Fetal development at 13 weeks of pregnancy

13 weeks of pregnancy fetal development diagram

This week, the fetus was about 10cm long and the fetal weight reached about 25g.The average value of the double -top diameter is 2.52 士 0.25cm, the average value of the abdominal circumference is 6.90 士 L.65cm, and the femoral length is 1.17cm 0.31cm.

The fetal fingernails began to grow and began to form wrinkles. The roots of 20 deciduous teeth began to form, and the vocal cords began to form. Organ, lung, stomach, liver, and islets began to become a state of function.His eyes were more prominent in the forehead of his head, the distance between the eyes was reduced, his fingers began to grasp the tightness with the hands, the toes and the soles of the feet were bent, and the eyelids were still closed tightly.

At this time, if the mother touches her abdomen gently with her hands, the baby in the belly will move, but you still can’t feel the movement of the fetus.Although the chance of miscarriage is greatly reduced now, expectant mothers who have had a history of abortion still have to pay attention to, but you don’t have to worry too much, because the baby at this time is already very strong, and he will protect himself for you.

This week, your body shape will gain about 1.1kg, your abdomen begins to bulge, and your hips have become wider. It is already like a pregnant woman with full pregnancy.In addition, your waist and leg muscles are increased and strong, and the fat in these parts also increases. These changes make the expectant mothers no longer as petite and slim. You need to buy large underwear and jackets.The pregnant mother with a large body shape needs to wear a pregnant woman soon.

1. The nipple changes are obvious: your breasts will increase significantly, and the underwear is one larger than the original.The nipples and areola are deepened, and the nipples will harden. If the nipple pores overflow a little light yellow liquid at this time, it is normal. Do not squeeze or pinch the nipples. Do not be too forceful when scrubbing.

2. Try to use mobile phones as little as possible: Now it is the critical period of the growth of the baby, and it must be prevented from being affected by radiation.Although the influence of mobile phones on the fetus is not concluded, in order to prevent problems, it is recommended to use the mobile phone as little as possible. You can use the earphones when calling. The call time is as short as possible. Do not put your phone around your mobile phone while sleeping.

3, diarrhea during pregnancy: diarrhea is dangerous for mommy at this time, and it is easy to cause abortion or premature birth. Do not ignore it.If you have diarrhea, drink plenty of water, add some salt to the water (not to taste the salty taste), and you can also drink more millet porridge to nourish the stomach.If the diarrhea is serious, go to the gynecologist immediately. Do not take medicine yourself, otherwise it will have a bad impact on the baby in the belly.

4. Prevention of venous veins: As the baby’s growth grows, your blood capacity gradually increases and the weight gain, which can easily make the venous blood flow difficulty and accumulate in the lower limb veins.The blue -green blood vessels, this is the varicose veins of the lower limbs.In order to prevent varicose veins, you should avoid standing for a long time, resting in bed rest appropriately every day, and raising your legs appropriately.If there are signs or edema of varicose veins, you can wear elastic socks when walking or standing during the day.

5. Choose the right maternity costume: Now you are already slightly convex, like a pregnant woman, it is time to choose a maternity dress that suits you.You can choose your favorite color and style according to your preferences, but you must choose clothes that are easy to wear and easy to move. The fabric should choose cotton or silk products.The pants should be fat, especially the waist, and the strap pants are the first choice.The colorful clothes seem to be energetic, which will make you the most beautiful pregnant mother!

I have been pregnant for more than 2 months. Although the stomach is not highlighted, the pregnant mother will become appetizing this week, and the nutritional needs of the baby will increase.Pregnant mothers can eat all kinds of things that I usually like but dare not eat because they are worried about getting fat.However, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to, no matter how delicious and nutritious foods, do not eat too much, too full at a time, or eat the same food a few days in a few days.

The nutrition of three meals a day should be balanced.In order to prevent constipation during pregnancy, it is recommended to increase the intake of cellulose. For example, if you eat more high -fiber vegetables such as celery, the staple food should be replaced by coarse grains.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure protein intake.

