For you who are experiencing pregnancy

Suddenly one day when I started to be pregnant for more than 5 weeks, the kind of uncomfortable was like motion sickness, and I couldn’t spit out the cardo’s eyes.Tomic acid water is like a year … so I have the following experience in the early days of pregnancy …

1. Do not care too much during pregnancy (if the pregnancy is serious, go to the hospital to obey the doctor’s suggestion!), How much you can eat, don’t worry about eating too littleIt is the nutrients that the mother originally stored, and the nutrition of the mother will provide priority to the fetus after pregnancy.You don’t have to force yourself to eat healthy and nutritious foods. In addition to raw, alcohol, and more uncomfortable eating stomach, you can eat everything else.Living is the most important.If you want to eat it, you can eat it again, how lucky is this.I have tried a lot of methods introduced online before. Those so -called foods that relieve pregnancy are not necessarily suitable for everyone.Therefore, you must pay attention to and record which foods will be comfortable to eat, and which will make the stomach uncomfortable.If you are pregnant, there are not many things you can eat. You must keep exploring and trying (I prefer to eat grilled intestines).

2. Eat less and eat and eat more. These four words sound like nonsense. Many experienced sisters around me told me.You feel that you eat enough each meal, but it is only compared to before pregnancy, and it may not be less enough.What is the accurate meaning of less food?Every meal is not hungry, and the stomach does not feel any feeling.Don’t eat two more because you are afraid that your baby lacks nutrition. At this time, the stomach and intestines are different from before pregnancy. If you eat more, you may bloating, indigestion, or even vomiting.In addition to eating less, more meals are equally important.Do not eat more or hungry.So eat less every meal, eat more a day, it is best to quantitative regularly, replenish energy before hungry, don’t wait for hungry to eat (hungry is more uncomfortable when you are pregnant).

3. For the first time you go through the pregnancy, you are like a child with a lost child. The suggestions above may not help you, and there may be no way to truly alleviate pregnancy and make you a little better.The only thing you can do is to patience, to carry it, and wait for the pregnancy to go back quietly.This is cruel, and I once repeated pain and despair every day like you.At first, I felt that I couldn’t see tomorrow.But I want to say that you are not alone.I know my pain at this moment, and I also know that someone has experienced or is experiencing, maybe you will feel better.You who are experiencing pregnancy somewhere, this process is painful and difficult, but after all, it will pass, please be strong ~ Sunshine is always after the wind and rain

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