For a long time, you really know how to use the ovulation test strip?

In the preparing circle of, I often see mothers who cannot distinguish between strong yang and weak Yang, such as this–

Even if you understand it, you have such a question-

Or this question–

Today we said at a time that the questions often appeared in the gestational circle, how much can we say how much can be said!

A: What is the ovulation test paper?

Q: The ovulation test strip is a tool to predict whether ovulation is ovulation by detecting the peak level of the luteal gogen (LH)!

A: When will the ovulation test strip start testing?

Q: Each person’s physiological cycle is different, so the time to measure ovulation is different. You can refer to the figure below

Q: Is the ovulation test paper testing that Qiangyang is ovulation?

A: The ovulation test strip tests Qiangyang (that is, LH reaches its peak), not to say that ovulation will be ovulated immediately, but it is reminded that ovulation is about to occur. It may be within 24 hours, which may be within 48 hours.The concept of 24 hours is very large, maybe 1 hour or 23 hours. When it will be lined up, no one knows, so you who are ready to Huaibao must always make a fight against the battle!

The detection line is equal to the color of the control line, and the detection line is equal to the control line. We call it positive

Pay attention to a word, please read it loudly!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Only the detection line is deeper than the control line!Intersection

Only the detection line is deeper than the control line!Intersection

Only the detection line is deeper than the control line!Intersection

Note that in the manual, the strong yang logo, the control line is relatively light, that is to make your naked eye judgment, clearly understand, the detection line is deeper.When the actual test strip is in Qiangyang, the control line is also very deep, but the detection line will deeper than the interval line.

I don’t know if that is the detection line?Intersection

It is the detection line near urine!Intersection

Near MAX is the detection line!IntersectionIntersection

Let’s look at the picture below–

↑, only one control line is negative, indicating that it is not in the ovulation period!

Or like this ↓, there are two lines, and the color of the detection line is lighter than the control line, which means that it is not in the ovulation period!

Once you measure this ↓↓↓, the two lines are as deep as positive, and it is prompted that it is already in the ovulation period. At this time, it will be measured every 2-4 hours to find Qiangyang!

↓↓↓ Strong Yang is here!IntersectionIntersection

The detection line is strong than the control line!The prompt will ovulation within 24-48 hours!Next, you still have to test it every 2-4 hours to find Qiangyang to become weak. After weakening, it means that the eggs have been discharged!

In addition, some people can’t test Qiangyang, for example, the following figure, then it is recommended to go to the hospital to see it!

This time I really handle it, and I can’t understand it again!IntersectionIntersection

Look again!IntersectionIntersection

1. Continue to measure the ovulation test strip after the strong yang turns weak

Don’t be afraid to waste the test strip, keep it until the negative (that is, the big white board). At this time, you can rest temporarily. After 10 days, you will start to test the ovulation test paper every day.The test strip is tested. Generally, the early pregnancy test strip at this time is weak.

2. I found that we weakened the same room as soon as possible

If the ovulation test strip is used correctly, it is predictable to see the ovulation test strip, and find that weaken the same room as soon as possible.There are many factors that affect the basic body temperature. When they find that the base temperature has risen, it has already ovulated, and it may be too late to have the same room.If you find that ovulation test strips are weakened many times, you need to combine the basic body temperature. After the ovulation test strip turns weakened, the body temperature rises and indicates that ovulation is.

3. Combined with B -ultrasound monitoring and basic body temperature more accurate

The ovulation test strip is measured that Qiangyang may not have ovulation. It will be more accurate to combine B -ultrasound monitoring and basic physical temperature ~

When the ovulation test strip is measured, you can go to the hospital to do B -ultrasound to see if there are advantageous follicles. If there is no advantageous follicles, the ovulation test strip is weakened and the body temperature test strip will be measured. If the body temperature risesContinue to measure the ovulation test strip carefully, which may delay ovulation, do not give up easily.

The ovulation test strip products are different, and the results are different

If this is the case, it is recommended to combine more than two types of test -based brands and other judgments.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to aa aa in advance before it is about to be strong, so that the sperm is waiting for the eggs in the body, so that even if the strong yang ovulates the ovulation immediately, it will not miss the opportunity.But it is more difficult to be that if the predicted strong yang time is not allowed, the arrangement is too early, and the sperm is no longer the sperm when ovulation, it is also white effort.

Because the sperm can survive in the body, 24-48 hours, the vitality can even reach 72 hours, so after the ovulation is measured, try to arrange homework as much as possible, and do not waste the chance of one minute and one second.AA after 24 hours after Qiangyang is a bit late.

· For pregnant mothers with stable menstrual cycle: AA within 24-48 hours before Qiangyang, it is said that if sperm is waiting for eggs in advance, the chance of Huai Menbao is greater!(Of course, it is said that this type of test has not been found for the time being)

· For pregnant mothers with unstable menstrual cycle rules: Arrange homework

After many tests, scientific research found that 82.6%of people ovulation occurred within 24 hours of the LH peak, and 17.4%of people ovulation occurred within 24-48 hours, that is, most people were within the range of 24 hours.Therefore, arrange AA must be timely, and it must be early or late.

1. In the case of ovulation is only a weak sun, you can measure it once a day. It is best to measure the same time every day to facilitate the comparison.If you are close to the yang, you can shorten the frequency of monitoring. It is recommended to increase to more than 2 times a day. If it is strong, it is more dense. It is best to test it every 4 hours and pay close attention to the changes in ovulation.

2. Because of different constitution, not everyone can test the kind of strong sun.If you can’t measure Qiangyang, you must compare your relatively strong yang from the situation you measured in the situation you measured, and ovulation may also occur within 24 hours of that day.

3. Testing yang will arrange homework, and then arrange each time when Qiangyang and Qiangyang turn weakly, so as to increase the probability of winning.

Finally, I want to say that preparing for pregnancy is not a matter of one person. The plot when I saw a plane rushing home to AA on TV is not a nonsense. During the pregnancy, let my husband be prepared at any time!

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