#Full version, a mother, share the experience of pregnancy

In the Spring Festival in 2022, I spent it in Gansu. At that time, I didn’t know that I was pregnant at all. I ran in the snow, Sahuan, and was ready to welcome the arrival of the New Year.

After returning to my hometown, I always feel that my stomach is a bit uncomfortable, and it has a strange feeling. This is the first time in more than 20 years.A few days later, a little cold, my mother told me to drink a cold granules. I didn’t drink it. I suspected that I was pregnant. I was stunned by my own doubt.There was no other symptoms, so I did not tell my family that when I went back to work, I bought a test online and showed that there was pregnancy. I immediately told my family members. We were surprised at the time.I was surprised, I was Baidu again, and saw that the test might be inaccurate, or it was not good (Baidu sometimes was really scary). I waited for a week to check for a week with a sorrowful mood and confirmed that I was pregnant.At that time, I was relieved, but when I reported it to the doctor, I had some problems. The doctor said that the progesterone was low and needed to keep the fetus more rest. On this day, I started my child’s trip and took the medicine for about a month.Weltone is finally in normal range.

During this period, I changed a hospital. This hospital was semi -private and semi -public (used to be public, and it turned into this way now. Many of our colleagues recommended in this hospital that it is good, and the service is really good).In the second month, from the beginning of pregnancy, I really vomited to doubt life. I just ate delicious food. I started vomiting when I came back.It’s simply, spicy nose pain, and the foreign body in the nose is not clean [cover your face] … Day after day, until the fourth month, the symptoms of pregnancy began to disappear slowly.Xiao Baozi, a magical feeling.On the afternoon of Mother’s Day, I felt the fetal movement, which was really a dream link.After feeling the fetal movement, the family members started prenatal education. Every night, I was parent -child time (of course, giving me a massage leg, relieving cramps), one and one listening.People in the middle of pregnancy are comfortable, and children do n’t cooperate with me. When four -dimensional, they will be passed at 5:30 in the afternoon from two o’clock. The doctor knows me.Several parts were not taken.The four -dimensional picture is really not good at all.

Because of my friend’s lesson, I started to control sugar consciously, eat foods with low sugar content, and walk in the morning, middle and evening for half an hour.

Even if you do n’t have it during the sugar -resistant examination, the happiness is gone. It ’s the two concepts that do n’t eat and do n’t let others eat, but the only thing that is happy is that the weight does not increase.

This is the third trimester. I felt okay before thirty -four weeks. I can eat all kinds

Of course, I also took a photo of a pregnant woman. When I used to take a wedding photo, I bowed my head, lifted my chin, laugh, and trilogy

Thirty -four weeks, began to work at home for a week at a high temperature and electricity limit. I was just going to work and met the epidemic. It was isolated for a week and controlled for more than a week.During the examination, I found that the child was three days younger, and I didn’t pay much attention to blood sugar. When I was eating and drinking normally, when I checked in the 38th weeks, I was still small, so I wondered.How can you rise?

The doctor asked to go to the genetic department for examination. I don’t think it is necessary. It was almost born. Now I only go to see these. It does not make much sense.

On the evening of October 9th, the fetal movement was extremely frequent. When I was not assured, I was detained when I went to the hospital.I have completed the procedures for admission,

I felt boring for a day, and I could only walk back and forth in the corridor.In the hospital, do a fetal supervision in the morning, lose oxygen once in the afternoon, and listen to the fetal heart.The next day I told the doctor in the inspection house that he wanted to discharge. He said that you can not be discharged from the hospital. It would be one day when he was discharged.There are so many things, so I won’t move around.After another day, there was still no response. In order to allow him to start naturally, I started climbing from the fourth floor to the 16th floor in the hospital. Twice this time, panting, sweating, returned to the ward and waited for him to launch it, but also also, but also also, but also, but also, but also, but also, but also, but also, but also, but also, but also, but also, it was also.No response [laughing and crying].

When the doctor evaluated, I started to oxytocate at night after soliciting my opinions. I still did not respond to the next morning. I went to the production room to cherish the contraction of the oxytocin, and the water was broken.I applied for painlessness, the light of human beings, I opened the standard for going to the delivery room for about two hours. The doctor explained some precautions and breathing methods, and I was pushed to the delivery room. In half an hour, my baby and I were safe.It’s come out (I want to talk about it here, the body weight is only more than five pounds, and the actual weight of Xiaobaozi is six pounds and eight two, which is a bit worse.)

There is no pain in the whole process. Of course, I would like to thank my family to the whole process of the whole process. I will accompany me in the maternity room, transfer my attention, cheer me up in the delivery room, see the contraction, and remind me to work hard.Accompany you.Thank you in the delivery room. I am very grateful to my birth doctor. She is very similar to the wife of our leadership. Because I usually care about us, I am better. When I see her, I will relax, so the whole process is smooth.Hope that pregnant mothers can produce smoothly.come on

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