Finally, I got it!After shooting the girl in public, he has been a national cadre for 25 years

"The accumulation of cases is not broken, the people’s hearts are difficult to go, the rule of law is difficult, and the society is difficult to settle! Scanning and eliminating evil must not only be fierce, fierce, but also deeper and transparent.It is one of the important evaluation standards. "

Recently, Changan Jian learned in an interview with the nationwide scanning office that since the launch of the special campaign of anti -crime and eliminating evil, 207,000 criminal cases involving evil and evil in the country have been cracked.From 1274 cases of more than 20 years, from 7,905 more than 10 years, and 2,669 aging cases.

The National Sweeping Office stated that the national political and legal organs aimed at zero and zero cases of dark and evil cases and zero problems with problems. They opened the way with "solving cases", which made a large number of years of hometown that had been broken for many years and could not be detected."The accumulation of cases does not break the harm, and these cases are always alert to us -we must sweep the evil forces, leave the dead ends without leaving a dead end!"

What kind of harm will the accumulation of murder cases bring?What cases are profound and thought -provoking?Chang’an Jun exclusively interviewed the National Sweeping Office.

"I dream of making the devil rope to justice."

Knowing that there is a question, "What does the real‘ underworld ’look like?”

The most praised netizen’s website is called "Zhou Botong", from the Korqin District of Tongliao, Inner Mongolia. He replied that the underworld organization is not a confusing combination. They have a strict division of labor and control the black industry.

"When I was a kid, when I was just aware of this world, I could call out the nicknamesEntertainment stars, but the local "boss".

The "three light" and "two light" that he knew from a young age was Dong Zhiwei and Dong Zhiming of the local Dong family of Tongliao.On September 15 this year, "Three Guang" Dong Zhiwei was sentenced to death by 16 crimes of organizing and leading underworld organizations, and "Erguang" Dong Zhiming was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Dong Zhiwei was involved in the trial.

Dong Zhiwei started 30 years ago.In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Dong Zhiwei contacted the small, relatives, and neighbors to gather a group of social idlers with the temptation of interests and providing asylum, and gradually established the strong position of his "big brother".

The reason why Dong Zhiwei was well -known in the local area originated from a series of bloody violent crimes, and three of them were known to almost people in the local area: John Fengqiang, shooting Shi Chunjie, and Sardin Island.

Feng Qiang and Shi Chunjie are also the "big brother of the society" in Tongliao. They and their "fire fighting" made Dong Zhiwei’s criminal gang break out of the "rivers and lakes".Sardine Island is the name of a singing hall. This murder occurred in 2010. Dong Zhiwei and others had a dispute with the victims due to a singing daughter -in -law. In the singing hall, they blatantly fighting in the singing hall and eventually caused tragedy.After the case, a total of 15 people were sentenced to sentence, but Dong Zhiwei has always been away from the law.

"The accumulation case does not break, which seriously affects the sense of security of the masses, and the people’s hearts are difficult." The National Sweeping Office introduced that Dong Zhiwei’s criminal gangs have been punished for a long time.When people were injured, at the time of the incident, the public security organs collected 12 guns and 193 knives were seized.They also monopolized the industry of Naiman Banner Daqin’s gambling game hall to gathers money crazy to collect money, highlightenment, strong claims, and request benefits, and captured more than 70 million yuan in illegal interests.

Until the launch of the special campaign in 2018, the public security organs captured 35 members of Dong Zhiwei involving the black organizations in one fell swoop, and cracked 47 criminal cases made by the organization in the past 20 years."Boss" in Tongliao also arrested. Feng Qiang and Shi Chunjie, who had fighting with the "Sanguang" fire, including the "big fertilizer" and "retain" mentioned by Zhihu netizens "Zhou Botong".Enter the trial procedure.

On September 15, Dong Zhiwei was sentenced to death in the first instance, and Dong Zhiming was sentenced to life imprisonment.

"It’s not that they are caught before I list it, but the leader of all the underworld organizations I have heard from childhood to Da has been caught." The netizen "Zhou Botong" wrote, "Although I did not go directly from the directly from fromI got anything in the evil and eliminated evil, but whenever I thought about the name of every three views that broke my three views when I was a kid, now I have gone to the place where they should go. I am full of hope for this world. "

"No one loves this city more than me," he said.

"If it would be the law of Chen Zhiwei …"

Heilongjiang Province Hailin City, Yang Zirong hit the hills to go up the mountain to get the bandits. Now it is focused on a clearance operation again. This time, the object of cleaning is no longer the bandit of the mountain as the king, but the evil forces of one party.

In November 2018, a notification from the Discipline Inspection Commission of Heilongjiang Province aroused social attention.The report shows that in the case of Chen Zhiwei, former deputy director of the Technical Office of the Hailin People’s Procuratorate, Chen Zhiwei had committed a gun killing case 25 years ago, including the then Secretary of the Hailin Municipal Party Committee, the director of the Public Security Bureau, and the prosecutor of the Procuratorate.Many leading cadres help them cover crimes.

In January 1993, Chen Zhiwei at the time was a appointment clerk at the Hailin Procuratorate. He was a local singing hall in a local singing hall for arguing with a microphone and a dispute.In the corner of the mouth, Chen Zhiwei pulled out a pistol and fired three shots. The first shot raised his hand and shot it towards the ceiling.The 19 -year -old girl’s heart died on the spot in pool of blood.