In the 13th week of pregnancy, it has now entered the middle of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is developing rapidly. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to nutritional supplement.Only last week was inspected, so this week is not needed.Most pregnant mothers are panicked because they can’t see the data on the single, so you can first understand how to see these data when you are free.This week we come to understand the necessity of the production inspection project -the necessity of blood type examination, and how to see the data.

Blood type examination function

Blood type detection usually refers to the blood type that belongs to the blood test.The blood type test during pregnancy is mainly to measure the ABO blood type or RH blood type of the pregnant woman, and see if the ABO blood type is incompatible with hemolysis or the RH blood type disappear.

This week, the neurons of the fetus quickly increased, the fingers began to grasp the tightness with the hands, the toes and feet were bent, the eyelids were still closed tightly, the fetal ears were already in place, and the mouth could be opened.The fetus can distinguish various voices, so you can use language prenatal education to talk gentle with the baby baby.

Use civilization, politeness, and philosophical language, and give a purpose to the fetus in the uterus to enter the initial language imprint to the new leather of the fetal period, laying the foundation for the study of the day after tomorrow, called language prenatal education.During language prenatal education, it is necessary to reflect the requirements of image and image beauty.Only when the image, sound, and emotion are unified, the image is vivid, and you can feel the fun and happiness of language prenatal education. Will the fetal hearing can feel good information, and the fetus’s heart can leave beautiful traces.

Specific method of language prenatal education: First of all, language explanation must be visually visual.When performing language prenatal education, you cannot explain the text on the fetus album, but to tell the fetus on the fetus carefully.The content of the painting is visually visually.Although the fetus cannot see the image of the painting on the album or the image of the outside world, what you see with your eyes, the fetus can feel it with the brain.The visual stimulus you who you look at things are visually visually described through vivid language descriptions, and the fetus can feel it.

Secondly, the image and sound are combined.Just like seeing the picture of the film and television, first image the content of the content in the mind, and then tell the fetus in the head with a beautiful voice to the fetus.In this case, it is "the language of painting".In this way, you will enter the world you are telling with your fetus.The central content you want to perform is also entered the fetus’s mind through the image and sound.

Tips for language tires: Frequent speaking with the fetus can promote good education in language after birth.If you do not enter excellent information to the fetus’s brain, even though the performance is good, it will only be a "computer" without storage software, and the fetus will feel empty.

It is easy to diarrhea when eating the wrong thing or getting cold, and diarrhea is very uncomfortable. Pregnant mothers have to worry about whether they will affect the fetus and be tortured by physiology and psychology.Pregnant mothers should be paid attention to during pregnancy. If they do not take measures in time, they may cause dehydration during pregnancy during pregnancy and hinder nutrition absorption.

1. The cause of diarrhea during pregnancy:

(1) Infection: bacteria and viruses are infected by digestive tract.Infection is the most common cause of diarrhea for pregnant women.The most common pathogens infected are Salmonella, Zhiga Dynthemacteria, Candidae and virus.Food poisoning or virus infection in other parts can also cause diarrhea in pregnant women.

(2) Diet: Rough consumption, spoiled food or bad diet habits, or food allergies such as seafood.

(3) Merge other chronic diseases: such as thyroid disease, tuberculosis, colitis, etc.

(4) Lactan intolerance: Some expectant mothers are neither food poisoning nor intestinal infections, but diarrhea still occurs, which may be related to drinking pregnant women’s milk powder.Some expectant mothers’ stomachs are not suitable for milk powder, and diarrhea will occur when drinking.If this is the case, as long as you stop drinking milk powder, the problem can be solved.

2. Symptoms of diarrhea during pregnancy:

(1) The number of stools has increased significantly.

(2) Discipline of feces, changes in shape, color, and smell, contain pus and blood, mucus, indigestion of food, fat, or yellow dilute water, green dilute, sour smell.

(3) There are symptoms such as abdominal pain, falling, severe after urgency, and anal burning.

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