From tomorrow, you will not eat fruit.

Today is the sixth day of the Sanfu Sky Health Weight Loss plan. I am a girl with a weak constitution.Good morning!Today, I still chose to grilled buns and food for qi and blood, with half bottle of almond milk.I ate like this for two consecutive days, so I decided to reduce some weight tomorrow and add two Xi Mei.I ate too little yesterday, so I would like to try this method.Today’s mental state is good. In the morning, I exercised a little bit, and made some yoga suitable for me.Generally speaking, my way of exercise is to do some simple yoga or shoot eight -stage brocade.These relaxed exercises can promote blood circulation and make me more energetic.I think it is suitable for people with weak constitution.First of all, it is not easy to sweat in summer, but we can choose to do some simple yoga or shoot eight -stage brocade. These movements can promote blood circulation.We can choose the way that suits us according to our preferences so that we can better persist.When I make makeup in the morning, I will kneel on the bed, because King Kong kneeling can help the fire fall.For those who do not communicate with CCCons and constipation, King Kong’s kneeling can also alleviate the cold hands and feet and acne on the face.I kneeling for a while, feeling that the fresh blood circulated on my feet, which was helpful to alleviate the cold hands and feet and the acne on the face.Today I have been eating carbohydrates, but because of eating half a watermelon, the moisture in the body is worsened.A few days ago, I felt a little uncomfortable. I ate half of watermelon today, so I decided to control my diet in the future.This cake may have some psychological effects, but I don’t think you should eat fruits in the next few days. You need to control your diet slightly.This biscuit was sent by my colleague. It was too sweet. I threw it only after eating it.When I went out in the afternoon, the weather was still clear, but in the afternoon, it rained.My colleague gave me a glass of ice drink. It looked pretty good, but it was too ice, and I went home after a few sips.I bought some ginger and will share with you how to drink ginger jujube tea with you tomorrow.I will share here today, I hope everyone has a happy day.

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