For health books that are not anxious about pregnancy, every expectant parents should know

Now there are all kinds of parenting viewpoints, videos, and books, and even contradictory, so that everyone does not know who should believe.To this end, Southern Health has collected and sorted out the obstetrics and gynecology expert courses of the three -level hospitals with the most comprehensive postpartum care for everyone for your reference.

When you are dizzy by various pregnancy and pregnancy views, let’s take a look at what these experts say.

Do you really know a few things you must do before pregnancy?

Because of a epidemic, people now pay more attention to health, which is particularly obvious in future generations. Every family hopes that their babies can grow up healthily and grow up healthily.

More and more young people realize that it is especially important to want a healthy baby at this stage.The first time is a pre -pregnancy examination. It can minimize the tangles after pregnancy, protect the health of pregnant women, and allow the baby to have the role of preparing and smooth birth.

Many husbands and wives will care more about the pregnancy time, but they will be blurred about the inspection that must be done before pregnancy.In fact, expectant parents need to understand:

In terms of pregnancy, 3 months are the best.Therefore, it is best to be carried out 3 months before pregnancy.This examination is divided into general examination, blood drawing, urine testing, gynecological examination.

In terms of inspection time, most of them are 2 to 3 days after menstruation, and sexual life is prohibited during the period, so as not to affect the examination of semen or leucorrhea and cervix.

During gynecological examinations, using this tips can help reduce the feeling of discomfort.First, try to keep your hips close to the bed, second, take a deep breath to relax, and third, do a few times down the bowel movement.

General inspections need to pay attention to the items that may not be included in it, and need to be registered.For example: thyroid function, this test also needs to be drawn with blood, which has little effect on whether an empty inspection.

Most of the difficulties encountered by expectant parents are the lack of reliable ways to obtain more related knowledge.

do not worry!Southern Healthy understanding your pregnancy doubts!Several inspections that must be done during pregnancy have become qualified quasi -dad Bao Dian during ovulation during ovulation, but the safety period is recruited. How to catch the eggs?October abstinence is too cruel, and there can be things during pregnancy …

This course clearly introduces the most detailed pre -pregnancy examinations to the expectant parents, to do a good job of preparing for expectant parents, welcome new lives, and provide the most careful support.

In addition to the relevant content of pre -pregnancy examination, the course also includes the relevant content of scientific preparation and diet and exercise during pregnancy. It helps expectant parents to master the cheats and easily prepare for pregnancy -to -hand.

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