Fruit is also divided into mother -in -law, the mother is sweeter?Will oranges get yellow and get yellow?The doctor tells you the truth

Knowing that plants have gender are also a great progress of human beings. Not only are plants that are divided into men and women, but even their fruits are gender.Researchers have found that fruits are not only male and female, but also more delicious fruits are more delicious than male fruits.

For example, oranges, this is a member of citrus fruits. It tastes sweet and sour and rich in vitamin C. The content is 100 grams of 20 ~ 30 mg.In the winter itself, there are few fresh fruits and vegetables. Orange is the best source of human vitamin C. Basically, a medium -sized orange can meet the child’s demand for VC a day.

Orange plays an important role in life, and is also rich in rich potassium, carotene, orange peel, pomelo skin, and so on. They are all good and beneficial ingredients.


Fruit is also divided into mother -in -law, the mother is sweeter?Will oranges get yellow and get yellow?The doctor tells you the truth

The folk circulation can choose more delicious fruits by distinguishing the gender of fruits. Experts also said that the gender of fruits on botanicals, the sweetness of fruits is related to "male" and "mother".

Generally speaking, in addition to the father and mother of the fruit, the freshness and hardness of the fruit, the hardness of the hardness, including the symmetrical and unspecific deformed, will make his development more normal and the taste will be better.

In the process of selection, the fruits of the peel are smooth and delicate. In terms of, the slightly rough fruit of the peel is more fully exposed to the sun and the taste is better.


Will oranges get yellow and get yellow?Tell you the truth

Those who especially like to eat oranges should have this experience. If you eat too much oranges for a period of time, your hands and feet and even the skin will turn yellow, and it will become what people call the "little yellow man".Some people even doubt whether the oranges are stained?

In fact, this has nothing to do with dyeing. Eating orange skin will turn yellow because citrus is rich in carotene. The intake of exceeding the standard does not have the high content of the time."High carotene hematic disease", also known as "orange disease".

The typical symptom of this disease is that the soles of the palm of the palms are obviously yellow. In severe cases, the skin’s skin becomes yellow, but the short -term impact will not affect health.No special treatment is required.


Will you get angry when you eat too much oranges?

Many people found that they got angry after eating oranges. They were red and swollen gums in the mouth. This shows that the culprit for these problems for oranges is the high sugar content in oranges.

Eating too much means ingesting a lot of sugar. High sugar can make the throat dry and astringent. Sensitive people will feel uncomfortable with the gums and stomach because of the fruit acid in oranges.Sugar is more likely to cause inflammation in the breeding of bacteria inside the oral cavity.

In the early stage, it may be manifested as gingival inflammation. The main feature is that the gums are swollen, bleeding, and pain.However, the solution is also very simple, that is to control your mouth. You only need to eat 1 or 2 oranges. You can remember to rinse your mouth after eating, or remove the flesh residue in the teeth with dental floss, and use water with water, and use water with water.gargle.


Knowledge extension -orange juice

Many people find that when they peel the orange peel with their hands, they will cause the fingernails to dye, so that quickly cleaning with water cannot be relieved. It can only cut off the long nails.

In the face of this situation, you can put a piece of paper when peeling the orange peel, so that the finger and the orange peel can be separated, and the oranges can be cut with a knife. Especially children especially like to drink orange juice sour and sweet.EssenceThe "Bai Luo" on the oranges can also be eaten, and from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this is a blind Chinese medicine.

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