For a month of wedding, the wife has always refused to have the same room, and the husband accidentally found that his wife was pregnant for two months.

The divorce disputes involving parent -child appraisal and marriage rupture have aroused widespread attention.In this incident, many contradictions and disputes occurred between husband and wife, involving problems such as affair and children’s biological father.

According to the parties Liu Fang and Zhang Jian’s narrative, their life was unpleasant after marriage, and the relationship between husband and wife broke.Liu Fang said that they did not have the same room within one month after the wedding, but she suddenly became pregnant for two months.After Liu Fang left home, he filed a divorce to Zhang Jian.Liu Fang insisted that the child who was pregnant was not Zhang Jian’s biological child, which shocked and angry.

The two sides accusations and complaints about the incident.Zhang Jian believes that Liu Fang hides his child’s biological father and chose to divorce for this.Liu Fang believes that Zhang Jian has always been not respecting and caring for her, which has caused the relationship between the two.

In order to seek solutions, Liu Fang and Zhang Jian decided to accept the mediation of the host, hoping to re -find the way out to solve the problem.However, the mediation process did not obtain the ideal result.

During the mediation process, Zhang Jian asked Liu Fang to apologize and destroy the child, saying that he was willing to accept her again.However, Liu Fang rejected this condition.She said that even if the child was killed, she would no longer be with Zhang Jian, because she thought the marriage could not be repaired and did not want to continue.She also accused Zhang Jian’s behavior and personality issues after marriage.

This incident has triggered a deep pondering of the relationship between husband and wife and marriage responsibility.Marriage should be based on mutual respect and loyalty. The couple should work together to operate and maintain each other’s feelings and happy families.

In this incident, the truth of parent -child identification has become the focus.Liu Fang insisted that the child was not Zhang Jian’s childhood child. The answer to this question will determine the result of the divorce between them.

Divorce is a serious decision that involves the rights and interests of both husband and wife and the future of the family.We call on the two to treat this problem calmly, as much as possible, and resolve disputes as much as possible, and consider the future and happiness of children.

In this incident, we also hope to trigger the thinking and discussion of the relationship between husband and wife, marriage responsibility, and family education.Only through the mutual understanding, communication and tolerance of both parties can we maintain a happy and harmonious family.

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