Frequent nail art will not only affect pregnancy, but also aging rapidly

Question: I have always liked manicure, but now I am going to get pregnant, but I still can’t stand the "temptation" of nail art. I want to do it and I am afraid that it will endanger the babies in the future. Can I be a manicure during this period?

Answer: During pregnancy, it is best not to do nails.The most common method of nail art is to apply nail polish, and the composition of nail polish is generally composed of two types of substances. One is solid, mainly including pigment, flashing substances, etc.;Essence, benziomicate, formaldehyde and other substances.Although these substances can keep nail polish bright colors, they often have certain toxicity. Among them, the most harmful to pregnancy is phthalate and formaldehyde.

Some studies have found that phthalate is one of the risk factors that cause premature birth of pregnant women. It can affect the secretion of hormone secretion in the fetus and infants, cause precocious puberty, affect the reproductive system, and cause other health problems.In addition, long -term inhalation of formaldehyde can also cause serious diseases such as nasopharynx and laryngeal cancer.

Breeding the fetus is an extremely complicated process. An error occurs in any of them, which may lead to adverse consequences such as fetal malformation and premature birth.In order to ensure the safety of the fetus as much as possible, it is recommended to stay away from these harmful substances during pregnancy and early pregnancy.

Toxic nail polish can cause abortion or fetal malformation of pregnant women

Women or pregnant women who are preparing for pregnancy need to be highly wary of the potential harm caused by nail polish to the fetus.Most of the inferior nail polish contain a substance called "acid ester". This substance has a great impact on the fetus and is likely to cause fetal malformation and abortion.

Pyraogenate is a colorless oil -like liquid. It has good volatility and can make the nail oil texture more uniform and durable.It can also enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract, and digestive tract. If the residual concentration of this substance in the human body is high, it will danger the liver, kidney, cardiovascular and reproductive systems.After long -term use of pregnant women, it affects the development of the baby’s reproductive organs, especially the baby boy, which may suffer from impotence or infertility in adulthood.If you have to nail art, you must use nail polish with guaranteed quality.

As for women who have done nails, they know that after finishing nail polish, they need to be irradiated with a blue light.Popularly speaking that light is ultraviolet rays.Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays are very damaged to the skin. Its penetrating power can directly reach the leather layer of the skin, which causes the collagen fiber and elastic fiber of this dermis to be destroyed.You must know that the skin can be elastic and elastic is the function of fiber. Once they are destroyed, women’s skin will age, and then wrinkles will appear in large quantities.And the skin’s wrinkles are typical aging performance.Whether there is wrinkles on the face or wrinkles on both hands, it looks old, making you and young drifting away.

For those pregnant women who have unlimited pursuit of beauty, you can choose to stick to the nail stickers. Generally speaking, the harm of this nail sticker to human health is far less than nail polish, but you should avoid buying a irritating odor or aroma.Nail stickers.

Breeding the fetus is an extremely complicated process. An error occurred in any of them, which may cause adverse consequences such as malformations and premature birth. In order to ensure the safety of the fetus as much as possible, it is recommended to stay away from these during pregnancy and early pregnancy.Material, so as not to regret it in the future.

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