Five magic weapons!Pregnancy becomes beautiful and ugly

When a woman is pregnant, she is always worried about her body, fearing that she is no longer glorious in her husband’s eyes, and even ashamed of her body.In fact, the prospective moms do not have to be, you can still be beautiful when you are pregnant!

· Early pregnancy stage

When you wait for your child to come, you are also facing the increasing increase in waist.Do you think that the belly will be bigger when you are pregnant?In fact, there are many impacts of pregnancy on the body. For example, you will have a pregnancy reaction in early pregnancy, especially in the morning, you may feel very tired, always sleepy and want to sleep for a while. When you see foodLet you have more sensitive breasts.

· Woman with flashing flash

This is definitely not a legend: pregnant women will glow.Because the blood circulation in women during pregnancy is fast, and the skin will be more oily than usual.At the same time, many skin problems will also occur, such as dark spots, acne, itching of the skin, stretch marks, and so on.At this time, it is recommended that expectant mothers choose a moisturizing product that suits them. You can consult the doctor in advance to improve skin problems caused by pregnancy. Regardless of the effect of moisturizing products, it is preferred by pregnant women with the least chemical content.

·Exercise regularly

It is not impossible to exercise during pregnancy, but you need to consider personal constitution. You can consult a doctor before exercise.Exercise can bring extra energy to the body and provide good physical strength for delivery.As long as the doctor allows you to exercise, healthy women should maintain the amount of exercise of at least two and a half hours a week during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers should choose low -intensity exercise, such as walking and swimming.If you have always insisted on exercise during pregnancy, you can do some other aerobic exercises and ask your doctor if you can run such as running.Remember to replenish water in time during exercise. If you feel unwell, stop immediately.

· Massage and SPA

Massage regularly during pregnancy.Massage can relieve muscle pain to clear the meridians and eliminate tension.Expectant mothers can find massage homes that specialize in prenatal massage.Similarly, you should consult a doctor before massage.Generally, massage has no effect on pregnant women and fetuses, but to avoid massage that may increase body temperature, such as mud baths and sauna.Because the skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, the temperature is too high to produce side effects, which is not good for fetal development.

· Take care of excess hair

When pregnancy, the increase in hormones will reduce hair loss. At this time, it may be the most vigorous stage of women’s hair.Therefore, if you want to take some care and hot dye on your hair, you can consult a doctor.Doctors generally recommend not to be stained in the first three months of pregnancy.In fact, expectant mothers need not worry about the hair during pregnancy.After production, it will soon occur with a faster hair loss, which is also the self -balance of the body.When the child is almost 6 months old, the condition of the hair will return to normal.

· Appropriate skin care

The skin condition will change during pregnancy, but expectant mothers should not use cosmetics to conceal beauty, but general skin care products can be used.Specific mothers can go to pregnant women’s counters to buy basic skin care products, not to say that when she is pregnant, she is completely unkempt.

In fact, there are many other ways to make pregnant mothers beautiful, but the most important thing has a relaxed mentality. The so -called phase is born by the heart. Only psychologically enjoying the whole process can it show a beautiful feeling.

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