why gingivitis is more prone to occur during pregnancy. How to play the formation of the mesh after speaking will secrete a large amount of estrogen and progesterone. The increase in the secretion of these hormones will cause the hormone level in the body to change.After the hormone in the body changes, some of the normal functions and blood vessels in the expectant mother’s body will be affected, such as the capillaries in the teeth.Because the increase in progesterone’s secretion can easily make the capillaries in the gums, bending, and the elasticity of capillaries in the gums weaken.Then after these situations happen, the life of expectant mothers accidentally or eating some harder foods can easily cause gingivitis.Gingivitis during pregnancy refers to expectant mothers to occur between pregnancy.If the expectant mothers have chronic inflammation of the gums before pregnancy, it will easily cause chronic inflammation of the gums after pregnancy.Therefore, before preparing for pregnancy, expectant mothers should cure their own gum inflammation before pregnancy to avoid severe excessive aggravation.After gingivitis, expectant mothers themselves are relatively uncomfortable.Therefore, oral hygiene and dietary habits during pregnancy should be adjusted, because if the expectant mother does not pay attention to her oral hygiene during pregnancy and during pregnancy, it will be like you sleep or not rinse your mouth if you do n’t brush your teeth as soon as you eat it, causing the oral cavityThe foreign objects and other bad substances are too much, so after a long time, it will be prone to gingivitis.Because the gums of expectant mothers during pregnancy are relatively good. If the expectant mother does not pay attention to hygiene at this time, resulting in too much bacteria in their mouth, it will easily occur in the gum infection, and then it will occur.Gingitis.The increase in estrogen in the body during pregnancy will also aggravate the situation of the gingivitis of the expectant mothers themselves, so the expectant mother has gingivitis before pregnancy. You must adjust your condition and then get pregnant to avoid aggravating gingivitis.EssenceIf the gingivitis is too serious, it will affect the appetite of the expectant mother and the fetus.So pay special attention.

(2) Symptoms

The main manifestations of gingivitis are oral hemorrhage, a swelling, gum swelling and pain in the expansion of capillaries.Generally, gingivitis that occurs during pregnancy is relatively rare. Unless your life during pregnancy is relatively unwilling to hygiene, and it is a gingivitis caused by gum injury caused by hard tooth brushes for a long time.EssenceBut this situation is generally rare.Most expectant mothers have symptoms of gingivitis before pregnancy.However, it was pregnant without correction of gingivitis.After pregnancy, the hormone level in the body will change.Because the increase in estrogen in the body will cause the original gingivitis to continue to increase, and generally the symptoms will be obvious from the second to the 3rd month of pregnancy.In severe cases, periodontitis occurs.If it is during pregnancy, due to changes in hormones, gingivitis occurs during pregnancy.Then the general hormone level is restored to pre -pregnancy after the expectant mothers are pregnant or after childbirth.However, some gingivitis before pregnancy before pregnancy, it is aggravated after pregnancy.Then, the symptoms of gingivitis after delivery will not disappear or it will be slightly reduced.The reason why the symptoms will be reduced because there is no effect of estrogen after delivery, and the symptoms will not be uncomfortable.But the symptoms of gingivitis still exist, because this gingivitis already exists before pregnancy, so it will not change after pregnancy.

Generally, the occurrence of inflammation is mainly on individual teeth or all gums.Looking at the gums in the naked eye, the gums appear a dark red or bright red color. At this time, the capillaries of the gums are congested and expanded, so it will show such color.After the capillaries are congested, it will be relatively soft, and it will be fragile when the capillaries are dilated. It will be very easy to bleed a little bit.The bleeding of gingivitis during pregnancy is relatively easy to adjust and adjust.However, after gingivitis, expectant mothers do not perform dietary adjustment and daily oral care, which will continue to aggravate gingivitis and cause it to develop into periodontitis.After developing into periodontitis, the treatment is quite troublesome and the harm of expectant mothers and fetuses is very great.So don’t look at gingivitis during pregnancy. It is harmful to its own health.So pay special attention.

(3) The impact on mother

During pregnancy, gingivitis occurred by expectant mothers is more likely to occur.When brushing her teeth, it is easy to cause bleeding, which will bring pain and discomfort.The occurrence of gingivitis can easily lead to poor blood glucose metabolism in expectant mothers. After this happens, it will easily cause premature fetal birth.Especially some expectant mothers, she still has a pregnancy reaction in the middle of pregnancy.If the expectant mother’s appetite is not very good at this time, then if there are some teeth problems, it will affect expectant mothers to eat.Then the expectant mothers cannot supplement sufficient diet in daily life, which will cause themselves to have malnutrition.The nutrition of the expectant mother’s body cannot be used by the use of organs, which can easily lead to the poor spirit of expectant mothers, and it is easy to have dizziness and headaches.So pay special attention to life during pregnancy.

(4) Impact on the fetus

Gingitis during pregnancy will not only affect herself, but also affect the fetus.The earlier the gingivitis during pregnancy, the greater the harm to the fetus, especially the three months before pregnancy.If the gingivitis occurs in gingivitis, it will cause abortion in the fetus in severe cases.Therefore, expectant mothers should be prepared before pregnancy to avoid diseases in pregnancy.

If expectant mothers want to treat gingivitis during pregnancy, they can choose to treat in the middle of pregnancy. This time is the best time period.Avoid treatment in the later stages of pregnancy and early pregnancy, because in these two time periods, the possibility of abortion or premature birth of the fetus will be aroused.Gingitis has a certain impact on the fetus during pregnancy.Therefore, it is best to perform oral examination before pregnancy. If there is oral disease, it should be cured in time before pregnancy.If gingivitis occurs after pregnancy, it is necessary to treat according to the guidance of the doctor to prevent a greater impact on the fetus and itself.Well, that’s how the content shared today is over.I hope the content written above can help you in your pregnancy.If there are different views or questions, you can leave your problem in the comment area below.Thank you for watching, goodbye.

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