Frequently occurrence of pharyngitis, or related to 4 reasons, after understanding, improve in time

Pharyngitis may have affected the health of many people. Pepuritis patients will feel dry throat, itchy or sputum, and it is easy to cough. These are a series of symptoms of pharyngitis. Some patients will repeatedly have pharyngitis.important.

What are the reasons for recurrent pharyngitis?

1. Excessive use of throat

If you have chronic pharyngitis and often use your throat, and do not pay attention to daily rest, this is also the main reason for the recurrence of pharyngitis;

It will also lead to a decrease in resistance of patients, and there are some uncomfortable symptoms in the throat, such as foreign bodies or dry itching in the throat. Therefore, everyone pays attention to the protection of the throat in daily life and avoid speaking loudly.

2. Secret stimulation

If there is a secretion, the throat will be uncomfortable and often cough.When removing the secretions in the throat, it is easy to cause inflammation, and the stimulus of the secretion and the recurrence of pharyngitis during the clearing process, try not to eat some irritating foods.

3. Foreign body sensation caused

Patients with pharyngitis will also feel foreign objects in their throats after recovery. In order to make their throat more comfortable, they often cough.If you develop this habit, the probability of pharyngitis will increase, and your throat will be easily infected.

4. Environmental impact

If there is dust or inhaled particles in the outside world, such as sand and dust weather, it will easily lead to the onset of pharyngitis.

What are the methods to prevent pharyngitis?

1. Adjust the diet

If you want to prevent pharyngitis, your diet must be light, do not eat spicy food.Even if you drink drinks, don’t be too strong. Eat more foods and drink plenty of water. It should be noted that you can drink too much water before going to bed at night to avoid edema the next day.

2. Don’t use your throat overly

Part of the reason for the occurrence of pharyngitis is to use the throat excessively, try to control the sound, do not be too high, avoid excessive loss, try to avoid using the throat for a long time to protect their throat, especially some music students.And the sound is relatively loud when singing, so these people must protect their throat.

3. Clean of the oral cavity

Pharyngitis has a certain relationship with oral hygiene. To ensure brushing twice a day, it is best to choose light saline in the morning and evening, which can make oral hygiene cleaner and prevent infection.

4. Strengthen physical exercise

Physical exercise can enhance people’s physique and improve immunity, and can also prevent the emergence of diseases. Therefore, frequent exercise can prevent recurrence of pharyngitis;

Everyone must choose the way of exercise that suits them according to their physical condition to avoid the amount of exercise exceeding the body’s tolerance and bring greater harm to the body.

After obtaining pharyngitis, the throat will be uncomfortable, and the appetite will be affected. Therefore, try to avoid the occurrence of pharyngitis, and recur after healing, and learn to prevent it.

Repeated pharyngitis is time to find these four possible causes, correct them in time, cure pharyngitis as soon as possible, and avoid post -troubles.

In addition, pay attention to rest, do not stay up late, ensure sleep quality, pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more vitamin foods, participate in exercise, improve the body’s resistance, alleviate throat inflammation, prevent pharyngitis, hope that the above content can help everyone to everyoneEssence

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