Five brutal truths that have children hope to get pregnant with sisters who will know these but forever …

Five cruel truths for having children.

No one really told me before I was born. Not to mention what the mothers I have experienced, I was uncomfortable to listen to it.Probably only the people who have been born know what to know about the ghost door. I hope that all pregnant sisters can know this, but never experience these.

The whole day I was waiting for the production room, I knew that if the amniotic fluid was broken first, and I didn’t go to the hospital in time, I would really have a umbilical cord prolapse.And when the umbilical cord is prolapsed, pregnant mothers generally don’t feel much.If you really feel that the umbilical cord is outside, it means that the baby is very dangerous at this time!I myself broke the amniotic fluid first, and my stomach was not painful at all, and there was no other reaction. It would be easy to neglect if I didn’t do my homework.

So if you are pregnant, if you are in the third trimester, you will suddenly be unprepared without control, promise me!Don’t hesitate to be like me!Lie down and don’t move, go to the hospital quickly.Don’t be fortunate to take such risks, the price is really too big.There is also a placenta. I heard my friend said that his experience of dialecting the placenta was really shocked.Because I am a cesarean factory myself, I don’t know that the placenta after giving birth is so terrible.

It is equivalent to that after giving birth to a child, you have to have a placenta. If you ca n’t give birth normally, the doctor can only peel it out of the placenta with his bare hands!Just extend the whole hand in the uterus to sound.My friend said that the process was very physical and mental, and it was more painful than having a child, leaving a big shadow in her heart.

And the hormone cliff -like decline in the body after giving birth. Although I was very moved when I heard the baby’s first cry and sound, I did n’t have much love when I saw him at first glance. Instead,It is easy for people to EMO, that is, EMOs that are not controlled.For those who have postpartum depression are pretentious people, I really recommend that you try a child.

I thought it would end after giving birth, but breastfeeding is also very painful. The suction of human cubs is really high. The probability will be broken after a few times.Torture is really painful.

Share these do not want to make anxiety, but to make the sisters who are going to give birth to have a good psychological preset.I also hope that all children and his dad must care more about and love maternals, and they must take the initiative to take the responsibility of bringing babies.

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