For a child, you can also get tens of thousands of dollars

Regarding social security, we talk more about medical insurance and endowment insurance. In fact, the other three insurances are also important, such as:

Work injury insurance ☞ a life, change back to 560,000

Unemployment insurance ☞ This money, don’t take it in white or not

Let’s talk today

Maternity Insurance

What are the benefits?

There are also some questions that you may be interested in ~

Note that maternity insurance is made by municipal -level, and the treatment of various places will be different. For specific benefits, you can go to the official website of the local human resources and social security bureau to inquire.

If you have any questions, you can also ask questions on the official website. Now the government’s work efficiency is very high. I have left a few questions before writing this article. I received a reply within 1 hour ~~

You can also call the Social Security Bureau to call 12333.

Okay, come to enter today’s topic–


We pay social security on time every month. Among them, maternity insurance does not need to pay for employees, and the unit is paid by the unit. How much is paid, each city will be different, and the rate is generally about 0.8%.

The main guarantee is the right of women in the workplace during pregnancy, birth and lactation.

The treatment mainly includes two, one is the maternity allowance, and the other is the medical treatment.

Coupled with the guarantee of other laws and regulations (such as the Labor Law, Labor Contract Law, etc.), corresponding to the "three issues", the fertility rights of female employees are roughly —

Reimbursement of the expenses of maternity during pregnancy, fertility medical expenses;

Dating Maternity leave, reward leave, fertility medical expenses reimbursement, maternity allowance;

Breastfeeding leave during lactation.

Simply put, it is to give money on vacation, and you can also reimburse a certain medical expenses

(Some cities will also issue additional subsidies.)


In October, we went to the hospital to do a lot of delivery.

The early stage is once a month, the middle and late stages are half a month, and the later period is once a week.

If there is no maternity insurance, all at your own expense, it will cost about 1,000 yuan a month after the public hospital.

If you meet the requirements of maternity insurance, for example, if individual cities will require insurance for one year, you can reimburse a certain prenatal inspection (B -ultrasound, fetal supervision, blood conventional five classification, etc.) costs.

Although there are not many, it is generally a thousand pieces, which is better than nothing.

And now many places can be reserved in real time. For example, if you take a B -ultrasound of 252 yuan in a public hospital, if the quota is not used up, this part of the cost will be exempted directly when settlement.

In addition, during pregnancy, female employees have the right to conduct prenatal inspections in accordance with regulations, go to work hours to conduct a production inspection, deemed normal labor and require the unit to pay the normal working time.

In other words, we have the right to pay for the production inspection.

As of now, the state, provinces, and municipalities have not yet introduced relevant regulations on the number of days in the vacation period of the birth check -in period.

It can be understood that every month in accordance with regulations, there is no restriction on the number of days in the vacation period of the birth check.


Starting from childbirth, the role of maternity insurance will become more and more obvious.

The first is the reimbursement of medical expenses generated during childbirth. Each city will be different, and it is also related to the method of childbirth. However, the overall amount will be higher than during pregnancy. Generally, it is within the range of 3000-6000.

Including the expenses, surgery costs, hospitalization fees, medication costs, and diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy, and complications during childbirth.

Payment standards for maternity medical expenses at a local city -level city

As long as the baby is born smoothly, individuals will basically not spend a lot of money.

The next step is that many Baoma expects maternity leave and rewarding fake benefits.

Taking Guangdong as an example, the female employees who have produced 98 days have maternity leave.

In addition, female employees stipulated in the regulations of the Guangdong Provincial Family Planning Regulations have 80 days of "reward leave", which adds up to 178 days.

In other words, we can take paid vacations for almost half a year

The so -called "paid" refers to fertility allowances.

According to regulations, the employer pays the salary to employees each month, and then the social insurance agency shall allocate the childbirth allowance to the employer in accordance with the regulations.

