Gege: What is the normal value of progesterone in 45 days of pregnancy and what is the impact of progesterone abnormalities?

Introduction: Welon is also named for progesterone, which is a very important hormone during pregnancy.

Welcomes are secreted by ovarian. When the embryo has not yet formed, its role is to thicken the endometrium, which is conducive to the implantation of fertilized eggs later.After the fertilized eggs, it will continue to play a role, reduce the excitement of the uterus, inhibit the shrinkage of the uterus, let the uterus "quiet", and raise embryo in peace.

If progesterone is very low, the chance of abortion will increase, so after pregnancy, doctors will let each pregnancy hemp blood draw blood to check the progesterone. If it is too low, it will be treated and supplemented.

The normal value of progesterone at 42 days of pregnancy is about 24ng/L. If it is lower than 15, the possibility of preservation is not very large. This situation is generally a problem of fetal development.The problem.

When I was pregnant, I was also low progesterone, and my stomach was painful. I had bleeding. When I went to the hospital, I was nervous and died. Later, the doctor prescribed a proprietary Chinese medicine and luteum.After eating for more than half a month, every day is to bed in bed. Fortunately, the fetus is successful in the end. Now my baby is already in school haha.

Therefore, low progesterone is really not so terrible. Doctors generally give the most suitable treatment method. Morfiers with low progesterone must be reviewed regularly. Do not be afraid of trouble or needle prescribed by the doctor.Eating or injection, generally progesterone will catch up quickly.You can eat more foods rich in soybean -exotic & vitamin E, such as soybean, soy products, and kiwi and strawberries in the usual diet, which are very good!

Key tips: Low progesterone can no longer be used as the standard for judging the quality of the embryo.

Topic today: In the early pregnancy, have you had low progesterone?Who has been successful?

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