From pregnancy to childbirth, what happened to the mother’s body?

It takes 280 days to give birth to a life.

From the tiny fertilized eggs into a healthy embryo, and then from the original form of the chaos to the mature fetus with the survivability of the mother -— in the small uterus, a long and grand history of life evolution is staged.

The continuation of life has a complete set of biological passwords.In a corner that unaware of it, the horn of life sounded vigorously. The sperm of thousands of horses passed through the vagina, cervix, and uterine cavity to reach the fallopian tube.The strongest one will break the hard shell of the egg.

There was an experiment to observe that the moment sperm entered the eggs, the eggs would have a strange light, and a new life officially announced.

In the noisy world, all this happened quietly.People walk, eat, and sleep normally. Only mothers will first notice the emergence of new life, and then start a secret practice that belongs to them with this new life …

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Early pregnancy

New life with a sense of anger

The entire pregnancy of human beings is divided into three stages: early pregnancy (1 ~ 12 weeks), secondary pregnancy (13 ~ 27 weeks), and late pregnancy (28 weeks to before childbirth). Each stage has different performances.

From the first three months of the pregnancy of the last menstruation, embryo development is in a very unstable stage, and various unexpected situations are prone to occur.Essence

At this stage, the fertilized eggs will take root in the soft uterus, and gradually differentiate into various organs.In the B -ultrasound in the 6th to 8th weeks, you can see the fetal buds like "little hippocampus", as well as weak but hard -fighting fetal hearts.

At this time, high -speed differentiation embryos are more likely to be damaged by 0 or 1 outside the world, so it is necessary to prevent teratogenic factors such as tobacco and alcohol and radiation.

Three months later, the original fertilized eggs had become a small life that was new to humanoid, and there was about a loquat size.The rear transparent scan (NT examination) around the 12th week is the first time that the mother and the fetus have met.

At the same time, the mother’s stomach has not changed significantly, but the baby will strongly feel its existence with another signal.

For example, often hunger, fatigue, drowsiness, emotional ups and downs, many people have began to suffer from pregnancy from the 6th week, but also have some embarrassment such as breast pain, frequent urination, increased secretions, long belly hairs, and so on.

The root cause of these changes is hormones.In order to create an appropriate and stable intrauterine environment for embryos, maintain normal pregnancy, estrogen, progesterone, velvetic gonadotropin (HCG), prolactin and other hormones such asIt is more suitable for the "carrier" of the fetus.

For most mothers, the response of early pregnancy is not pleasant, but this is the only way to breed. Even the soft women have to face unexpected changes in their bodies and life.

Mid -pregnancy

Primary communication between mother and baby

In the middle of pregnancy, the mother became comfortable during the early pregnancy and appetite, and the fetal growth and development also accelerated accordingly.

The uterus in the middle of pregnancy has increased rapidly, the bottom of the palace rises, and the living space of the five internal organs and six internal organs will be continuously compressed. In the end, the fetus will increase the belly to grow outside the pelvis, commonly known as "showing".

The increase in the fetus means the super load operation of the mother ——

The heart works harder, pumping sufficient blood, but it is still prone to panic and shortness; the intestines are crowded into messy, constipation during pregnancy is conventional operation; the bladder is pressed, more frequent urination, and the travel is difficult to find the toilet at any time;The pelvic cavity was squeezed, and the pregnant woman turned into a "hemorrhoid" man …

At this stage, in addition to conventional production inspections, mothers and fetuses have to usher in several exams, row abnormalities, Tang’s screening, and sugar resistance; if it is a high -risk maternal maternal maternal, it may also face the risk of amniotic fluid puncture.All these are testing the mother’s body and mind.

However, these discomforts seem to be worth mentioning in the face of specific changes in the fetus.For the first time listening to the fetal heart, the first fetal movement allows you to truly perceive the existence of another life in the body, enough to resist all difficult times.

With the help of the family Doppler’s fetal heartbeat, the "咚 咚" is like a horseshoe sound and the sound of a train, which is a small heart rules and strongly beating.Use "one body and two heartbeats" to describe the symbiotic companion for ten months. Although it is not scientific, it is romantic enough.

At the 16th to 22nd, your baby can hear your heartbeat, hear the voice of your parents and mother, and start to have a primary communication with you -fetal movement.

At this time, the fetal strength was still small, and the body was as small as avocado.It will govern you as softly and nicknamed you like a small fish.If you do n’t know what it feels, you can stick to your cheeks with your palms, and gently top your cheeks with your tongue.

Late pregnancy

Stressing from the "full -level" fetus

If you can live daily life in the second trimester of pregnancy, you will find that ordinary turning and getting up will become difficult.

The fast growth rate of the fetus in the third trimester is staggering, with an average of 100 ~ 200 grams per week. The small body gradually plumps, and the position of the feet and small hands can even be distinguished when the fetal movement.The fetus’s muscles are also more powerful, each organs are more perfect, and they have gradually possessed the ability to survive outside the palace.

The mother has to increase the weight of 500 grams or even more a week, and the whole body is "swollen" like a balloon.The problems of puffiness, joint pain, pubic pain, lumbar spine pain, pelvic floor muscle relaxation and urine are followed, and stretch marks will explode. Even if you wipe your pregnancy oil in the early stage, it is likely to resist skin fiber breaks., Leave irreversible lines.

Nearly when giving birth, most pregnant women’s palace bottoms have rushed to the position of the chest.Once the egg -like uterus increased to the same heavier as watermelon, the mother reached the limits of the load, and the internal organs were squeezed to the limit, and may even rely on oxygen to maintain normal blood oxygen.

At this time, the uterus has appeared right, compressing the lower cavity vein and abdominal aorta, which affects the delivery of blood oxygen to the fetus.In order to prevent the fetus from suffocating, the mother will keep the left side in the left side for a long time.In addition, the uterus compression of the bladder leads to frequent nights, and the back pain when turning over, etc., reduces the quality of sleep in the third trimester.

When the fetus enters the basin, the pressure from the bottom of the palace will weaken, and the mother will suddenly feel that the breathing is smooth and the appetite will become better.From time to time, contractions occur, and the secretion of relaxation is strong, and the entire body begins to prepare for childbirth.

While the mother of the third trimester is full of expectations for new life, it will become more and more nervous.The fetal position, fetal movement law, amniotic fluid value, umbilical cord condition, fetal weight, ultrasound indicator, any item will affect the mother’s tight nerves.Not to mention, you must choose a childbirth method between the “bone open ten fingers" and the "seven -layer abdomen" caesarean section.

Compared to the mother’s difficulty, the fetus’s snail lives happily in her stomach.Every day, I am idle to play the only toy umbilical cord, or practice swallowing amniotic fluid, and by the way, snoring and shocking themselves. Some "playing hi" fetuses will also appear umbilical cord around the neck, umbilical cord twist, and abnormal fetal position.There is no way.

The process of breeding is long and hard. Even if there is external support and care, every woman who chooses to become a mother still has to bear the dual test of physical and psychology alone; life is short and beautiful, 280 days, from none of the noneThe exact meaning of human cells has become a senior life body with hands, feet, and feelings. A living little life comes from itself, which is a kind of happiness in itself.

When the fetus is out of the mother’s body, you no longer own and protect him or protect him. All the examination forms will be retracted by the hospital.The separation of separation officially started.

Breeding is a hidden time for mothers and children. After many years, it is still an important part of your life experience. May you spend 280 days.

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