Regulations on the regulations of Guangdong Province

-The employer is paid monthly in accordance with the original salary standards of the employee, and the salary is also issued during the reward leave.

-Auting the social insurance agency, in accordance with employees’ fertility or performing family planning surgery, the average monthly salary of employees in the previous year was divided by 30 and then multiplied by the prescribed maternity leave days.

For the above two money, which amount is higher, the employees will be received according to which one. For example, the salary is lower. The employer must make up for the difference and pair it with the maternity allowance.

Raise a chestnut:

Suppose that the small A coordinates Guangdong, 98 days of maternity leave, rewarding for 80 days, a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, the company’s average monthly salary of the previous year was 10,000, and the birth allowance was

10,000 ÷ 30 × 98 = 3.27 million yuan

The salary issued by the employer to Xiao A is theoretically 5000 ÷ 30 × (98+80) = 29,700 yuan

Because the fertility allowance is higher than the salary, the employer must pay the salary according to the amount of the maternity allowance.

Therefore, your salary is not tight or not tightened. Other people in the unit are higher than your allowances than your allowance. It may be more than normal work!

If the employer does not pay for the fertility allowance for objective reasons such as a righteous reason or being revoked, or ordering, or withdrawal, the fertility allowance can be distributed to the employee himself.


After the output holiday, national laws and regulations also require that employers should arrange no less than 1 hour breastfeeding time for female employees within working days, and they are regarded as working hours.

That is our paid breastfeeding leave.

Article 17 of the "Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Women’s Workers" in Guangdong Province. For female employees who have less than 1 year old baby, the employer shall not extend the labor time or arrange night shift labor.Employers should arrange 1 hour breastfeeding time for breastfeeding female employees within their daily labor hours; if female employees have a polyphony, 1 baby breastfeeding time is increased by 1 hour of breastfeeding every day.

Article 9, paragraph 1, paragraph 3, paragraph 3 of the Labor Law stipulates: "Female employees shall not terminate the labor contract on the grounds of pregnancy, during maternity leave, and breastfeeding."


In general, maternity insurance is a benefit for employees, which can ensure that female employees can get necessary economic compensation and medical insurance during fertility.

If the unit does not help social security and does not comply with national laws and regulations, everyone must know how to safeguard their legal rights!

Other issues you may be interested in

1. Is the maternity insurance for male employees useful?

Although male employees have no female employees, they can also enjoy maternity leave (usually 15 days);

If you have planning medical expenses such as ligation and re -connection, you can also enjoy reimbursement, as well as corresponding holidays and allowances.

In addition, some provinces and cities (such as in Guangdong Province), unable employment spouses of male employees can also enjoy maternity medical expenses, that is, wives who do not buy any type of medical insurance can be reimbursed with her husband’s maternity insurance, but there is no maternity allowance.

2. Can urban and rural residents’ medical insurance (including Xinnonghe) enjoy fertility treatment?

It can also be reimbursed for certain maternity medical expenses, but there is no maternity allowance.

During fertility, the economy of maternity insurance benefits is higher than insurance, medical care and other insurance, and has certain welfare colors.

Even if you do n’t have a plan to have a child, it does n’t matter if you have given birth. Anyway, the individual of employees does not need to pay maternity insurance premiums. These money is paid by the unit proportionally, so the employer must be allowed to pay you social security.

3. Can maternity insurance/medical insurance outside the city be used?

This issue recommends that you consult the social security bureaus from various places.

As far as I know, the municipal fertility insurance outside Guangdong cannot be used across the city unless you apply for the place of insurance to apply to the city where your designated hospital is located.Or wait for the invoice to be reimbursed with the invoice.

The city’s foreign medical insurance is also implemented in accordance with the medical insurance policy of the place of participation, and reimbursed the place with the invoice list.

Recently, I watched the news and said that the use of medical insurance (including maternity insurance) is about to be further optimized. It is not easy to make conclusions now, anyway, I look forward to it ~

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