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Each girl has such a "big aunt". It is normally visited every month. There is nothing. Once the next month suddenly does not come, he will worry about it.

Therefore, many women will think that menstruation is normal, indicating that their fertility should not have much problem.

However, pregnancy is unsuccessful.

A young woman, a wet compress of menstruation and a blue cotton cotton strip with a blue background.Young Woman with A

The question comes, do menstruation come normally?

In fact, the key to pregnancy is the combination of eggs and sperm.

Menstruation without ovulation is almost impossible.

The standard for judging normal menstruation should be ovulation, and menstruation with ovulation is normal.

Menstruation is divided into two cases: menstruation of ovulation and menstruation without ovulation.

The menstruation of our women is adjusted by the hypothalamus -pituitary -ovaries, and at the same time, it is affected by thyroxine, estrogen, and progesterone.

Ovulation menstruation: endometrium is affected by progesterone and estrogen, which will show the hyperplasia and secretion period.The level of hormones decreases and the endometrium loss of hormone support will be necrotic and fall off, thereby forming a tide of menstruation. After the menstrual period is over, the follicles develop normally. When mature, the eggs are discharged normally. This is the normal ovulation menstruation.

Ovulation -free menstruation: menstruation, but no ovulation.It is mainly because the follicles in the ovary cannot be ruptured after maturity, and the eggs cannot be discharged.But the ovaries are still secreting hormones normally, so it looks like a normal menstrual cycle, and it is difficult to discover abnormalities.

Therefore, women who come to normal menstruation must also be prepared for pregnancy.

Menstruation laws can only represent that some systems in the body are not problematic, but whether you can get pregnant or need to use B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation, sex hormone examination, basic body temperature monitoring, endometrial biopsy and other methods to determine whether ovulation is ovulated.

Doctor conducts the patient’s stomach Doppler ultrasound examination

In addition to having normal ovulation menstruation, the smooth flow of fallopian tubes is also very important.

The fallopian tubes are a place where eggs and sperm encounters. If women’s fallopian tubes are not blocked, eggs and sperm cannot meet sperm.

So even if menstruation is normal, normal ovulation cannot be pregnant.

Also, the quality of sperm is also very important.

Therefore, the key point of natural pregnancy is: eggs, sperm, smooth fallopian tubes, good uterus.

The above key points are indispensable, otherwise it is impossible to achieve natural pregnancy.

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