Gemini Equipment: Is skipping rope really effective for pregnancy?

Because of the general publicity of scientific pregnancy knowledge, preparation has become one of the necessary preparation activities for many families.What needs to be noticed is the exercise and dietary problems during pregnancy.Especially for exercise, many people feel that pregnancy is actually not much related to exercise.In particular, some people choose to skip rope when preparing for pregnancy.

When we were young, skipping rope was a way for entertainment, and when we grew up, skipping became a way to exercise a health loss.So is it just a psychological comfort or really effective?

In fact, skipping rope is still good for our body.

1. Patronous skipping rope can be appropriately reduced to increase the success rate of pregnancy.

Most of the polycystic patients are accompanied by obesity. Excessive obesity will affect the level of hormone in the body, which will cause problems such as difficulty ovulation and poor egg quality.Therefore, polycystic patients can lose weight and restore the body’s endocrine through rope skipping and healthy diet structure, normal menstruation, normal ovulation, and increase the chance of pregnancy.

2, skipping rope can improve the blood supply to the uterus.

Whether it is natural pregnancy or IVF, you need to provide a good uterine environment for fertilized eggs or embryos.Through the rope skipping, the blood supply of the uterus can be improved, so that the embryo can be easier to bed and provide nutrients for the embryo.Because when the rope skipping, our body is in a state of movement, so it will promote the blood circulation of the uterus, which is conducive to embryo bed.

3. Skipping rope can enhance the tubal peristalsis.

When skipping rope, our entire body will shake, and it will also affect the fallopian tube, which can ensure ingestion of eggs, transport sperm, and transport the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity.Avoid hindering fertilized eggs.In fact, the same is true of IVF, avoid walking in the fallopian tube to bed.

How to skip rope during pregnancy?

1. During ovulation.During ovulation, it is recommended to jump 500 times in front of the same room every day.However, in order to avoid affecting the combination of sperm and eggs, it is recommended not to jump within 24h after the same room.During the ovulation, you jump 500 every morning and evening. Do not jump 20h after the same room.

2. After ovulation period.It is recommended to jump 200-500 times a day until the rope skipping is stopped 5 days before the next menstruation.

3. At other times, it is recommended to be 200-500 times each time, which can be carried out in time period.

What do you need to pay attention to when skipping rope during pregnancy?

1. Before the rope skipping, you must do a good job of warm -up exercise. You can first do leg exercise, wrist, ankle preparation exercise. After the rope skipping is completed, stretch the calf.

2. The number of rope skipping needs to be gradually increased, and the number can be increased slowly.

3. The best skipping rope is best controlled at 300-500 times, and the speed should not be too fast.

4. Make up water in time after skipping and exercise half an hour after meals.

Finally, when preparing for pregnancy, if you do n’t like skipping rope, you can also choose other exercise methods, such as swimming, yoga, Pirati, jogging, etc. are helping to improve the success rate of pregnancy.It should be noted that in addition to exercise, it also needs to be matched with a healthy diet to double the success rate of pregnancy.

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