The incident was almost unknown in the local area. After the incident, Chen Zhiwei’s father asked Sun Deng, the then Secretary of the Hailin Municipal Party Committee, asked for help.In this way, before the public security organs were qualitative, the local procuratorate issued a report that "Chen Zhiwei had a ridiculous conclusion that" Chen Zhiwei stopped the rogue disturbance gun warning and accidentally injured and killed ".

Not only that, just four months later, Chen Zhiwei was officially hired as a state cadre by the Hailin Procuratorate with this fictional bailiff identity "Absorption of Cadre Cadre Approval Form".A judgment on the China Judgment Documents Network shows that Guo Shichang, the prosecutor of the original Hailin Procuratorate of Chen Zhiwei, who had been sheltered Chen Zhiwei, was sentenced to three years in prison in August 2019; Han Baolin, who was promoted to the director of the Hailin Public Security Bureau, was accepting the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission.The committee of the committee was reviewed and investigated; Sun Deng, the former secretary of the Hailin Municipal Party Committee, had died when he learned the crime and no longer held accountable.

Guo Shichang (left) and Han Baolin (right) who provided asylum with Chen Zhiwei.(Figure: website of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission of the Communist Party of China)

"The murderer who shot 1 person, under the cover of the local leaders, not only escaped the law, but also became a prosecutor. This was trampled on the rule of law in the most rude way."Without convergence, it gradually became a leader of the black organization that harmed one side.

Over the years, Chen Zhiwei’s criminal gangs illegally lend to high interest rates, and took the opportunity to take advantage of the pride, and the amount of illegal profits was huge; illegal detention, collecting the personal freedom of social personnel to restrict the non -repayment of loan interest personnel;, Occupy the destroyed cultivated land; falsify, deceive the status of cadres and party members …

Chen Zhiwei is currently promoting in an orderly manner. After Chen Zhiwei was killed in 2018, a total of 49 local public officials were filed for investigation.The task force analyzed in a report submitted to the National Sweeping Office of the country, "If the Chen Law Office was held in that year, this black -involved organization would not develop …"

"The Chen Zhiwei case is a alarm clock, which reminds us at all times that the murder case is often followed by the judicial corruption of political and legal organs.

2,800 tons of explosives involved in black organizations, storage of hidden explosives, and 50,000 detonators

Li Zenghu is the leader of the black organizations that Shanxi Luliang in 2019.

His criminal gangs have been illegally circle thousands of acres in the local area, and have been entangled in villages near the ancient river of Wenyu River for a long time, and illegal sand mining activities.At the same time, Li Zenghu and others were also mining illegal stone mining in Lujiashan. The brutal mining caused the mountains to be full of sorrows, and a large amount of arable land was damaged, resulting in an inestimable ecological environmental damage.

Since the formation of black organizations in 2003, a series of data made by Li Zenghu was shocked.

——The use of land use at will, illegally occupy more than 7,500 acres of agricultural land, and more than 6,600 acres of them have been severely damaged.

—— illegal manufacturing and storage of more than 2800 tons of explosives and more than 50,000 detonators.

—— illegal stone collection and sand mining cause the damage of limestone ore resources to more than 19.88 million tons, worth more than 150 million yuan, and the amount of sand and gravel resources reached more than 2.7 million cubic meters, worth more than 94 million yuan.

——The special VAT invoices have a total of 2.85 billion yuan in taxes, 340 million yuan in tax, and illegal profits of 130 million yuan.


On September 25, the Luliang Intermediate People’s Court of Shanxi opened a trial of Li Zenghu’s case.

In the past 16 years, with the crime of committing a crime, the local green water and green mountains have been destroyed, but Li Zenghu has become the richest man in Wenshui County, and has the actual control of the Fortune 500 private enterprises.He relied on Haiwei Company to form a criminal group with a stable structure and a clear level, with as many as 84 members.

After the case was cracked, the Shanxi Provincial Sweeping Office counted the explosives involved in the case. A responsible comrade said worriedly, "Li Zenghu has not been investigated for more than 10 years. If these explosives are hit by lightning or spread in the people, the consequences are really unimaginable."

"The accumulation of cases is not broken, the society is difficult, and there will always be huge safety hazards around everyone, just like these thousands of tons of explosives and tens of thousands of thunder tubes. Once something is wrong, it is a big event in the sky!"Later, it was found that there were not a few similar cases detected since the launch of the special struggle. Among them, the more typical ones were Chen Huimin in Fuzhou, Jiangxi.

According to the Jiangxi Political and Legal Committee, the Chen Huimin Criminal Group is the largest black -involved organization that Jiangxi has been killed since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. There are nearly 200 members of the gang. Since 2003, they have been in great situation.There were 97 crimes such as deliberately destroying property, killing 6 people, serious injuries, and 17 minor injuries.Around 2012, the gang violently penetrated into the economic field and was involved in the sand and gravel industry, and the assets involved in the case were more than 100 million yuan.

During the arrest of Chen Huimin’s gang in Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau, he seized 24 guns and more than 800 bullets. "Each bullet may create a murder case."

Police arrested all kinds of guns seized by Chen Huimin’s gang.

In June of this year, the Jiangxi High Court was finalized. Chen Huimin committed the organization, the crime of leading the underworld organization, and the crime of intentional homicide.

"Sweeping and eliminating evil attacks is the battle for responsibility for the responsibility, the battle that welcomes difficulties, and the battle for the people with a strong foundation," said the National Sweeping Office. "! "

(Source: Central Political and Legal Commission Changan Jian WeChat account)

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