For 280 days of pregnancy and pregnancy, pay attention to these 40 iron laws and welcome healthy babies

The birth of life is a major event in life. Do not take it lightly.

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination in advance;

2. Do not drink carbonated drinks such as cola and irritating drinks such as coffee;

3. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol for half a year in advance;

4. It is best to take folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy;

5. Eat more fresh soy milk, soy products, etc. containing lecithin foods to help produce high -quality follicles;

6, sperm is afraid of high temperature, so avoid high -temperature bathing, sauna and other behaviors during the pregnancy stage;

7. There must be regular life, exercise appropriately, and strengthen your body;

8. Keep your mood happy.

Within 9 or 8 weeks, the development of the fetus is basically formed, and there are many nutrition, especially protein, so pregnant mothers should ensure the supply of high -quality protein such as fish, meat, eggs, milk.

10. The 10th to 18 weeks of pregnancy is the peak of the child’s brain supplement. Mom can eat more fish, nuts and other foods appropriately.

11. Avoid excessive consumption of sweets, fruits, fried and other foods, so as not to occur during pregnant mothers over -obese and huge fetal fetuses.

12. You can consume sesame seeds appropriately to supplement nutritional elements such as iron, lecithin, protein and other nutrients.

13. No picky eaters to ensure nutritional balance;

14. Don’t just eat fine food, eat coarse grains properly, and supplement dietary fiber;

15. Diet should be light and avoid greasy;

16. Fasting: longan, hot, can easily cause miscarriage of pregnant women; crab, turtle, cold, can easily cause abortion of pregnant women, especially crab legs; aloe juice; and carbonated drinks, cold drinks, sausages, bacon, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, salted eggs, and salted eggs.Cooked meat, ham, spicy duck neck, fritter, barbecue, plum, canned noodles, instant noodles, pickles, fried foods, etc. are processed, hidden dangers, and nutritious foods should also be included in the fasting range.

17. Do not eat a lot: long -sized potatoes contain alkaloids; spinach, more iron, but also more oxalic acid, affecting calcium and zinc absorption; hot spices such as star anise, cinnamonFun, barley, hawthorn and other foods.

18. Don’t let yourself be hungry, eat less.

19. Avoid high temperatures (such as hot baths, sauna, etc.) during pregnancy to avoid harming the fetal brain development;

20. Cosmetics that are not suitable for lipstick, eye shadow and other substances containing heavy metals, flavors and other substances;

21. But to be exhausted;

22. Do not wear high heels;

23. From 4 months of pregnancy, apply pine maternal mountain tea oil at the parts of the belly and thigh roots to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks;

24. Dain more sun, promote vitamin D synthesis, and promote calcium absorption;

25. Try to stay away from high -radiated objects such as microwave ovens and printers;

26. Watch less TV, read less books, and avoid excessive eye fatigue.

27. Pay attention to the weather temperature to avoid getting sick;

28. Avoid places with severe pollution or more bacteria.

29. Choose to sleep on the right side, the fetus will be more comfortable;

30. In the first three months of pregnancy, do not rub the abdomen to avoid stimulating the uterus;

31. Pregnant women are not suitable for long -distance boats for the first three months and the next three months;

32. Pay attention to rest during pregnancy, minor exercises such as walking, proper housework, etc., which is conducive to future delivery;

33. Do not carry heavy objects during pregnancy, do not do it on your back, run and run away.

34. The entire pregnancy period is 280 days of pregnancy.

35. Slowly gain weight during pregnancy. Be careful not to overeating;

36. No matter what happens during pregnancy, uterine bleeding must be treated in time;

37. When there are symptoms such as regular pain, water breaking, uterine bleeding, etc., when there are symptoms such as regular pain, water breaking, and uterine bleeding, it means that childbirth is coming.

38. After childbirth, it is necessary to breastfeed the baby in time within two hours, which is conducive to helping the baby suck, and it is also conducive to the recovery of the mother’s uterus. Pay attention to the correct breastfeeding posture, let the baby hold the entire areola, and avoid cracked nipples.

39. Do not rush to drink greasy broth after delivery to avoid blocking milk;

40. Don’t see the wind after giving birth, don’t stand too long for overworked.

Finally reminded: After the baby is born, due to the influence of the mother hormone, the skin oil secretion is more secretion. After two months, the secretion of oil is reduced sharply. Parents should pay attention to the smearing of the sulfa baby mountain tea that can care for the sebum film to avoid the baby’s skin problems …Mowing

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