Fetal dream, it is said that this is only a magical experience that only after pregnancy

Pregnancy is almost the stage of life that every woman needs to experience. Nothing is more exciting than breeding of a small life!Although we have to go through 10 months of pregnancy, we can meet each other. In fact, the baby baby has given us a variety of information early in the morning.

Saying that I had a baby again last night: As a Capricorn without any adventure spirit, I even promised an invitation of a friend and participated in a forest adventure. Although it is a very primitive forest, I can’t feel it.Any strangeness, no beast touch was found along the road.When we came to a bifurcation, we found that when we didn’t know which direction, a huge black python appeared at the intersection to climb slowly towards us.When I was hesitant to go back, my friend even held the python to hang on my neck in one hand. I also said that this black snake could bring us a way, but I had to hang it around my neck.After all the way, the Black Snake did not hurt me, and it really took us out of the forest …

In fact, when Mira Dabao, I also had several fetal dreams. Now I think it really feels amazing:

At that time, I didn’t know that in the night when I was pregnant with Mira Dabao, I dreamed that when I first came home from work, when I passed a small road, a little doll with a white fat and clear -eyed doll suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.I have always smiled at me Mimi, because this doll is too beautiful, I want to tease it, but I can’t see whether it is a boy or a girl.After waking up, the memory of this dream was very clear. As a result, a double -rod appeared on the pregnancy stick a week later.

Another time had been with Mira Dabao for 5 or 6 months. During the break at noon, I dreamed that a lot of colorful flower snakes fell on the ceiling at home, but I didn’t bite me.

I believe that Moma occasionally dreamed of some magical dreams during the break. It is said that this is a magical experience that only appears after pregnancy.Bodhisattva and shell spit beads are diverse.

Freud said in "Analysis of Dreams": Dreams represent the subconsciousness of people, and it is also a psychological mapping of the brain’s experience in reality or future.This may be often said that "there is something in the sun and dreams at night."

Having said so much, what is the dream of fetal dreams?

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy. Generally, it is generally done in the early stages of pregnancy.But sometimes occasionally do it before pregnancy.But there is almost no such dream after delivery.

Many Baoma said that it is easier to dream more than usual. In fact, this is because of the changes in hormones. We are more prone to fatigue and more time to rest.At the same time, the emotions of Baoma will affect the development of the baby, and the baby’s activity will also stimulate the mother’s nerves, so the fetal dream is sometimes a sense of induction and interaction between the mother and the baby.

At the same time, many people think that the dream of fetal dreams indicates the gender of the child.

Dreaming of snake is to indicate the gender of the fetus.For example, dreaming of black snakes and gray snakes are pregnant with boys; dreaming of flower snakes and white snakes are pregnant with girls.There are also dreams of beautiful magpies and goldfish. The old people also say that they are pregnant girls. Dreaming of turtles and black bears are pregnant with boys.

Dreaming of black and strong animals with male characteristics, older people generally talk about boys, and when they dream of feminine and beautiful animals with female characteristics, older people will say that they are pregnant with girls.In fact, their judgments were not only from the previous generation and Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation, and some of them summarized from the "shape" of their dreams.Actually, it is not reliable!

There is no scientific basis for the analysis of fetal dreams. Therefore, the interpretation of fetal dreams can only be used for reference. Do n’t be overly superstitious, just be a little fun, otherwise the content in the dream will be right.Bao Ma’s psychology will have a bad effect.

What dreams do Bao moms do during pregnancy?Do you remember the dream related to your baby?Welcome to leave a message to communicate together ~

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