Fu Dusheng’s son is suspected to get married!The woman’s high value is an actor.

On June 28, Fu Dusheng and Ren Jing and the actress Hu Yingzi participated in the video of the family concert, which caused continuous heated discussion.

It turned out that Fu Di Sheng, Ren Jing and Ren Jing and sang live at home as usual.In the camera, the couple wore a yellow couple dress, and they were so loving for 34 years of marriage, which is very enviable.Perhaps it is because of the happiness of life. Ren Jing’s skin is fair and smooth, and the state is still like a little girl.

What is noticeable is that there is a new face beside Ren Jing, that is, Hu Yingzi (Xiaocao).

In the picture, Hu Yingzi was dressed simple and wore a low -key color T -shirt like the Ren Jing couple, and her hair was clean and neat. She had a round face and three -dimensional facial features. The face value was very high.

When Ren Jing lifted the microphone singing, Hu Yingzi closed his hands, and he shook his body with the music, shaking his body, and looked very well -behaved.

After the video was exposed, netizens have discussed, and some people exaggerate and be quiet and young. They are like sisters in the same frame as Hu Yingzi.In addition, some netizens asked why they suddenly took Hu Yingzi a live broadcast. Netizens who were informed about this revealed that Hu Yingzi was the daughter -in -law of Fu Di Sheng’s son Fu Hao. The father -in -law and mother -in -law were very normal to take the appearance of the wife.

Hu Yingzi also responded to some netizens’ comments on her social account, which seemed to confirm that she and Fu Hao’s secret marriage was confirmed.

In fact, this is not the first time that the Fu Di Sheng couple sang with Hu Yingzi live broadcast. Previously, Hu Yingzi also performed a singing voice in the live broadcast room. Although she was not a professional singer, her singer was very beautiful. It can be seen that she had already gained Fu DiThe recognition and love of the couple.

It is reported that Fu Dusheng’s son Fu Hao is 30 years old this year. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. He has released several singles as a singer. At the same time, he has become the president of the media company. He is handsome and talented.

Hu Yingzi is 27 years old and also graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. She is a sister of Fu Hao.The role of "fear".

Earlier, Hu Yingzi revealed that she was introduced in 2015 that she met Fu Hao when she sang in Fu Di Shengjia Middle School. Later, they became good friends and often gathered together. They went out to play together. One year later, the two had feelings to come together.

Now they have been in love for more than 7 years, but whether they are married or when they are married, Hu Yingzi has not disclosed.

It is worth mentioning that in the latest video of Hu Yingzi, the lower abdomen was slightly raised, so some netizens wondered if she was pregnant.

Anyway, bless Fu Hao and Hu Yingzi, I hope they can work together happily!


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Editor: Cherry

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