Four months of pregnancy, actually lost two pounds?IntersectionThe truth is like this …

Pregnancy is a happy thing

The journey of breeding life is both full of expectations and a little uneasy

I hope a healthy and cute baby comes to the parents

Last week, Xiaobian saw such a problem in the "Haoyi Medical Network Tongji Hospital Consultation Group":

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“Are you not fat and thin after pregnancy?” “

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By the way, I also recall the scenes of my pregnancy and share the bitterness and bitterness of pregnancy!

Among them, expectant mother Xiaofeng is a typical example.

After more than four months of pregnancy, I lost two pounds!

Xiaofeng said

Since pregnancy, only two bottles of milk a day.But I ca n’t eat it, because I ca n’t eat it, and I ’m not as good as before pregnancy.It is also particularly sensitive to taste.Sometimes I ate something I usually haven’t eaten. I feel that my stomach is exclusive. When I drink some water, I will vomit immediately.

Xiaofeng is very worried: Will this affect the baby?Can the baby’s nutrition be kept up?

The same is true of expectant mother Xiaoqing, she said:

Xiao Qing said

A few months ago, the situation of Xiaofeng was similar. It was only vegetarian and light. There was only 1 small bowl of each meal. The milk could not be drunk.It’s been more than four months old, I don’t pick it up, the meal is full, and the milk has been drinking.The weight is also increasing, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the baby should grow well.

So: After pregnancy, it does not increase and fall down, is it normal?

for this problem

We consult

Song Xiaojie, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

How can the weight change during pregnancy is normal?

The process of pregnancy is long and difficult,

Generally speaking, the weight will increase

For expectant mothers who have not yet passed the "pregnancy period"

It is normal for weight loss.

After all, I vomit all the food, how can I increase my weight.


As Dr. Song Xiaojie said, pregnant women with relatively severe pregnancy reactions in early pregnancy often rise from three months of pregnancy, that is, the weight of weight after stopping the pregnancy slowly rises, and the weight increases at 2.5 kg around 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, the quasi -mother Xiaofeng mentioned above does not have to worry, and the weight loss caused by poor appetite is normal.If the appetite is good and the weight declines, you must go to the hospital to eliminate the internal medicine diseases such as hyperthyroidism.

Gestational period

Pregnancy is the most common early pregnancy reaction. Most people will disappear by themselves at about 12 weeks of pregnancy. Some early pregnancy reactions have long reactions for a long time until the end of 16 to 18 weeks.Pregnancy is the instinct of self -protection of the fetus. People who eat daily eating will contain trace toxins, and the baby will secrete a large amount of hormones for healthy growth and development, and pregnant mothers will vomit.

However, the second trimester is an important period for babies to absorb nutrition.If the pregnant mother reaches the pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy or even the late stage, she needs to go to the doctor at this time, so that the doctor will ensure the growth and development of the baby.Generally speaking, the weight gain index is just because of people. Women’s weight index before pregnancy is different, and the weight gain will be different.Experts point out that the normal development of the fetus is 6-6.5 catties, and the average weight gain of the mother during pregnancy is ideal.

Answer the question of Xiaofeng:

Do you have an impact on the baby in the stomach in the early stages of pregnancy?

No (premise that other internal medicine diseases are excluded).It is important to ensure a healthy and balanced diet so that the baby can get enough nutrition.If you have no good appetite, you can try the following methods:

Frequent fresh, seductive foods.

If you see a full plate, it is enough, it is best to eat and eat less.

There are snacks at any time, such as whole wheat biscuits, peanuts or raisins, bananas and other foods.

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